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Manufacturer: Suzuki………..TOP
Model: VS800 Intruder, VZ800 Marauder, VL800 Volusia
Years Made:
VS 1992-05+, VZ 1997-05+, VL 2001-04
Style: Cruiser
Engine Type:
805cc V-Twin
Seat Height:
700mm / “
Weight: 443lb(VS), 456lb(VZ), 526lb(VL) HP: 59
Torque: 51
Top Speed: 110mph MPG: 55
New Cost: $9,990(VZ)(1997) – $10,090(VZ)(1999) – $10,820(VZ)/ 11,490(VL)(2001)
Average Used Costs:
Low $3,005 Medium $4,176 High $5,905

VS800 Intruder :Experience a true cruiser
As satisfying as it is to look at, the Intruder 800 is truly defined by V-twin power and lightweight maneuverability. A liquid-cooled, 45-degree V-twin engine delivers strong, torquey performance. Just as satisfying is the deep rumble from the reverse taper mufflers, available with each crack of the throttle.

A low seat height and overall weight make the Intruder 800 exceptionally maneuverable around town. Its long wheelbase makes room for a relaxed riding position that features pullback bars, forward mounted pegs and plenty of room for your passenger. The deeply padded, dual stepped seat is designed for hours of comfortable riding.

Take home the Intruder 800 and experience a true cruiser that is just as comfortable around town as on the open road. -Suzuki

VZ800 Marauder: Cruising in a different style
Cruising in a different style – flat bars, stylish seat, teardrop tank, and contoured rear fender combine for a distinctive, hot rod look. Its long chassis and raked-out front end provide a spacious seating position for you and your passenger. A newly designed rider and passenger seat makes the Marauder 800 exceptionally comfortable while the low overall seat height is able to accommodate a vast range of riders. The inverted front suspension offers superior rigidity for accurate steering while chrome covered rear shock absorbers feature 5-way adjustable preload and smooth operation. High-strength inverted front forks feature a unique machined and chrome finish on the outer tubes. The rear shock absorbers are chrome-covered and feature a 5-way adjustable preload. A custom-styled 3-spoke aluminum front wheel and unique dished-styled aluminum rear wheel add to the Marauder’s distinctive look.

The Marauder 800 is powered by a liquid cooled, 45-degree V-twin that incorporates Twin Swirl Combustion Chamber (TSCC) head, overhead camshaft and four valves per cylinder for strong low-end torque and a kick you’ll feel when accelerating from a standing start. The engine is accented with polished cooling fins, cylinder head covers and engine covers. A pair of Mikuni 36mm constant velocity carburetors provide excellent throttle response and fuel efficiency. A 5-speed transmission and cable-operated clutch with back-torque limiter transfer power through a low-maintenance o-ring sealed chain.

VL800 Volusia: All the classic elements
Volusia County, Florida. Winter never really comes to this place. Here the sun warms and ocean breezes cool. This place calls to motorcyclists with two lane roads that pass through pine forests; stretch by endless beaches, and cross narrow bridges. This call is answered by hundreds of thousands of motorcyclists that come to this place every spring for Daytona Bike Week. This call is answered by a collective passion to ride.

Inspired by the same force that draws motorcyclists to its namesake, the Volusia 800 has all the classic elements of a V-Twin cruiser. Tuned for a broad powerband and effortless throttle response, the liquid cooled, 805cc, eight-valve, V-twin engine produces instant low-rpm power. Its five-speed transmission features a tall fifth gear ratio for relaxed highway cruising. Putting the power to the rear wheel is a clean running, low-maintenance shaft drive system designed to produce minimal drive train torque reaction. The steel-constructed “hard-tail styled” rear swingarm gives the Volusia a classic cruiser look.
The wide low seat, comfortably positioned handlebars and forward-mounted footpegs make the Volusia as enjoyable around town and as on long highway cruises. For the solo rider, the passenger seat can be removed providing a clean rear fender image.
Progressive rear suspension and a raked-out front fork respond to the tarmac to deliver a smooth, controlled ride. The telescopic forks with polished aluminum sliders and polished stainless steel stanchion-tube covers are both stylish and effective at smoothing out even the roughest roads. A link-type rear suspension and a single shock absorber with 7-way spring preload adjustment can be tailored to suit an individual rider’s needs. Traditional spoke wheels with chrome-plated rims carry a wide 130/90-16 front tire and 170/80-15 rear tire. A single, twin-piston caliper matched to a 300mm rotor handles braking duties up front while a large drum brake is found on the rear.

