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Manufacturer: Suzuki………..TOP
Model: GS125, GN125
Years Made: 1982-1990
Style: GS125 Standard, GN125 Custom
Engine Type: 124cc Single Seat:
Weight: 225lbHP: 12
Torque: 7
Top Speed: 70mphMPG: 95
New Cost: $899 (1982) – $1,299 (1984) – $2,399 (1986) – $2,599 (1988) – $2,699 (1990)
Average Used Costs:



UMG Says: GS combines style with low running costs. Older models had the option of a front drum, wire wheels and no electric starter. Lack of oil changes (often reflected in a gearbox full of false neutrals) take out the camshaft. Top end goes after 45k but many ran to over 60k. GN silly custom version.