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2004 – 2006 Yamaha FZ6 Fazer complete redesign
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2006 Yamaha FZ6
2006 Yamaha FZ6 Fazer

The Yamaha FZ6 / Fazer series Model History Timelines

Completely new model with new 98HP engine. The engine is a modern, R6 derived powerplant with fuel injection.

The mufflers are located under the seat and give this new FZ6 great looks.

The new, aluminium, main frame is produced with Yamaha’s latest CF-diecast technology.

Other chassis features are:
– Longer swingarm (from 516.5 to 590 mm)
– Bigger front fork (from 41 to 43 mm diameter)
– Wider tyres (front from 110 to 120, rear from 160 to 180 in width)

All the body parts are new, and the instrument panel is changed to digital.

From now on, the model with fairing is called “FZ6 Fazer” (FZ6S) and the naked model is simply called “FZ6” (FZ6N).

The Naked model is lighter, the Fazer model has additional equipments that include the fairing and also a center-stand and passenger handles.


2004 Yamaha FZ6 Fazer
2004 Yamaha FZ6 Fazer

2004 Yamaha FZ6
2004 Yamaha FZ6

2004 Yamaha FZ6 – It’s An R6 for the Rat Race

It didn’t seem right to let our super-sporty YZF-R6 keep all that high-tech, high-revving 4-cylinder love to itself.

Enter FZ6 – light and flickable, roomy and relaxed, ready, willing and more than able to fly down your favorite back road whenever you are, even if it happens to be on the other side of the state.

A new and completely weld-free Controlled Fill die cast aluminum frame snugs the tuned-for-midrange R6 motor high and tight. Atop that firm foundation we built a do-everything motorcycle to deal with whatever pavement you can find, smooth or rippled, wherever you go.

Minimalist though it may look, the FZ6 gets the real-world goods you’ll appreciate more as the miles pour on.

Thick, wide seat, Handlebar that reaches back to the rider, Big windshield atop a stylish half-fairing, Centerstand, Passenger grabrails, Luggage hooks, Big fuel tank, It also looks the part, thanks to the underseat exhaust and modern-spec fat radial tires on cool R6-style 5-spoke wheels.

2005 Yamaha FZ6 Fazer
2005 Yamaha FZ6 Fazer

2005 Yamaha FZ6
2005 Yamaha FZ6 Fazer

2005 Yamaha FZ6 Fazer

Winner of the Inside Motorcycle’s Middleweight Naked Bike Shootout (Sept. 2004), the 2005 – FZ6 offers an unbeatable combination of comfort and performance. Featuring a R6 based powerplant, a wind breaking quarter fairing and a comfortable upright riding position, the FZ6 offers a great riding experience whether you are a veteran rider or just getting starting. And with a price tag of only $8,999.00 the value of the FZ6 is stands out in the crowd.

Defies Categories, Exceeds Expectations
If you’re looking for one bike to perform a multitude of missions, look no further.

Take it from Cycle World* Magazine – “For a more advanced rider looking for a bike to do it all, there is no other choice.”

The upright riding position, stylish and protective half-fairing, cush seat and 5.1-gallon gas tank say sport-tourer/ commuter.

Then again, that high-winding fuel-injected R6 engine, stiff Controlled Fill frame, lightweight R6 wheels and underseat exhaust all say performance, loud and clear.

That strong and light aluminum frame is assembled with zero welds, and a simple and reliable group fuel-injection system keeps maintenance to a minimum (along with the price tag).

Whatever you call the FZ6, it’s ready and able to deal with any quantity or quality of pavement.


Features & Benefits

New-concept middleweight sportbike: High-performance but with an anything, anytime, anywhere attitude.

Upright, comfortable riding position with great weather protection. Light, effortless handling for urban use, comfortable long-distance cruising, and serious sport riding too.


· R6 based, 599cc, liquid-cooled, DOHC, 16-valve, slant block inline four powerplant. Virtually all the internal engine components are R6 spec including crankshaft, con rods, valve sizes, bore & stroke etc.
· The difference between the R6 and the FZ6 engine is the camshafts have revised cam profiles and slightly different intake tracts for more low to mid range power.
· One-piece cylinder and upper crankcase assembly provides superior rigidity.
· Compact slant-block engine uses stacked gearbox shafts to create a shorter engine for optimum in placement in the frame for a balanced weight distribution.
· “Liner-less” cylinder has special ceramic composite plating applied directly to the aluminum cylinder for greater heat dissipation, reduced frictional losses and reduced oil consumption.
· 6-speed transmission has been optimized to accommodate the engine character of the FZ6. The secondary reduction ratio is 46/16 (Vs. a reduction ratio of 48/16 for the R6).
· “Group-Type” 36mm throttle body fuel injection provides outstanding throttle response and excellent fuel economy. This system uses fewer sensors (5) than the R6 (7) while also being lighter and more compact.
· Group fuel injection divides the four cylinders into two groups (1 & 4 and 2 & 3) with two injections of fuel for every 720 degrees of crank rotation (the R6 system utilizes a sequential injection for each cylinder).
· Compact “high dynamic range” injectors use 4 jet / 2-direction spray type injectors. A high powered 32 bit CPU controls the injection process.
· Progressive type throttle pulley and direct coupler type TPS (throttle position sensor) provides easy throttle control without the annoyance of FI surging.
· 6.3 litre airbox is “optimized” to take full advantage of the R1 inspired downdraft intake system.
· Air Induction System (AIS) reduces hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide (HC & CO) emissions.
· 4 into 2 into 1 into 2 stainless steel exhaust system features a stylish under seat muffler that is a one piece design unit with dual outlets. A special resin cover protects the muffler and keeps hot components away from the rider and passenger.
· A special connecting pipe joins the header pipes between cylinders #2 and #3 pipes to provide outstanding low to mid range torque.
· The exhaust system uses a catalytic converter to reduce harmful emissions such as CO, HC, CO2 and NOx into less harmful by products. The result is very clean running engine that easily surpasses the new EU2 European emission standards.
· High capacity radiator with ring-type cooling fan insures maximum cooling efficiency.
· Liquid cooled oil cooler maintains consistent oil temperatures for extended engine and lubricant life.
· R6 based clutch assembly is utilized but the clutch boss, spring rate and friction plates are specially designed for the FZ6.
· Maintenance-free transistor controlled digital ignition ensures fast starts and optimum engine performance.


