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Manufacturer: Suzuki………..TOP
Model: SV1000S, SV1000
Years Made: 2003 – Present
Style: Sport
Engine Type:
996cc V-twin 90 degrees
Seat Height:
Weight: 189kg, (185kg) HP: 116
Torque: 75
Top Speed: 155 mph MPG: 42
New Cost: $14,990(SV1000) – $15,990(SV1000S) (2003)
Average Used Costs:
Low $ Medium $ High $


For some, a road trip is defined by its beginning and its end. But for an enlightened few, it’s the bit in between that matters most.
For riders who believe that life is a journey rather than a destination, Suzuki presents the SV1000S, a simple recipe for good-time motorcycling.
It begins with a thumping, fuel-injected, litre-class V-twin. Its huge reserves of low-rev grunt are perfect for powering out of the twisties, while its loping top end is relaxing at the cruise.
It continues with a light and compact chassis, engineered for lithe responses on a favourite backroad and for stability at high speeds.
It is, in short, an uncompromised fun machine aimed at real-world riders who enjoy real-world roads. It sounds right, feels right, and looks right, with an unashamedly naked engine and frame topped off with an effective half-fairing for those moments when a long straight proves too tempting.
The Suzuki SV1000S. Intended for use on public roads. Try them all.
. -Suzuki

Notes: “L”-based motors like those found in the old TL1000, the new SV1000 and the DL1000 V-Strom—which share the same general engine configuration but deliver power differently.

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