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2012 Yamaha Rhino 700 FI Auto 4×4 Camo AP HD
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2012 Yamaha Rhino 700 FI Auto 4x4 Camo AP HD
2012 Yamaha Rhino 700 FI Auto 4×4 Camo AP HD

2012 Yamaha Rhino 700 FI Auto 4x4 Camo AP HD
2012 Yamaha Rhino 700 FI Auto 4×4 Camo AP HD

2012 Yamaha Rhino 700 FI Auto 4x4 Camo AP HD
2012 Yamaha Rhino 700 FI Auto 4×4 Camo AP HD

2012 Yamaha Rhino 700 FI Auto 4x4 Camo AP HD
2012 Yamaha Rhino 700 FI Auto 4×4 Camo AP HD

– 2012 Yamaha Rhino 700 FI Auto 4×4 Camo AP HD

2012 Yamaha Rhino 700 FI Auto 4×4 Camo AP HD Review

The best way for two people to ride is side by side…

The 2012 Yamaha Rhino sets the standard of versatility, value, and reliable performance. Everything you need for off road work or play, including a 181kg cargo bed. The rugged 2012 Rhino 70FI: as capable as any ATV… and then some!

The Rhino 700FI Camo features all the same great characteristics of it’s Rhino 700FI brother, but features Real Tree® high def camo body finish.

This durable finish is designed with the outdoorsman in mind. The Rhino features a powerful 686cc fuel injected engine to pump out the power and torque needed to get you there and back, again and again, wherever there is. The Ultramatic transmission, long-travel four-wheel independent suspension and convenient automotive-inspired controls will have you cruising around in comfort and ease. And backed by Yamaha’s unbeatable reliability and durability, you know it will be there at every turn of the key. Rhino 700 FI; setting the standard for versatility, value and reliable performance.




Fuel injected 700 engine

4-wheel disc brakes

All Purpose High Definition Camouflage



2012 Yamaha Rhino 700 FI Auto 4×4 Camo AP HD Key Features:

686cc, liquid-cooled, SOHC, 4-valve, fuel injected, 4-stroke single is a proven performer with excellent performance and a great durability record

Mikuni 41mm throttle body fuel injection provides the precise fuel/air mixture regardless of outside air temperature or altitude for crisp throttle response. Other FI benefits include choke-free cold starting, reduced emissions and great fuel economy.

The engine’s “mid ship” location centralizes mass in the centre of the Rhino for responsive handling and great suspension performance.

Key operated electric starting and maintenance-free transistor controlled ignition (TCI).

Four-valve combustion chamber design maximizes breathing efficiency providing a potent combination of low-rpm torque and right-now throttle response.

Automatic cam chain tensioner reduces mechanical engine noise and reduces maintenance.

Ceramic-composite plated cylinder liner provides reduced friction, excellent heat dissipation, outstanding durability and reduced weight.

Lightweight forged piston rides on a carburized, chrome-moly connecting rod for great durability.

Dual engine counterbalancers and rubber-damper engine mounts reduce vibration for great operator and passenger comfort.

Easy access, tools free air box design makes it simple to service the re-useable foam air filter. The air filter intake is located under the front hood and helps to reduce intake noise for even greater rider and passenger comfort. Plus it is high mounted to avoid water ingestion.

High capacity aluminium radiator with ring-type cooling fan delivers maximum cooling efficiency even during hot slow speed work days.

Forward mounted aluminium oil cooler maintains consistent lubricant temperatures for great engine durability. Both the main radiator and oil cooler are located high and inboard of the main frame for extra protection.

Convenient automotive style spin-on oil filter.

Quiet, full stainless steel exhaust system resists corrosion and features a screen-type spark arrestor to protect the environment.

Fully automatic Ultramatic™ transmission is the most advanced drive system in the ORV world. Not only is it simple to use . . . select a forward gear, step on the gas pedal and go, but it also provides all wheel downhill engine braking to reduce brake wear while providing great control. The key feature of Yamaha’s exclusive Ultramatic CVT system is the V-belt is under constant tension (unlike a snowmobile CVT) and therefore provides superior no-slip performance, instant hook-up and significantly reduced belt wear.

Easy to use, console mounted “automotive style” shift lever … just like on a car.

Fully automatic “Ultramatic” CVT (constantly variable transmission) offers reverse, neutral, high and low ranges. The low range mode improves towing power while also improving “terrainability” in difficult conditions.

Sealed CVT belt case keeps out water and debris to help prevent belt slippage and wear. Convenient no tools required belt case drain plug … just in case.

CVT cooling ducts (intake and exhaust) are high-mounted to help prevent water and mud from entering the CVT system while also keeping CVT components cool. Special fan design on the primary clutch sheave also reduces CVT temperatures for extended belt life

Straight design front and rear drive shafts provide more efficient power delivery and eliminate the need for “U” joints. The drive shafts exit on a straight line from the engine to the differentials

Servo-controlled “On-Command” system allows you to switch between various drive modes including 2WD, limited-slip 4WD and fully locked 4WD (both front & rear diff locked) – all with a turn of a convenient dash mounted knob. Yamaha’s “On-Command” system puts you in total control… you decide which is the best drive mode for the terrain … not the machine.

Dash mounted “On-Command” knob and indicator light lets you know what mode you are in.

Lightweight, compact front differential

Full square and round tube steel frame is rugged and durable.

