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Manufacturer: Suzuki………..TOP
Model: DR650S, DR650SE
Years Made: 1990 – Present (2003+)
Style: Dual-Sport
Engine Type:
640cc Single
Seat Height:
885mm / “
Weight: 320lb HP: 45
Top Speed: 100mph MPG: 45
New Cost: $7,999 (1996) – $8,199 (1998) – $8,663 (2000) – $8,690 (2002)
Average Used Costs:
Low $1,475 Medium $2,971 High $4,389

DR650SE: The DR650SE can do it all
The DR650SE can do it all. Smooth and convenient on the street and tough enough to handle most off-road terrain. The big bore four-stroke engine has the torque to charge up any mountain pass and midrange to high-end performance for effortless highway cruises. A light, yet rigid chassis and advanced suspension components make the DR650SE remarkably agile and responsive. Let the DR650SE take you anywhere on any adventure. It’s up to the task if you are. -Suzuki


MBG Says: (Rating 7.5/10) Thanks to its clever lowering kit, and also to the ease with which it turns from simple commuting to sport riding or playing in the mud or gravel, the DR650S deserves the title of the most versatile model of the category, and certainly one of the most amusing. It’s a little more expensive than it direct rivals, the difference is not unjustified.

UMG Says: Amusing trail bikes with useful abilities on or off road and competitive pricing. Thumper vibes intrude when thrashed, plastic cracks quite easily and old ones can suffer from weak electrics. Air and oil cooled motor’s reliable to 30/40k when the top end becomes a bit finicky. At that kind of mileage chassis rot can be advanced, especially if used off-road a lot.

IGM Says (DR350S, DR350SE, DR650S, DR650SE): Bascially, these are the same as the current versions of Suzuki’s dual sports, at lower prices.

IGM Says (Best buy, Best first bike): This bike splits the difference between the dirt-worthiness of Honda’s XR650L and the on-road capability of Kawasaki’s KLR650. For many people, this is the ideal dual-sport.