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Manufacturer: kawasaki…….TOP
EL600, ZL600 Eliminator, VN600 Eliminator
Years Made: 1996 -1997, (UK 1995+)
Style: Muscle Standard Cruiser
Engine Type:
592cc Inline-Four
Weight: 420lb HP: 70
Top Speed: 120mph MPG: 50
New Cost: N/A
Average Used Costs:
Low $3,505 Medium $3,595 High $3,685



UMG Says: Curious custom with more grace than most such devices and a bit more blood and guts than the 550 Zephyr. Also available as a 400 in Japan with a 53hp motor that peaks out at 12000rpm! Engine shares many components with other four cylinder models in the Kawasaki range, should be reliable and tough in this guise.

IGM Says: This is a fun, easy-to-ride power cruiser. Its main drawback is a too-small fuel tank that can barely go 100 miles between fillups.