Independent double “A” arm front and rear suspension provides excellent ride comfort

Heavy duty shocks with 5-way spring preload adjustability.

Front and rear wheel travel is 185mm or 7.3″

Minimum ground clearance is 280mm or 11″ for great terrainability

A single automotive-style brake pedal activates the front and rear hydraulic disc brakes. This 4 wheel disc brake system provides outstanding stopping performance in a variety of conditions. All four discs are tucked inside the rims to prevent damage from rocks, stumps etc.

Dual 200mm front and dual 185mm rear disc brakes squeezed by twin piston calipers provide excellent stopping power

Parking brake system utilizes a drive shaft mounted disc located inboard just behind the engine.

Convenient console mounted automotive-style parking brake lever with dash board warning light

Aggressive AT25X8-12 front and 25×10-12 rear tires provide excellent off road traction in a wide variety of conditions

Rugged steel wheels

Heavy duty 4 ply design increases puncture resistance and tire stiffness

Note: although these tires look like ATV tires they have a much higher load rating than a standard ATV tire.

“Tilt able” cargo bed can pack a total of 181 kgs or 400lbs of payload. The inner panels and floor of the bed are steel. Rubber bed mat helps prevent scratches and dents.

Convenient single lever tilt design … makes dumping heavy loads easy

Four tie down points inside the bed for added load security

Convenient automotive “control” layout. Shifter, parking brake, gas and brake pedals and keyed ignition are just like on a car, for ease of use and familiarity

Light, responsive rack-and-pinion steering features a fully sealed steering column and double U-jointed steering linkage for smooth, easy operation.

Operator and passenger seat belts

Multiple grab handles for added passenger security on rough terrain

Rugged roto-moulded doors and hip supports / restraints on seat edges

Rear brake lights

Quick remove bucket seats with head restraints offer great comfort and support.

Dash mounted 12 volt DC outlet for powering accessories or electronic devices.

Automotive style parking brake

Dash board mounted glove box and small item “cubby hole” in front section of console

Seat belt and helmet reminder lights on dash board

Convenient console mounted dual cup holders

Full length 3 piece high impact plastic skid plate protects the Rhino 700 from rocks, stumps, etc.

Smooth surface design of the skid plates allows the Rhino 700 to slide more easily over obstacles.

Heavy duty front bumper

High impact plastic CV boot guards mounted to front & rear “A” arms help to reduce CV boot damage

Durable polyethylene CV boots for tear and weather resistance

Easy to read digital LCD instrument with speedometer, odometer, dual tripmeters and fuel gauge.

Other features include clock, hour meter, battery voltmeter, 4WD and differential lock status, transmission “gear” indicator, parking brake indicator and seat belt reminder light.

“On Command” mode indicator lets you know what type of drive is engaged, including a “Diff Lock” indicator light.

Digital gauge also features a full range of onboard engine diagnostic functions

Centrally located automotive style 2″ hitch receiver

Towing capacity is 550 kg or 1212 lbs.

Realtree® AP HD® camouflage body finish is durable and functional

Built in brackets for fast easy mounting of accessory rear bumper

Winch mounting area in front and below the radiator

Dual “cat eye” 30 watt Krypton headlights with low and high beam functions

Large 30 litre fuel tank means lots of “Ks” between fill ups

Low maintenance, sealed battery with plenty of cold weather cranking power

High impact plastic floor with “checker plate” pattern for added grip




2012 Yamaha Rhino 700 FI Auto 4×4 Camo AP HD – USA Specifications

Model not available in the USA



2012 Yamaha Rhino 700 FI Auto 4×4 Camo AP HD – Canadian Specifications
Canadian MSRP* $15,249 CDN

Engine 686cc, liquid cooled, SOHC, 4-valve, 4-stroke, single
Bore and Stroke 102mm x 84 mm
Compression Ratio 9.2:1
Fuel Delivery Mikuni 41mm throttle body FI
Ignition TCI
Starting Electric with auto decompression
Lubrication Wet sump
Transmission Ultramatic (sealed CVT), w/L-H-N-R,
w/full-time 4-wheel engine braking
Drive Train On-Command 2WD / 4WD / 4WD diff lock/shaft drives

Suspension (Front) Independent double wishbone, 185mm (7.3″) of wheel travel, 5-way preload adjustment
Suspension (Rear) Independent double wishbone, 185mm (7.3″) of wheel travel, 5-way preload adjustment
Brakes (Front) Dual 200mm discs
Brakes (Rear) Dual 185mm discs / Shaft mounted parking brake
Tires (Front) AT25 x 8-12, steel wheels
Tires (Rear) AT25 x 10-12, steel wheels

Length 2,885mm (113.6”)
Width 1,385mm (54.4”)
Height 1,853mm (73”)
Wheelbase 1,910mm (75.2”)
Turning radius 3,900mm (153.5”)
Ground Clearance 280mm (11”)
Fuel Capacity 30 litres (6.6
Wet Weight 544 kg (1199 lb)
Bed Capacity 181kg (400 lb)
Towing Capacity 550kg (1,212 lb)
Warranty Private use – 6 months (unlimited mileage)
Commercial use – 90 days (unlimited mileage)
Colour(s) Realtree® All Purpose High Definition™ Camouflage

Specifications, appearance, and price of product are subject to change without notice.

* MSRP does not include freight, PDI (Pre Delivery Inspection), pre-rigging (boats), or taxes. Dealer may sell for less.