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Manufacturer: BMW………..TOP
Model: R850R, R850R ABS
Years Made: 1996 -(1997 USA), -(2000 AUS), -(Present UK)
Style: Standard
Engine Type:
848cc Boxer Twin
Seat: 780 mm
Weight: 482lb HP: 75
Torque: 57
Top Speed: 120mph MPG: 45
New Cost: $14,900 (1996), $14,950 (1998), $14,340 (2000), £ 6,495 (2003)
Average Used Costs:
Low $5,839 Medium $6,648 High $7,280

Description:BMW R850R

Self-assured, muscular, unmasked. The modern 4-valve flat twin “boxer” engine of the R 850 R is in plain view for everyone to see. Its features are advanced technology and a straight character. It territory are bends and winding roads. From the very first turn of the throttle, the rider is thrilled by its dynamic thrust and an impressive torque of 77 Nm at 5600 rpm 52 kW output. Why miss out on this any longer? The 850 cc Roadster is also available in an output-reduced version with 25 kW. -BMW


UMG Says (R850, R1100): Naked, new tech Boxer with bulbous styling, excessive mass and advanced Telelever suspension. Width of the engine limits town madness but sophisticated suspension at both ends allow most bumps to be absorbed without the usual BMW ducking and diving. 1100R has major benefit of excess of torque, 850R cheaper. A significant advance over recent R100’s but more attention’s needed to weight saving, though it doesn’t show up too much once under way, thanks to the modern chassis.