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Manufacturer: BMW………..TOP
Model: R80RT
Years Made: 1984-1990
Style: Tourer
Engine Type:
797cc Boxer Twin
Weight: 500lb HP: 50
Top Speed: 105mph MPG: 40
New Cost: $5,895 (1984) – $6,190 (1985) – $ 10,690 (1987) – $10,900 (1990)
Average Used Costs:
Low $3,300 Medium $3,475 High $3,920



UBG Says: Now classic machines, once very popular with police forces. This at least shows potential for reliability and long life, and an ex-police machine could be a good bet as it will (at one time anyway) have been well serviced. BMW pointed out in contemporary literature that home servicing was easy, and both build quality and finish are excellent. Some have had problems with car-type dry clutch, though this is not particularly difficult to fix. Seat pans can rust, as do silencers – but pattern stainless steel replacements are still available. Voltage regulators and alternators can be troublesome. 75/6 and upwards had front disc brake, with all models receiving Brembo equipment and handlebar mounted master cylinder later on. Bigger engined versions probably make more sense now as classic insurance will not be so dependent on size.
C1 £1850, C2 £1000, C3 £650

IGM Says (R80, R80ST): This street only version of the original R80GS dual sport. The R80s are even easier for an inexperienced rider to learn on than the GS series, because they have lower seats – a factor that seems to make new riders feel more secure. The R80s are relative bargins, too.