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Manufacturer: kawasaki…….TOP
Model: GPZ550, KZ550 GPZ, ZX550 GPZ
Years Made: 1981-1985
Style: Sport Standard
Engine Type:
553cc Inline-Four
Weight: 421lb HP: 58/65
Torque: 47
Top Speed: 120mph MPG: 60/55
New Cost: $2,699 (1981) – $2,799 (1982) – $3,299 (1983) – $3,299 (1984)
Average Used Costs:
Low $858 Medium $1,172 High $1,385


Notes: Fast, agile, light, reliable, powerful and amazingly fuel efficient, what else do you want? Oh, it isn’t expensive to buy on the used market!

UMG Says: Early GP was a Z550 with flash looks and tuned motor. Faster GPz improved handling with a Uni-track back end. Last version had useful half-fairing, air suspension and anti-dive. Very fast, also useful commuter (70mpg). After 50k, top end, camchain and electronic ign hassles. Quick rot exhaust and calipers. Most hard used until the engine wore out around 80k.

IGM Says (KZ550, KZ550 LTD, KZ550 GPz, KZ550 Spectre): Kawasaki’s 550 four-cylinder bike was impressive when it first appeared, and it’s still and impressive bike today. Reliable as a clawhammer, the 550 still has enough power to get you into serious trouble with legal authorities. The best of the bunch is the GPz, which practically created the current 600cc sportbike class.