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Manufacturer: Honda………..TOP
Model: NTV650 REVERE, NT650 Hawk GT
Years Made: 1988 – 1992
Style: Sport
Engine Type:
647cc V-Twin
mm/ 30.6″
Weight: 400lb HP: 60
Top Speed: mph MPG:
New Cost: $ 7,499 (1990) – $ 7,499 (1992)
Average Used Costs:
Low $2,178 Medium $2,743 High $3,325

Notes: These are very small in size motorcycles. Great looking, great in the curves, and fun+. Not recommended for those 6′ and over.

MR says: The Hawk GT was a machine American Honda were very confident would be a big seller. As fate would have it, it did not become popular until its production run had ended. In 1992 there were still bikes left over from 1989, 90 & 91. Since that time, the Hawk has achieved an almost cult-like status, with machines being modified for racing and being used to rack up very high mileages on the street. In Europe, the ‘Revere’ (a close relative to the Hawk) is still a big seller. Second hand values have remained high, although the introduction of Suzuki’s SV650 has diminished the appeal of Hawks somewhat. The Hawk was powered by a V-Twin engine derived from the early 80’s VT500 Ascot. By all accounts, the engine was a joy. Handling was good, and suspension adequate. The single sided swing arm added an air of sophistication. More than anything, the Hawk was a great day to day motorcycle, as capable of visiting the shops as carving curves in the canyons.

The Hawk in standard trim made 58bhp@8,500rpm, with torque of 43ft/lb’s@6,000rpm. Wet weight was 412lb’s.

UMG Says: A mixture of upgraded VT500 motor and high tech, single sided s/arm chassis that sold well when the price was discounted for the 650 version in ’93. Some DR bikes went around the clock, so motor tough and chassis competent. A lot of reasonable bikes on offer but avoid DR bikes, anything with oil leaks, slipping clutch or rattly top ends. Also 400/600 Bro’s

UBG Says: Evolution of the CX which was short-lived as a 600. 650 arrived in 1992 to become the despatch hack standard. Deauville (with the full pannier kit and fairing as standard) pushed 650 prices down. Good all-round ability suits all-weather riders, establishes middleweight touring class once again.
Revere £450 to £1300
NTV650 £850 to £2300
Deauville £2300 to £4000

IGM Says: These little V-Twin sportbikes have become more popular since Honda stopped importing them to the USA. They are more fun on a twisty road than just about any motorcycle I’ve ever ridden, and one of my greatest regrets in not buying one. The only drawback is that they’re a bit cramped for riders over six feet tall.