Metric Fuel Economy Calculator

An easy to use tool for adding your motorcycle’s Metic fuel economy data to our Total Motorcycle Fuel Economy Guide.

Use this handy dandy javascript calculator to work out: Distance Traveled Since Last Fill, Fuel Consumption Usage in Kilometers Per Liter or Imperial Gallon (KPL or KPG), Fuel Expense Per Kilometer and actual cost of filling up your tank.

Metric Fuel Consumption Calculator

Data Entry
Current Odometer Reading   
Previous Odometer Reading   
Actual Trip Odometer Reading Or Actual Kilometers   
Liters or Imperial Gallons Put In The Tank   
Optional Fuel Cost Per Liter or Imperial Gallon    Euros or Dollars
Calculated Results
Distance Traveled Since Last Fill Is    Kilometers (km)
Your Fuel Consumption Usage Is    Kilometers Per Liter or
  Imperial Gallon (KPL or KPG)
Your Fuel Direct Expense Is    Euros Per Kilometer or
  Dollars Per Kilometer
Your Fuel Fill Expense Is About    Euros This Fill or
  Dollars This Fill

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