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2019 BMW C400GT

2019 BMW C400GT 2019 BMW C400GT 2019 BMW C400GT 2019 BMW C400GT


2019 BMW C400GT:

What makes a city interesting? The diversity of people? The trends that emerge here? The countless possibilities? It’s all this combined! To discover it requires a good level of fitness – one that accompanies you on longer tours through varied city life with comfort: the BMW C 400 GT. With it, the city’s pulse quickens a bit more and your radius increases just like your digital connectivity with the world. Because with this mid-size scooter, you are just as comfortable and agile in the city as in the surrounding area. Discover your city in a new dimension with the C 400 GT and look forward to much, much more of what makes your city interesting.

Progressive, innovative and full of emotion.

Get downtown! Or better: pure pleasure! This agile mid-size scooter allows you to conquer the city – whilst also being prepared for longer tours in the surrounding region. This is exactly what the design of the C 400 GT conveys: the sporty V-shape of the elegant trim panel components and the large-format windscreen protect you from the wind and weather and are testament to the urban desire for adventure. The ergonomically designed seat, which guarantees a comfortable as well as confident seating position – whether for the short jaunt or a longer trip – also contributes to this. The LED light technology is particularly striking: the iconic headlight with optional daytime riding lights and the integrated front turn signals provide a convincing appearance from the very first moment. And what looks really good from the front is also impressive from the rear: narrow, progressive and full of emotions – that’s what makes the city even more fun.




2019 BMW C400GT Totalmotorcycle.com Key Features
  • Efficiency-optimised single-cylinder engine with a capacity of 350 cc, high torque and CVT gearbox.
  • Highly compact design with wet sump lubrication.
  • 25 kW (34 hp) at 7 500 rpm and 35 Nm at 6 000 rpm.
  • Electronic fuel injection, digital engine control and ASC.
  • Suspension with rugged tubular steel frame.
  • Torsionally stiff drivetrain swing arm with innovative swing arm bearing for minimum vibration.
  • Telescopic fork at front and two spring struts at rear with ample spring travel.
  • Powerful braking system with ABS as standard.
  • Passenger footboards instead of separate footrests.
  • Seat with separate rider backrest.
  • LED lighting technology as standard.
  • LED daytime riding light as option.
  • Keyless Ride as standard.
  • Connectivity: Multifunctional instrument cluster with 6.5-inch full-colour TFT screen and numerous features as an ex-works option.
  • Distinctive, dynamic design.
  • Increased wind and weather protection and sophisticated ergonomics.
  • Generous storage space with two storage compartments and flexcase.
  • Attractive colour variants with different characters.






2019 BMW C400GT Totalmotorcycle.com Features and Benefits



Powerful, compactly designed single-cylinder engine for an ideal combination of dynamic riding fun and a high level of efficiency.


The entire drive unit of the new BMW mid-size scooter has been completely newly developed and includes a directly integrated CVT gearbox as well as a secondary drive in the form of a drivetrain swing arm. The liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine has a capacity of 350 cc, derived from an 80 mm bore and a 69.6 mm stroke. Its rated power output is 25 kW (34 hp) at 7 500 rpm and the maximum torque of 35 Nm is reached at 6 000 rpm. The maximum engine speed is 8 800 rpm.


Like all BMW Motorrad drives, the engine of the new mid-size scooter features a carefully conceived overall design as well as a space-saving arrangement of all ancillary units and the integrated CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) gearbox. With the aim of providing a highly compact scooter drive with optimum mounting position, a liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine has been created with a horizontal, forward-facing cylinder. This makes for a low installation position of the engine: this is favourable in terms of the vehicle’s overall centre of gravity while at the same time allowing for the step-through in the rider’s leg area that is typical of a scooter.


With an output of 25 kW (34 hp) and a maximum torque of 35 Nm, the drive of the new BMW C family member provides the perfect basis for dynamic riding performance and excellent pulling power. Aimed at achieving optimum efficiency, its design also results in a pleasantly low engine speed level, high gas velocities, efficient combustion and minimised friction. This thoughtfully designed overall conception makes the new single-cylinder engine highly efficient.




Newly developed suspension with rugged tubular steel frame for excellent handling as well as outstanding comfort and ride stability.


The foremost aim in developing the suspension of the new BMW Motorrad mid-size scooter was to combine excellent handling qualities and a high level of comfort with directional stability at high speeds and the robustness required for day-to-day use.


