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Manufacturer: Honda………..TOP
Model: CB125N, CB125S
Years Made: 1979-1983
Style: Standard
Engine Type: 124cc Single Seat:
Weight: 239lb HP: 16
Torque: 7
Top Speed: 70mph MPG: 80
New Cost: $895 (1979)- $774 (1983)
Average Used Costs:
Low $415 Medium $820 High $1,475


UMG Says: Early version had more power but less reliable with dodgy piston, tensioner, small-ends and valves. Restricted model (post ’82) needs revs to survive but basic-ally reliable until 25k when the top end begins to rattle. Neglect of oil changes causes main bearings to rumble but given a bit of effort 12hp models are reasonable learners that handle and brake better than most. Clutch judder, exhaust rot and spark plug demise normal.

UBG Says: The basic indestructible commuting 4-stroke single. Watch for broken/bent centrestands, poor running at revs (usually blocked carb) and check the hidden chain & sprockets. Cheap to buy and run. Simple commuter single. Engine life (20 to 40k miles) depends entirely on frequent (750 mile) oil changes. Wobbly frame, fading drum brakes and crude vibration make speeds over 60mph a bit of a challenge, but great thrashing possibilities. Piston, camchain and camshaft most likely areas of demise. Later J version had better disc brake but poorer performance and economy.
C1 £500, C2 £300, C3 £50