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Manufacturer: Harley-Davidson
Model: FXD Dyna Super Glide, (FXDX Super Glide Sport)
Years Made: FXD: 1995+ (FXDX: 2000+)
Style: Cruiser
Engine Type:
1,450cc V-Twin EVO2 (1999+)
1,340cc V-Twin EVO2 (pre 99)
692 (673)mm
Weight: 281(277)kg HP: 60
Torque: 82
Top Speed: 175kph MPG:
New Cost: $17,500 (1995) $18,500 (1996) – $ 18,750 (1998) – $ 18,850 (2000) – $ 21,250 (2002)
Average Used Costs:
Low $11,113 Medium $12,929 High $14,056


Harley Davidson 2003 FXDX Dyna Super Glide and Sport GlideThe bikes of the Dyna Glide family are the pure embodiment of the spirit of a Harley V-Twin. A Twin Cam 88 filled with heart and power. Rubber-mounted for smooth rides and giant miles. And the V-Twin has earned a rightful place in Harley-Davidson riders.

Take a good, long look at a Harley-Davidson® V-Twin engine, and it isn’t hard to understand the appeal. It shines like a jewel at the center of the bike. We built our first production V-Twin in 1909. And from that point on, we’ve remained loyal. The V-Twin has earned a rightful place in the Anniversary celebration, with a special crankcase insignia affixed to every one. The bikes of the Dyna Glide family are the pure embodiment of the spirit of a Harley® V-Twin. A Twin Cam 88®, filled with heart and power. Rubber-mounted for smooth rides and giant miles. Then loaded with traditional custom style. From the boulevard to the endless highway, nothing could ever feel better.

FXDX Super Glide Sport (drag mouse over photo above): Any motorcycle that wears the name “Harley-Davidson” has plenty of attitude built in. The Super Glide® Sport is the one that wears more of it on its sleeve. There’s not a subtle bone in its steel body. For proof, settle into the low seat, grab the flat dirt track-style bar and unleash some H-D fury to the road. It’s eighty-eight cubic inches of blacked-out Twin Cam88® power. We put on adjustable rear gas-charged shocks and a cartridge-type sport fork to dial up the experience to any degree you like. You get sticky tires and triple disc brakes. The style is equally aggressive. New chrome pipes beef up the tough looks. Blacked-out components. A 100TH Anniversary nameplate tops it off. It’s Dyna Glide at its most restless.

FXDXT Super Glide T-Sport:FXDXT Super Glide T-Sport
The job of Dyna Glide bikes has always been to get riders to the great far-off somewhere. The T-Sport® takes it even further. Like all Dyna Glide machines, it’s a mile-eater. For evidence, look to the rubber-mounted Twin Cam 88® powertrain. It has an appetite for asphalt. We tacked on long-distance tires and seat, and an adjustable sport fairing. Along with ballistic-nylon saddlebags that expand and detach. But we also made T-Sport a machine with a hunger for curves. So it’s nimble, with an excellent lean angle. And it features a fully adjustable sport suspension. We then went the distance with 100TH Anniversary styling. After all these years, Dyna Glide just keeps getting better

Notes: In 1999 the engine grew from 1,340cc to a 1,450cc V-Twin. Year 2000 saw many modifications and improvements.

MBG Says: (Rating 7/10) While it may have seemed a bit twisted at first, the idea of a sport cruiser turns out to be a pretty good once on the road, as it eliminates some of the problems inherent in their class of bikes. Furthermore, it brings a bit of fresh air into a class where the style, “the more chrome the better” has seen some abuse. Really refreshing. The next step is to see what kind of interest these “new style”cruisers will really generate. In other words, how many manufacturers will get their inspiration (ah, always this word…) from this other Harley idea?

IGM Says (Best Buy) Dyna Super Glide: Harley’s lowest-priced big twin comes with few frills, but it is basically the same motorcycle as any other in the Dyna series and every bit as competent a motorcycle.