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Manufacturer: Yamaha……..TOP

Model: XVS1100 V-Star Classic, (XVS1100 V-Star Custom)

Years Made: 1999 – Present
Style: Cruiser
Engine Type:
1063cc V-Twin
700 (690)mm
Weight: 271kg (258kg) HP: 62
Torque: 64
Top Speed: 180 MPG:
New Cost: $13,290 (1999) – $15,199 (2001) – $15,199 (2002) (Canada, Australia $)
Average Used Costs:
Low $6,924 Medium $7,995 High $8,687


The V Star Classic:XVS1100 V-Star Classic

The V Star® 1100 Classic… a fully stylized big-bore cruiser priced in the ballpark where most middleweight machines usually play.

It’s got all the goods – a potent, 65-cubic-inch V-twin mill tuned for big low-end grunt, shaft drive, and long, 64.5″ wheelbase.

Full-size, valanced steel fenders, full rider floorboards and just the right amount of chrome here and there to let you know this is one polished package.

Of course, it comes with the incomparable fit and finish that Yamaha Star models are known for.

The V Star 1100 Classic. Styling straight out of yesteryear.
Manufacturer’s Sugg. Retail Price…$8,299 ~ $8,499*

The V Star Custom:XVS1100 V-Star Custom

Incomparable fit and finish the Star Family is famous for, with classic chopper styling and, better still, the price tag closer to most bikes half its size.

The V Star® 1100 Custom comes with all the chrome-plated, teardrop-tanked, low-riding, piston-pounding appeal of other V-twin mega-cruisers, but for literally thousands of dollars less.

Its burly, air-cooled, 65-cubic-inch V-twin pumps out big, fat chunks of low-end torque. Drop in a smooth-shifting 5-speed transmission and low-maintenance shaft drive. And then spoon it all into a long, 64.5″ wheelbase strung between wire-spoked wheels and drag-style handlebars.

The timelessly beautiful V Star 1100 Custom V-twin. You just might have difficulty deciding which is more attractive: its styling or its price.

Manufacturer’s Sugg. Retail Price…$7,899*

Notes: During its production year in 1999, the V-Star Custom sold in industrial quantities. For 2000 the V-Star Classic was launched. Because of its handling, weight and managable power, a new biker who is comfortable with the size of this bike, will find it fine.

MBG Says: (Rating 10/10) There is no other ways of saying it: V-Star 1100s are bargains. No catch. For the prices asked, they are motorcycles of astonishing quality and practically at all levels, whether it’s performance, handling, comfort and even attention to details. Because of its higher quality finish and richer look, the new Classic is easily worth the higher price it demands.