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Manufacturer: Suzuki………..TOP
Model: VX800
Years Made: 1990- 1994, 1991+ (UK)
Style: Standard
Engine Type:
805cc V-Twin
Seat Height:
mm / “
Weight: 460lb HP: 62
Torque: 55
Top Speed: 120mph MPG: 45
New Cost: $7,499 (1990) – $7,499 (1991) – $8,149 (1992) – $8,599 (1993) – $9,200 (1994)
Average Used Costs:
Low $2,178 Medium $2,415 High $2,772
Reviews: Here and HERE and HERE VX Website: Here and HERE


Suzuki VX800

Notes: One of the only V-Twin standards ever made. The torque and power of a V-Twin engine in a standard riding position.

UMG Says: Strange roadster with a long wheelbase out of all proportion to the compact vee-twin engine’s dimensions. Pleasant enough to ride, presumably meant to appeal to those who want both custom style and something that goes around corners. Engine’s similar to Intruder, tough up to 50/60k.

IGM Says: This capable motorcycle might be a bit much for most new riders, but those who feel comforatble with a bike of this size wil find it a best buy. It is on the of the most versatile motorcycle built during the past decade.