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Manufacturer: Yamaha…..TOP

Model: XV535 Virago, VX535S

Years Made: 1990 – 2000
Style: Cruiser
Engine Type:
535cc V-Twin
mm/ “
Weight: 410lb HP: 42
Torque: 34
Top Speed: 105mph MPG: 55
New Cost: $6,499 (1991) – $6,899 (1993) – $8,459 (1995) – $8,549 (1997)
Average Used Costs:
Low $1,880 Medium $2,843 High $4,095


XV535 Virago

Notes: Became the Yamaha 650 V-Star

UMG Says: Custom with usual weird looks and handling but reliable enough for the first 40k when cams, valves, camchains and pistons become a little bit suspect. Some have done over 70k without falling apart. Also Jap market XV400, which is more of the same. XV535’s low mass and reasonable performance has made it popular in the UK, helped along by low maintenance shaft and rear drum.

IGM Says: This is certainly an easy enough motorcycle to ride, but it’s small for average-sized adults and upderpowered even for a beginner. You’d be better off spending the extra for the V-Star.