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2006 Honda E4-01
2006 Honda E4-01

2006 Honda E4-01
2006 Honda E4-01


– 2006 Honda E4-01

2006 Honda E4-01 Automatic Super Sports Concept

Concealed beneath the E401’s sleek, scooter-like form are a host of advnaced technologies that give this automatic sports bike a high degree of both comfort and performance.

Update June 14, 2006:

(Translated from Japanese) E4-01 scooter like fully loads the function of advancement in the forum, sport characteristic and comfort it is the automatic super sport concept which aims toward the fact that it is compatible in the higher-order origin. “Those the greatest in the world it makes and” says, four “E,” which adhere to the high will where “Elegance” “Excitement” “Enjoyment” “Easy” development to keyword. Not to adhere to established concept, high quality is pursued entirely, the preeminent performance which is a match to super sport and the liberal riding which ???? has are actualized. Senses are stimulated “Yutaka (elbowroom) with gloss” making provision for the entire body, creates new motorcycle life “The Creative Sports”, that is E4-01.


October 5th, 2005 – Seen at the 39th Tokyo Motor Show

Honda’s vision of the future begins with the E4-01 concept vehicle which offers customers a new take on motorcycling lifestyles. Also seen were the motorcycle concepts: FORZA Z ABS, and NP6-S