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2000 Triumph Adventurer Manufacturer: Triumph………UP
Model: Thunderbird, Adventurer
Years Made: 1995-Present, (1995-2002)
Style: Cruiser
Engine Type:
885cc Inline-Triple
HP: 70
Torque: 53
Top Speed: 190kph MPG: 40
New Cost: $11,999 (2000)
Average Used Costs:
Low $5,938 Medium $6,887 High $7,401


Triumph AdventurerTriumph Adventurer

Nice Clean, Well Equiped Cruiser. One glance tells you all you need to know about the most laid-back of our family of classic triples. The Adventurer is lean, stylish and immaculately finished, with an authentic look that reflects Triumph’s unique heritage.

Yet this bike is very much built to be ridden as well as admired. At its heart is a refined 885cc, liquid-cooled three-cylinder powerplant whose generous delivery of mid-range torque is perfectly suited to relaxed cruising.

The chassis is designed for light, responsive handling. And the roomy, upright riding position helps make the Adventurer’s low-slung seat the perfect place from which to watch the world pass by.

Like every Triumph, the Adventurer comes with excellent brakes and top-class build quality. Some things are best left to you, however. Select from the varied range of accessories to make your bike stand out even more from the crowd.

The uniquely individual Adventurer. For laid-back classic style with modern-day sophistication, look no further. – Triumph

Triumph ThunderbirdTriumph Thunderbird

Retro styling is the backdrop for the Thunderbird’s thoroughly modern British engineering package. A bike designed to let the rider orchestrate the pace of proceedings from brisk early Sunday ride outs to meandering homecomings after a day laden with memories.

Form and function meet in harmony – Its strong three-cylinder engine, six-speed gearbox, modern brakes, plush suspension and traditional riding position taking you effortlessly where your leisure time dictates.

Resplendent in a choice of lustrous colours, with chrome highlighting its twin silencers, engine covers, headlamp surround and tank badge, the Thunderbird cuts a dash though the imagination just as surely as it indulges the senses.Triumph

Notes: Triumph Adventurer Discontinued in 2002.

MBG Says: With its styling straight from the good old days, the Thunderbird has been a strong success for the British manufacturer. Launched in 1995, it even became Triumph’s best seller. The Adventurer is a cosmetically different version, but mechanically identical, both in the engine and chassis departments. It costs a little more than the Thunderbird.

IGM (Thunderbird) Says: This is Triumph’s attempt to cash in on the nostalgia factor Harley has capitalized on so well. If you squint and look at it from the right angle, it looks a lot like the Thunderbird Marlon Brando rode in The Wild One.

IGM (Adventurer) Says: This spinoff of the Thunderbird seems to be Triumph’s answer to Harley’s Wide Glide. Both the Adventurer and Thunderbird are fine all-around motorcycles. Choosing one over the other is simply a matter of personal preference.

UMG Says: Marvellous bit of retro styling. Engine’s full of punchy torque and mildly custom chassis handles better than most such devices. New wacky Adventurer version for 1996.