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Manufacturer: Yamaha……..TOP

Model: XS650, XS650SE, XS650 Special II, XS650SK Heritage Special

Years Made: 1975 – 1982
Style: Standard, Custom
Engine Type:
654cc Parallel Twin
mm/ “
Weight: 467lb HP: 52
Top Speed: 115mph MPG: 55
New Cost: $1,799 (1975) – $1,869 (1978) – $2,299 (1981) – $2,389 (1982)
Average Used Costs:
Low $300 Medium $827 High $1,150



UMG Says: Tough twin in dangerous chassis, which speed wobbles. Starters and generators can burn out, worn examples of the former mangle the crankshaft. Some XS650’s had dodgy pistons at around 15k. Still usable with as much as 75 thou on the clock, many broke the 100k barrier. Top end engine rattles normal. Expect exhaust, caliper and electrical rot. Lots of imports.