· High tech, C.F. (controlled filling) die cast twin spar main frame is used. There are no welding points on this frame, since it bolts together. A rigid type engine mounting system is used.
· Detachable steel rear sub frame provides easy access to the rear shock and reduces costs in the event of a loop-out.
· Extra long extruded box section aluminum swingarm has been specially designed to match the rear suspension, providing maximum rear wheel traction.
· “Link-less” rear suspension means the rear shock mounts directly to the frame and swingarm without the use of linkages. The rear suspension system has been designed to provide a rising rate feeling without the additional weight of linkage arms and pivot points. The shock features 7 steps of spring pre-load adjustability.
· 43mm cartridge style forks provide great handling and excellent ride comfort. Plastic protectors help prevent tube damage due to stone chips.
· Dual 298mm front floating disc brakes are squeezed by 2-piston, slide pin-type calipers. A “Trifurcate type” front brake hose reduces weight (Trifurcate type brake hose means there is one brake hose from the master cylinder and it splits at the front fender area and crosses over to the second caliper).
· 245mm rear disc brake with Nissin single piston caliper.
· European inspired ½ cowl offers good wind and weather protection. This unique cowl features a special metallic look plastic material that is not painted, the colour is right in the plastic. An inner panel around the instrument area provides a clean, quality image for the cockpit.
· Stylish 19.4 liter (4.3 Imp. gal.) fuel tank (3.6 liters is the reserve portion) features an in-tank electronic fuel pump.
· Lightweight R6 style, 5-spoke mag wheels fitted with Z rated radial tires reduce unsprung weight for incredible handling performance.
· One-piece seat design offers excellent comfort. Its dimpled design provides additional grip.
· Integrated one piece speedo and tachometer assembly. Both speedo and tach are LCD design. Other functions include odometer, dual tripmeters, fuel tripmeter, clock, fuel meter and water temperature as well as a selection of warning lights.
· R1 inspired dual “cat eye” halogen headlights (Note: Only one headlight – RHS- lights on low beam. Both lights light on high beam)



2006 Yamaha FZ6 Fazer
2006 Yamaha FZ6 Fazer

2006 Yamaha FZ6
2006 Yamaha FZ6 Fazer

2006 Yamaha FZ6 Fazer

Fuel-injected R6 power, a light, strong and beautiful Controlled Fill aluminum frame, R6 wheels, and excellent weight distribution for great handling … even a cool underseat exhaust system. If you need one motorcycle to do everything, the FZ6 is it—with enhanced finishes for 2006 on its fairing, frame and engine.



43mm telescopic fork; Single rear shock w/adjustable preload

Dual 298mm floating discs w/two-piston calipers; 245mm disc w/single-piston caliper

423 lb. dry weight

600cc liquid-cooled, 16-valve, DOHC, inline four cylinder

Group-type fuel injection with 36mm throttle bodies

New blacked out engine and frame for 2006

Blue; Shift Red


Type 600cc, liquid-cooled, DOHC, inline 4-cylinder, 16 valves

Bore x Stroke 65.5 x 44.5mm

Compression Ratio 12.2:1

Carburetion Group Fuel Injection, 36mm throttle bodies

Group Fuel Injection, 36mm throttle bodies Digital TCI

Digital TCI 6-speed w/multi-plate clutch

Final Drive #530 O-ring chain

Suspension/Front 43mm telescopic fork, 5.1″ travel

Suspension/Rear Single shock, adjustable preload; 5.1″ travel

Brakes/Front Dual 298mm floating discs w/2-piston pin slide calipers

Brakes/Rear 245mm disc w/single-piston caliper

Tires/Front 120/70-ZR17

Tires/Rear 180-55-ZR17

Length 82.5″

Width 30.1″

Height 47.8”

Seat Height 31.5″

Wheelbase 56.7″

Rake (Caster Angle) 25.0°

Trail 3.8″

Fuel Capacity 5.1 gallons

5.1 gallons 423 lbs.

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