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Manufacturer: BMW………..TOP
Model: R65LS, (Variants: R65, R45)
Years Made: 1981-1986
Style: Sport Tourer
Engine Type:
649cc Boxer Twin (R65)
Weight: 405lb HP: 50
Top Speed: 110mph MPG: 50
New Cost: $4,350 (1981) – $ 4,495 (1982) – $ 3,895 (1984) – $4,130 (1986)
Average Used Costs:
Low $1,221 Medium $2,146 High $3,300

CMB Says: The BMW R series horizontally opposed flat twin design has been around since 1923. All R series are worth looking it. The R65 is an excellent introductory BMW. If is simple, light weight and nimble around town. This is due to a shorter wheel base and lower center of gravity on 1979-1984 models. Despite its displacement, when properly equipped with bad and shild the R65 is perfectly suited to cross-country touring. 1985 and later 65s are monoshock equiped. The most significant drawback is that BMWs tend to be very pricey used bikes.

For any high mileage bike, including BMW, check the rubber parts for cracking, the service record for maintenance, and see when the battery was last replaced.