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Manufacturer: kawasaki…….TOP
Model: ZR750, ZR750 Zephyr
Years Made: 1991- 1999 (1991-92 in NA)
Style: Retro Standard
Engine Type:
738cc Inline-Four
30.7″/ mm
Weight: 450lb HP: 68
Top Speed: 120mph MPG: 45
New Cost: $7,500 (1991) – $8,199 (1993) – $10,290 (1995) – $10,440 (1997) – $10,440 (1999)
Average Used Costs:
Low $2,215 Medium $2,945 High $4,191


Developed mainly by young Kawasaki engineers, the Zephyr’s design concept was to create a “real” bike that “got back to the basics”. Released in the middle of the racer replica boom of the mid 1980’s, the Zephyr’s refreshingly simple design, low and mid range performance, air-cooled four-cylinder engine, and the prevalent idea of “fun riding” change the market as motorcycle fans swiftly respond to the new machine. Sales exploded and the Zephyr was declared the best-selling 400cc machine up until 1992. The boom period was named the “Myth of the Zephyr”.
When sales of the Zephyr 750 and Zephyr 1100 started in 1990 and1992 respectively, they also created great sensations.


UMG Says: Z650 looks inspired some but lack of power, without decent frugality, turned off most. Early ones had head gaskets that leaked and the finish could go off quickly over a couple of winters, but the odd one around that has done 60k without blowing up; most are low milers, possibility of buying one in poor cosmetic shape for small money.