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Manufacturer: Yamaha……..TOP

Model: XJ900S Seca, XJ900 Diversion, XJ900 Seca II

Years Made: 1994 – 2004 UK, Australia
Style: Sport Touring
Engine Type:
892cc In-Line Four
Weight: 530lb HP: 90
Top Speed: 130mph MPG: 40
New Cost: $11,999 (1994) – $12,799 (1996) – $12,799 (1998) – $13,390 (2000) – $13,490 (2002)
Average Used Costs:
Low $7,740 Medium $8,480 High $9,220
Prices in Australian Dollars. Add or Subtract 20% for Early/Late models.


The XJ900S Diversion 900:XJ900S Diversion 900 Black

What’s Your Excuse This Year?

Not enough time, too little money, too much to do. Why are excuses so readily at hand when such tremendous experiences are only a twist of the throttle away? Let us help with some justification: the Diversion 900 is not only a great sport touring machine, but also offers highly efficient and very reliable transportation in all conditions.

These are just two of the reasons the Diversion 900 is one of the most popular sport touring machines on the market today. Functional and versatile, it runs a powerful yet simple air-cooled, 4-cylinder engine. For a combination of sweet steering and a smooth ride, the engine is rubber mounted in a muscular twin-loop frame fitted with a sturdy fork, single-shock rear suspension and powerful triple disc brakes.

When anticipation wins out over trepidation, long-distance comfort is assured thanks to an aerodynamic fairing, a deeply padded seat with room for two, and the peace of mind that comes from Yamaha’s legendary build quality.

Sport touring on the Diversion 900. If not now, when? XJ900S Diversion 900 Silver

What a bike! Do you want a super tourer that doesn’t cost the earth? The XJ900 has armchair comfort and jet plane speed to get you wherever you’re going with a big grin on your face.

Functional and stylish, the XJ900S Diversion is one of the few large capacity bikes that really can be described as a true all-rounder, and much of this proven machine’s legendary versatility is due to the design of its in-line four cylinder engine.


UMG Says: Heavy, competent tourer, does 50k without problems but poor on consumables and fuel. DR’s ruin gearbox and top end. Bargain buys on the private market, older ones have poor cosmetics.