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Manufacturer: Honda………..TOP
Model: CB250, CB250S Nighthawk
Years Made: 1992-2003
Style: Standard
Engine Type:
234cc Parallel Twin
745mm/ “
Weight: 287lb HP: 22
Torque: 14
Top Speed: 80mph MPG: 75
New Cost: $3,999-$5,490
Average Used Costs:
Low $1160 Medium $1828 High $3,034


There’s no better place to get started than with Honda’s classic 250. It’s light, maneuverable and easy to ride. And because it’s a Honda, you know it’s durable, reliable and dependable. – Honda


UMG Says: Nice and relaxed for town and country work, even amusing in these days of macho replicas, economy is also reasonable. New prices are over the top, as usual, and there aren’t many on the secondhand market. Thrashed engines have loose gearboxes and loud rattles.

UBG Says (CB250): The Superdream. Generators were
bad, mudguards and exhausts rot, camchains un-tension themselves & rattle alarmingly. Rear wheel wobble is caused by ill-fitting pattern sprockets which can damage the wheel itself over time. 250 overweight and sluggish, 400 is a much better bet, with proper (twin disc) brakes and easier torque. £250 to £750

UBG Says (CB250S): Sensible commuter provides solid economic transport by mating CD motor with Superdream chassis. Virtually unchanged for nigh-on a decade. Efficient and economic, 33bhp-compliant, but stunningly dull. £500 to £2200