The frame is a torsionally stiff tubular construction supplemented with a solid cast iron unit in the area of the swing arm bearing. This gives the overall combination of this hybrid structure an extremely high degree of stability.


With a wheelbase of 1 565 mm, a steering head angle of 63.8 degrees and a castor of 81 mm, the new mid-size scooter has basic geometrical suspension data that are quite similar to those of a motorcycle. On the road, the sophisticated overall conception of the suspension is reflected in easy manoeuvrability – especially in urban traffic – and a high level of ride stability when travelling swiftly along country roads or at even faster speeds on the motorway.




High-performance electrical system in CAN bus technology.


The electrical system of the new BMW Motorrad mid-size scooter is based on the well-established system to be found in other BMW Motorrad models. It is a CAN (Controller Area Network) bus system. This means that the instrument cluster, the ABS and engine control unit, the electronic immobiliser and the optional alarm system (DWA) are all interconnected.


A power socket in the right-hand storage compartment comes as a standard feature. A mobile phone can be charged here during travel, for example, while at the same time being connected to the BMW Motorrad Communication System in the rider’s helmet via Bluetooth. The alternator with an output of 316 watts ensures an efficient and stable power supply in all operating conditions. The 12-volt battery has a capacity of 9 Ah, thereby offering considerable reserves. The wiring harness of the new BMW Motorrad midsize scooter is designed in such a way that all optional electrical equipment features such as heated grips and the alarm system can easily be retrofitted ex works; this also applies in the case of optional accessories or individual optional equipment items.


Highly luminous lighting technology as standard.

Seeing and being seen is particularly crucial for scooter riders. This is why the lighting technology of the new BMW Motorrad mid-size scooter features highly luminous LED technology. The optional daytime riding light (countryspecific) in the new C 400 GT likewise features LED technology. The front and turn indicators are organically integrated in the trim panel.




Dynamic, distinctive styling by BMW Motorrad.

The new C 400 GT features the unique BMW Motorrad styling. Modern and future-oriented in appearance, it perfectly exemplifies the BMW Motorrad design philosophy. The front silhouette is dominated by the aerodynamically designed twin LED headlight with the distinctive design of the LED daytime running light (country-specific) in the form of fibre optic elements. This sets the new BMW Motorrad mid-size scooter clearly apart from its competitors, giving it a particularly classy, functional and dynamic look.


The smooth, aerodynamically motivated designed with accentuated body edges also embody lightness, dynamic performance and touring proficiency.


In line with its comfortable yet dynamic character, the new C 400 GT also has turn indicators into the body elements at the rear.


Meanwhile so-called bash plates – side trim elements at the front – underscore the new Gran Turismo among the mid-size scooters’ membership of the BMW Motorrad family. The LED turn indicators are integrated in these, too – another unique styling feature. The twin-tipped engine spoiler with integrated radiator grille is also a clear reference to BMW motorcycle design. The distinct, dynamic styling of the new mid-size scooter is also to be seen in its uncluttered cockpit layout.


Excellent wind and weather protection and sophisticated ergonomics.

The windshield, which is higher than that of the C 400 X, was developed with the aim of increasing possible wind and weather protection as well as reducing wind noise to a minimum. It is rigidly mounted on the trim and provides perceptible relief for the rider’s upper body, thereby enabling lengthier rides at higher speeds. The optional accessory program also allows the new C 400 GT to be fitted with a higher windshield.


The seat height of the new C 400 GT is 775 mm: here the aim is to ensure perfect integration of taller riders, too. With a view to ensuring the best possible comfort, the seat surfaces for rider and passenger are each designed as individual seats, which especially benefits the passenger in terms of ergonomics. The new C 400 GT also has a separate rider backrest. A seat with a reduced height of 760 mm is available as an optional accessory.


In conjunction with a favourably designed step-through and broad, ergonomically shaped handlebars, this makes for very simple and straightforward controllability and a focused, sporty seating position oriented towards the front wheel for dynamic scooter fun. Both the rider’s and passenger’s feet rest on comfortable footboards integrated in the body.


Generous storage space with two storage compartments and flexcase.


Although it is intentionally designed in an athletic style, the generous storage space of the new C 400 GT also makes it perfect for shopping trips into town, riding to work and even lengthier tours.


The flexcase under the seat provides ample room for storage. It comprises a flap in the rear base which can be opened to provide a downward extension of the storage space. This versatility is enabled by the use of a highly rigid but pliable material based on Kevlar that creates a flexible yet dirt-resistant, waterproof and more durable connection between the flap and the rear base.


