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Manufacturer: Suzuki………..TOP
Model: SV650S, SV650
Years Made: 1999 – Present
Style: Sport, Sport Standard
Engine Type:
645cc V-Twin
Seat Height:
Weight: 363 HP: 69
Torque: 45
Top Speed: 133.9 mph MPG: 42
New Cost: $7,999 (2000) – $5,749 USD (2003)
Average Used Costs:
Low $4,195 Medium $4,863 High $5,780
Performance Charts


Every rider has a favourite road. But why limit yourself?
You could be enjoying them all from the seat of the new Suzuki SV650/SV650S, a real-world bike designed for real-world roads, created by people with a reputation for enjoying their riding. Hunker down for a straight-line blast. Turn off the main route for a spot of cornering action. Throttle back and relax as you rumble gently through a built-up area. The SV650/SV650S makes no distinction between a long, straight highway, a demanding switchback, and an urban street. The objective is the same: unadulterated riding fun.
A 90-degree V-twin engine with digital fuel injection, right for long-legged cruising power or spine-tingling drive out of a tight hairpin. A new chassis and swingarm combined with low weight for pinpoint cornering accuracy and straight-line stability. Available naked or half-faired, with simple good looks that promise undiluted riding pleasure. In short, a good-time bike with a range of abilities as broad as the road is long.
The new Suzuki SV650/SV650S. Choose a road. Any road.

SV650S: Sensory overload. Riding the all-new SV650S is a delight to the senses. Exposed, simple, and clean, it’s styling as unique as you are. Dual headlamps, instrument panel and sharply styled mirrors integrate with the half fairing. Clip-on handlebars provide a good position for high-speeds yet are comfortable for around town riding.
New Features

The new generation SV650S with all-new frame, electronic fuel injection and an exciting new look is bound to turn heads wherever you go.

Electronic fuel injection Replaces last year’s carbeurated model and features the Suzuki Dual Throttle Valve System (SDTV)- which maintains optimum air velocity in the intake tract for smooth low-to-mid rpm throttle response and high toque output. The SV650S also incorporates an Auto Fast Idle System (AFIS) for quick warm up and crisp throttle response through the rev range. A new 16-bit ECM provides precise control of ignition timing and injector operation for each cylinder. Large throttle bodies fed by an 8.5 liter airbox with a flat-panel air filter for easy maintenance. A pulsed-air injection system (PAIR) helps to reduce emissions.

A sleek half fairing features dual 60/55W headlights and folding mirrors. A compact instrument cluster includes analog tach, LCD speedometer, odometer/tripmeters, and temperature gauge, plus LCD clock and low fuel warning light.

The steeply angled tail section houses a unique vertically styled, high visibility LED taillight. The new narrow, lightweight aluminum truss-style frame is constructed using high-vacuum die-cast process for more consistent strength and fewer individual welded sections. A large under-seat storage area and passenger grab-bar and tie-down hooks make travelling simple and convenient. The SV650S incorporates a new style fuel tank with capacity increased from16L to 17L in includes a low fuel warning light.
Key Features

A compact 645 cc, 90o liquid-cooled V-twin, DOHC 8-valve engine tuned for strong low to mid rpm power. The 90o V-twin cylinder layout eliminates primary vibration without a counterbalancer keeping the engine simple and compact. Lightweight chain-driven DOHC, shim-under-bucket valve system with 31mm intake valves and 25.5 mm exhaust valves. A high capacity liquid-cooling system enhances engine performance and durability. Coolant routing is integrated with the clutch cover and engine case for a cleaner look and reduced weight. The smooth shifting 6-speed transmission with vertically staggered transmission shafts makes for a shorter, more compact crankcase. A plastic outer clutch cover and engine sprocket cover reduce both weight and noise. The lightweight 2-into-1-exhaust system is tuned for strong low and mid-range torque and superior power.
41-mm front forks with 130 mm of wheel travel provide a smooth, compliant ride under all riding conditions.

The Link-type single-shock rear suspension features a 7-way adjustable preload setting. A Box-section aluminum swingarm is lightweight with high torsional rigidity for improved chassis performance. Powerful dual hydraulic disc front brakes with 290-mm floating rotors and adjustable brake lever position provide exceptional braking power. The single disc rear brake features a 240-mm rotor.

Wide radial tires are mounted on lightweight, 3-spoke cast aluminum wheels. The hinged fuel tank swings up for easy access to the airbox and fuel injection system.
The SV650S comes with a 12 month unlimited mileage warranty. -Suzuki


MBG Says: (Rating 9.5/10) Is the SV650S a novice’s motorcycle? Is it too radical a mount given its resemblance to the TL1000S? Can it satisfy and experienced rider? Is it a real sportbike? The answers are: It can be. Absolutely not. Probably and absolutely. It can be an ideal initiation to motorcycles, a good entry to the world of sportbikes, a high caliber sportbike in the twisties, etc… It just depends on what you want it to be.

MR says: The SV650 slotted into a category that was not generally met with sales success. Light weight, simple sport bikes just didn’t seem to be roaring sales successes, at least in the USA. This machine however, garnered a very substantial heap of praise from the press. It had great power, handled exceptionally well, had terrific brakes, and to top it all, was very reasonably priced. Add to that the low insurance costs and the SV was destined to make the Suzuki sales department very happy. Suzuki stepped into this market carefully however, and only offered the ‘standard’ SV650. The TL1000S inspired SV650S was not sold in the States… until 2001. By then the SV had established a good following, and the new model was likely to sell well.

Power in 1999 was 65.2hp, with torque of 42.4ft/lb’s. Wet weight was 417lb’s.