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Manufacturer: Honda………..TOP
Model: CB650, CB650SC Nighthawk
Years Made: 1979 – 1985
Style: Custom Sport Standard mix
Engine Type:
655cc Inline-Four
mm/ “
Weight: 434lb HP: 63
Top Speed: 120mph MPG: 40
New Cost: $2,495 (1980)
Average Used Costs:
Low $396 Medium $1,065 High $1,290


UMG Says: The old CB500 four taken out to the point where it became rather fragile and vibratory without instilling some blood and guts into the design. Has some uses as a tourer or hack. Beware of rattly top ends, caliper rot, burnt out starters, trashed oil filter bolt head and blown gaskets. Unless suspension upgraded age turns handling weird. Neat looking Nighthawk model, in both OHC and DOHC forms.

UBG Says: Not a smaller CB750 but actually a bored out CB550. Suffers from cylinder head gasket leaks and problems with alternator stator wiring. Post 1982 models called CB650SC Nighthawk, with improved custom styling and black painted engine.
C1 £1000, C2 £600, C3 £350