This unique storage solution developed and patented by BMW Motorrad is able to accommodate an integral helmet and a jet helmet when the scooter is parked. The BMW flexcase is closed during travel.


In the front section of the step-through there are two additional storage compartments, each of which is opened by means of a button. In conjunction with the standard equipment item Keyless Ride, both compartments are locked automatically with the scooter itself. Keyless Ride controls the following lock functions: ignition, handlebars, seat, fuel filler cap and storage compartments. In the right-hand storage compartment – large enough to hold an iPhone 6/7, for instance – there is a 12-volt power socket for electronic devices. A USB adapter is also available as an optional accessory.


The new C 400 GT can also be fitted with a luggage bridge (optional accessory) for transportation purposes that enables attachment of a topcase (also an optional accessory).


Attractive paint finishes with distinctive character qualities.


The new C 400 GT has a classy, contemporary look while at the same time coming over as functional and dynamic. Its trim parts with their pronounced smoothness and aerodynamic design highlight the scooter’s compact styling.


At its market launch, the new BMW Motorrad mid-size scooter will be available in three different paint finishes. Alpine White impressively highlights the distinctive styling of the new C 400 GT. This fresh colour with a sense of lightness also emphasises the new Gran Turismo’s key qualities such as agility, easy accessibility and effortlessness.


As an alternative, the paint finish Moonwalk Grey metallic bears out the supreme, contemporary and harmonious character of a dynamic Gran Turismo. This paint finish gives the new C 400 GT a particularly modern touch, harmonising with the contrast colours applied to create a pronounced high-quality yet at the same time coherent overall appearance. The third paint finish is Blackstorm metallic, which highlights the distinctive, high-quality look of the C 400 GT.






2019 BMW C400GT – Totalmotorcycle.com USA Specifications/Technical Details
Canada MSRP Price: $TBA CDN
Europe/UK MSRP Price: £11215 GBP (On The Road inc 20% Vat)
Australia MSRP Price: See Dealer for Pricing in AU







2019 BMW C400GT – Totalmotorcycle.com Canada Specifications/Technical Details





2019 BMW C400GT – Totalmotorcycle.com European Specifications/Technical Details



Water-cooled single cylinder 4 stroke engine, 4 valves per cylinder, overhead camshaft with rocker arm, wet sump lubrication

Bore x stroke

80 mm x 69,6 mm


350 ccm

Rated output

25 kW (34 hp) at 7,500 rpm

Max. torque

35 Nm at 6,000 rpm

Compression ratio


Mixture control / engine management

BMS-E2 digital engine management

Emission control

Closed-loop 3-way catalytic converter, emission standard EU-4

Performance / fuel consumption

Maximum speed

139 km/h

Fuel consumption per 100 km based on WMTC

3,5 l

Fuel type

Unleaded super 95 (ROZ), E10 compatible

Electrical system


Three-phase generator 316 W


12 V / 9 Ah, maintenance-free


500 Watt

Power transmission


Centrifugal dry clutch


Stepless CVT gearbox

Secondary Drive

Two step spur gearing

Chassis / brakes


Steel tube construction with aluminum die cast unit

Front wheel location / suspension

Telescopic front fork Ø 35 mm

Rear wheel location / suspension

Double Aluminum swingarm, Double spring struts, adjustable preload

Suspension travel, front / rear

110 mm / 112 mm


1.565 mm


81 mm

Steering head angle



Aluminum cast wheels

Rim, front

3,50 x 15″

Rim, rear

4,25 x 14″

Tyre, front

120/70 15

Tyre, rear

150/70 14

Brake, front

Double disc brake, rigid, diameter 265 mm, 4-piston calipers

Brake, rear

Single disc brake, diameter 265 mm, 1-piston floating caliper


BMW Motorrad ABS

Dimensions / weights

Seat height

775 mm

Inner leg curve

1.760 mm

Usable tank volume

12,8 l


4 l

Length (over mark carrier)

2.210 mm

Height (over windshield, at unladen weight (DIN))

1.437 mm

Width (incl. mirrors)

835 mm

Unladen weight, road ready, fully fuelled

212 kg (dry weight: 203 kg)

Permitted total weight

415 kg

Payload (with standard equipment)

203 kg






2019 BMW C400GT – Totalmotorcycle.com Australian Specifications/Technical Details






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