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Pirelli MT320
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Pirelli MT320 Front
Pirelli MT320 Front

Pirelli MT320 Rear
Pirelli MT320 Rear


– Pirelli MT320


Off-road tyre for usage on medium to soft terrain.

– THREE-PLY POLYESTER CARCASS to reduce weight without compromising on stability and cornering behaviour.

– SHARPER KNOBS for maximised traction on soft to intermediate terrain, above all in extreme cornering situation where it offers excellent power transmission.

– NUMEROUS FRONT SHOULDER KNOBS BOND TOGETHER for optimised braking control and steering precision.

Alternative tyres

– MT410


Front: MT320 FRONT
80/100-21M/C 51R MT320F
80/100-21NHS (H) MT320F

Rear: MT320
2.75-10NHS 37J MT320
100/90-19NHS MT320
110/90-19NHS MT320
100/100-18NHS MT320
110/100-18NHS MT320
80/100-12NHS 50M MT320
90/100-14NHS 49M MT320