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2024 Husqvarna TC65 2024 Husqvarna TC65 2024 Husqvarna TC65 2024 Husqvarna TC65


Introducing the 2024 Husqvarna TC65…

Moving up from the 50cc class, the TC 65 will be the first time many youngsters will experience riding a competition-focused motorcycle with a manual clutch and gearbox. The performance as well as manual gearbox of the TC 65 bring it as close to the full-size motocross machine as possible. The TC 65 features the same level of build quality as found on the larger motocross models with premium components fitted as standard.

For the first time, the development of the TC 65 was conducted using a variety of international test riders. These children were racing the new generation model at different stages of its development in national and international championships during the last two years.

The new model is considerably better in terms of handling and riders jumping from the old to the new platform will immediately feel more confident on it. Together with the improvements on the engine side, children will also immediately be faster in terms of lap times but even more in terms of pace over the distance of a race.




2024 Husqvarna TC65 Totalmotorcycle.com Key Features

  • Striking new white, gray, and yellow graphics highlight Husqvarna Motorcycles’ Swedish heritage
  • New, scaled down bodywork replicates the look and feel of the full-size models
  • Improved TC 50 and TC 65 engines – broader and stronger power delivery
  • New TC 50 and TC 65 frames – significantly improve handling characteristics
  • New aluminum handlebars on the TC 50 and TC 65 – updated bend for a modernized feel
  • Adjustable ergonomics – allow the TC 50 and TC 65 to be customized for each rider
  • Premium components – improve quality, performance, and durability
  • Easily adjustable WP XACT forks and XACT PDS shock – optimal performance and low weight
  • MAXXIS MAXXCROSS MX-ST tires for exceptional straight-line stability and excellent traction
  • Formula brake components give each machine best-in-class stopping power
  • Formula hydraulic clutch assembly on the TC 65 and TC 85 – consistent action and durability
  • High-grip seat cover on all models – maximum comfort and control
  • Black Excel rims and CNC-machined hubs for TC 85 – low unsprung weight and greater stability
  • To personalize and further enhance the performance of the minicycle machines, the Husqvarna Motorcycles Technical Accessories range includes a high-quality selection of competition-focused engine and chassis upgrade options.

    In addition, youth racers can ride in style thanks to the comprehensive Functional Offroad Apparel Collection. Featuring items such as the Kids Railed Helmet, Kids Railed Goggles, and Kids Railed Jersey and Pants, all clothing is performance-focused ensuring both comfort and protection for riders of all ages and abilities.

    The 2024 minicycles motocross line-up will be available from this fall onward at authorized Husqvarna Motorcycles dealers.


Husqvarna Motorcycles is pleased to reveal its highly-anticipated 2024 minicycle line-up. Receiving several technical upgrades to maximize both performance and reliability, the all-new TC 50 and TC 65 two-stroke machines also offer adjustable ergonomics for the first time ever. In addition, the class-leading TC 85 remains unchanged for 2024 and features the latest technology and race-tested components to give aspiring youngsters a competitive edge over their rivals.

Utilizing much of the same technology found on the full-size motocross machines, the TC 50 provides the youngest racers with a highly capable, competition-focused motorcycle. Including a new, more powerful engine, larger one-piece radiator, and digital ignition, the TC 50 is ready to match the potential of any young racer. Using statistical scientific data throughout the design process, the ergonomics have been perfected for youngsters and with adjustable bodywork, WP suspension, and multiple handlebar mounting positions, riders can continue racing the TC 50 as they grow in size.

The TC 65 offers the same adjustment options as the TC 50, which allows riders to continue developing their motocross skills aboard a familiar machine. A new, more compact, and fully adjustable WP shock is setup to improve the balance of the TC 65, and thanks to its revised mounting position on the new frame, more energy is now absorbed for greater comfort. Together with significant updates to the engine, which includes a new DS clutch and steel basket, more durable gearbox, and machined crankcases, the on-track performance of the TC 65 reaches a higher level for 2024.

Shared updates to both the TC 50 and TC 65 – including new exhausts, updated jetting, and larger footpegs – boost the overall performance and rideability, while all-new bodywork and graphics replicate the full-size models. Each machine is then equipped and finished with components from leading offroad brands including BRISK spark plugs, Formula brakes, MAXXIS tires, ODI grips, and Twin Air filters, creating a pair of best-in-class motocross machines.

The proven, 2023 FIM Junior Motocross World Championship and AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship-winning TC 85 completes Husqvarna Motorcycles’ minicycle line up for 2024. Continuing to be the perfect platform for riders progressing from the TC 65 before they transition to a full-size machine such as the TC 125, the TC 85 offers youngsters the highest levels of performance, handling, and reliability.



2024 Husqvarna TC65 Totalmotorcycle.com Features and Benefits


The high strength chromium molybdenum steel frame integrates carefully calculated parameters of longitudinal flex and torsional rigidity to benefit handling and suspension functionality. Incorporated sheet metal parts allow tailormade stiffness where needed. Together with forged connecting parts an unprecedented quality of the minicycle frame could be achieved. That all was achieved without changing the base frame geometry (steering head angle).

The rear shock is now mounted separately from the main upper frame tube to replicate the full-size models. The benefit of this concept comes into play on big jumps, hard impacts, and on rough racetracks as less energy is transferred through the rear shock into the frame and towards the steering head. The result is a more stable and planted feel which allows youngsters to ride fast, even in the most demanding conditions.

Another improvement of the new TC 65 frame design is the wider steering angle, allowing to maneuver the bike around much easier than in the past.

The TC 65 now features frame protectors as standard. These allow riders to enjoy a heightened level of grip with their feet and lower legs thanks to the innovative surface texture. Additionally, they protect the glossy, dark blue powder coated frame from unwanted wear.