A fuel tank-mounted speedometer with LCD fuel gauge, clock and indicator lights are conveniently located for easy reference. Clear-coated paint, lustrous chrome and uncommon attention to detail give the Volusia 800 an exceptional presence. The new fuel tank emblem makes for an attractive finishing touch. -Suzuki

New for 2003.
In celebration of Suzuki Canada’s 30th Anniversary, a special edition VL800 Volusia will be hitting the streets for 2003 ready to turn heads. Available in a striking Pearl White, this special middleweight cruiser comes standard with additional features not found on other Volusia models. These include a stylish studded seat and custom orange back illuminated instrumentation gauges. Completing the package is a special ignition key adorned with the Volusia emblem that completes it’s unique look.

Also new for this year is the much anticipated VL800SE Volusia. A Canadian exclusive model, the VL800SE is equipped with Suzuki’s most popular bolt on accessories. Using the VL800 as the baseline, the most popular Genuine Suzuki Accessories have been added to produce the complete package. Full rider windscreen, studded leather saddlebags, billet backrest and all mounting hardware transforms the Volusia in to a whole new cruising experience. For the ultimate 800cc cruiser, the special edition Pearl White Volusia will also be available with the SE package. One ride will have you convinced.
The Volusia VL800 and VL800SE, think of them as your freedom finders. -Suzuki


MBG Says: Marauder 800 (Rating 8.5/10) Neither the most refined of its class, nor the best finished, the Marauder 800 remains an interesting buy just the same. Although Honda’s A.C.E. 750 is now less expensive and represents the category’s best value, the Suzuki’s price remains more than reasonable. Its general behaviour is also at least equivalent to the class average, i.e. solid and friendly, while its performance level is balanced and pleasant, if not astounding.

MBG Says: Intruder 800 (Rating 6.5/10) We sincerely believe the Intruder 800 could become very interesting, if it were skillfully and profoundly updated. But for the moment, there are simply too many other choices on the market that offer much fresher styling, better-balanced, friendlier handling at a much lower price for it to represent a really interesting buy. So, unless it’s particular styling has you madly in love with it, it’s just better to look elsewhere.

MR says: The Intruder 800 basically was a combination of the VX800 engine (which itself was based on the Intruder 750 motor), and the Intruder 750 chassis. The engine in the 750 was already the strongest in its class, and the 800 motor took it one step further ahead. As with most cruisers, the Intruder would complain when pushed too hard. The suspension and chassis were more suited to cruising the boulevards than to spritely speed sessions in the hills. It was all too easy to start scraping the underbelly. Since 1992, the Intruder has not had many changes, other than paint & chrome. Despite the lack of changes, the Intruder, up to 1996 at least, was Suzuki’s best selling cruiser.

Power in 1994 was 48.8bhp, with a wet weight of 460lb’s.

UMG Says: Tough shaft drive customs that handle okay within the speed limits but can throw you off when pushed. After three or four years expect the front disc to rot away and the finish to start going off unless the bike’s only used for the summer. 1400 has monster torque, mass.

IGM Says (Best buy, Best first bike) VS800GL Intruder: Unchaged since its introduction in 1986, the original Intruder’s styling doesn’t seem as fresh as it did back them, but it’s still a pretty bike. It does suffer from the same floppiness as the 1400 version.

IGM Says (Best buy, Best first bike) VS800 Marauder: The savings over buying the Marauder over the 800 Intruder will get slightly better handling, but you’ll sacrifice the shaft drive. Over the years, you will spend more than you’ll save on the Marauder (over the Intruder) on chains and sprockets for this one. I’d go with the Intruder.