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Manufacturer: Suzuki………..TOP
Model: GS750E, GS750L, GS750EX, GS750LX, GS750 Katana, GSX750 Katana (NOT GSXR750 Versions)
Years Made: 1977 – 1985
Style: Standard Sport / Sport
Engine Type: 748cc Inline-Four (747cc Katana)
Seat Height:
Weight: 500 (460 Katana) HP: 68/83(K)
Top Speed: 127mph MPG: 43
New Cost: $2,099 (1977) – $2,799 (1979) – $3,919 (1982) – $4,299 (1985)
Average Used Costs:
Low $330 Medium $933 High $1,560



UMG Says: SUZUKI GS750: Classic looking four with tough old engine that has run around the clock and more…some had valve, clutch and camchain hassles around 40k; they all had alternator and rectifier burn-outs. Handles well on a good set of tyres (Pirelli’s best) but can degenerate into a dangerous old beast with age, although a majority now run later brakes and suspension. Some nicely modded bikes at reasonable prices.

UMG Says: SUZUKI GSX750: Early twin shocker needs alloy swinging arm, decent shocks and Metz tyres to handle well. Mono-shock version better until linkages wear. 16 valve engine tough until 50k when cam, valve and alternator hassles. If valve maintenance’s neglected the top end goes down rapidly. Half or full fairing models. Chassis rot gets to them eventually, twitchy front end means many were dropped.

IGM Says (GSX600F, GSX750F Katanas): These are high-performance sportbikes that require a rider with self control, but they are such good all-around motorcycles that if you think you can trust yourself, you might want to consider buying one.