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Manufacturer: Yamaha……..TOP

Model: XJR1300, XJR1300SP, (XJR1200)

Years Made: 1999 – 2004 (1997-98) UK, AUS
Style: Sport Touring
Engine Type:
(1188cc In-Line Four)
1251cc In-Line Four
Weight: 224kg (510lb) HP: 107 (98)
Torque: 76
Top Speed: 145mph (140) MPG: 40
New Cost: $12,500 (1998) – $12,900 (1999) – $13,099 (2000) – $13,099 (2001) – $14,699 (2002)
Average Used Costs:
Low $7,720 Medium $8,430 High $9,140
Prices in Australian Dollars. Add or Subtract 20% for Early/Late models. Review


The XJR1300:

Yamaha XJR1300 Yellow

Got an Itch That Only Horsepower Can Scratch?

Then you’ve come to the right place. This hard-hitting hot-rod pumps out enough ponies to satisfy even the most hopeless excitement addict.

Powering this muscular brute is a potent DOHC air-cooled engine running electroplated alloy cylinders, forged pistons mated to carburised rods, and large-bore 37mm TPSequipped carbs fitted with trick high-flow slides. A standard oil cooler keeps all that tarmac-buckling horsepower cool. And thanks to an environmentally friendly Air Induction System, this gutsy power plant is as clean as it is mean.

The engine may be mean but the chassis is lean. The rigid frame runs a high-rigidity a l u m i n i u m swingarm, a sturdy front fork, reservoirequipped Öhlins rear shocks, lightweight wheels, awesome brakes, and heaps of other low-bodyfat bits that add up to sensational handling and superb ride quality.

The XJR1300. The musclebike that performs like a sports bike.

Yamaha XJR1300 Yellow

Notes: Engine based on Yamaha’s FJ1100 and FJ1200 series of sportbikes. Not for those who are anything less than experienced motorcyclists of many years.

UMG Says (XJR1200): Rival to 1200 Bandit, latter much cheaper and lighter, though the XJR has an authentic retro air. Engine’s generally tough, done 50k plus without hassle; chassis rot during winter riding, finish goes off, calipers and bearings die.