Polyamide glass fiber reinforced steel subframe

Using a polyamide glass fiber reinforced steel 2-piece subframe reduces weight and securely houses the electronics. Specific rigidity was engineered into the light and robust subframe, which contributes to outstanding handling and rider feedback.

The lower subframe spars and frame mounts are made from steel which is both robust and reliable. The upper subframe is made from injection molded polyamide which offers specific flex characteristics and creates a lightweight construction.

This new hybrid design was initially introduced on the full-size TC models for 2023 and now, after proving to be highly reliable, finds its way onto the minicycle line up.

The subframe is also height adjustable (2 positions) to raise or lower it depending on the height of the rider.


The all-new, “no-dirt” design footrests offer better grip while being less susceptible to hook on deep ruts, take offs when scrubbing, and trackside barriers. The result is better control of the machine in all conditions, and this was achieved by the new mounting concept which is integrated into the frame design which additionally, saves overall weight.

  • New, topology optimized, die cast footrests with reduced weight and less chance of dirt build up
  • Footrest mounting integrated into the frame design, less susceptible to hook on deep ruts
  • Big benefit on tracks with deep ruts from big bikes à no more catching of the foot pegs on the sides

WP XACT forks

Featuring the latest in suspension technology, the TC 65 is fitted with a state-of-the-art WP XACT AER fork. Besides being very light weight, the 35 mm USD forks feature exceptional damping and comfort characteristics allowing the rider to push their limits with complete confidence.

With 215 mm of wheel travel, the air unit in the left fork leg can be adjusted easily using the supplied air pump for rider preference, weight, or track conditions. This is again underlining the versatile character of the new TC 65 and the wide range of usability it offers to children regardless of their size or weight.

For 2024, a WP Pro Components cartridge kit which transfers the air fork into a conventional spring fork is available as a Technical Accessory.

Triple clamps

The forged triple clamps align the fork tubes perfectly to ensure a highly responsive and smooth fork action and feature a more forgiving flex character when compared to CNC machined triple clamps. The overall design of the triple clamps is unchanged to the previous generation with the only change being a new mounting position for the new front number plate.

A triple clamp protector has been added to the new front number plate which covers the lower triple clamp to protect it from wear received from roost. This feature has been also brought over from the TC full size line-up.

For 2024, a CNC machined black triple clamp is available as a Technical Accessory.

WP XACT rear shock

Linked directly to the swingarm, the all-new WP XACT monoshock is matched perfectly to the front forks for the perfect balance and damping characteristics. The new rear shock mounting point is very different to the old concept due to the updated frame design. This allowed a more compact rear shock design and as a result, the spring rate needed to be adapted.

The rear shock now offers 253.5 mm of suspension travel and is fully adjustable. This allows it to be tailored to rider preferences or track conditions without the need of expensive suspension upgrades.

On the previous generation TC 65, the rear suspension travel was significantly longer. What sounds like an advantage was the complete opposite. When comparing the old TC 65 and its suspension travel to our full-size models and their suspension travel, we realized it was way too high which led to uncontrolled bouncing and compression of the rear shock.

The new TC 65 has a much more planted feel, offering better traction, controllability, and handling thanks to its new rear shock design and the correct suspension travel for its size.


The hollow, die-cast aluminum swingarm is designed to offer optimal stiffness and reliability at the lowest possible weight. The topology has been optimized for optimal rigidity while an improved casting process reduces weight. To optimize and match the chassis flex characteristics, a 14 mm rear axle is fitted.

The chain guard and chain glider are designed to be more durable than the old generation. The design also prevents dirt build up around the swingarm and chain guard in extreme muddy conditions. New swingarm bolts offer improved quality.

Adjustable ergonomics

To make sure taller or shorter youngsters can ride in complete comfort, the TC 65 can be adjusted in multiple ways with each one implemented based on statistical scientific data.

  • Adjustability of suspension
    • rear shock position: standard high position > alternative low position
      • difference 14 mm
    • front fork (pull up/drop down through the triple clamps)
      • difference 3 mm


  • Adjustability of handlebar position
    • handlebar mount (four positions available) moved forwards towards front wheel, or rear towards rider


  • Adjustability of bodywork and subframe
    • bodywork and subframe – standard low position > alternative high position
    • bodywork, including fuel tank and seat can be raised by positioning the supplied adapter under the fuel tank
    • subframe can be mounted in alternative position to support the higher bodywork position
    • intake boot (carburetor/airbox) can be fitted in a position to suit both height options
      • difference 30 mm


  • Wheelbase – from 44.4 to 44.8 in (1129.8 to 1138.8 mm) (standard 44.6 in / 1134 mm)
  • Ground clearance – from 9.4 to 10 in (241.2 to 254.9 mm) (standard 10 / 254.9 mm)


Adjustable configurations

  • Seat height standard 28.3 in (721 mm); from 27.7 to 29.5 in (706 to 751 mm)
  • Difference 1.7 in (45 mm)

Additional adjustability possibilities via Technical Accessory program:

  • Handlebars
    • interchangeable between 50cc, 65cc, 85cc models
  • Levers
    • interchangeable between 50cc and 65cc
  • ODI grips
    • Interchangeable between 50cc, 65cc, full-size
  • Seats
    • low, middle, high version

Handlebars and grips

The tapered handlebar (black, unbranded) is made of high-quality aluminum alloy ensuring stability, and vibration damping. Its diameter reduces in size from the central, 28 mm clamping area to 22 mm in the bends through to the bar ends which measure 18.1 mm.

The complete bend has been revised with the specific needs of young riders in mind (more like a full-size handlebar now with a less steep bend). Riding will now feel and look much more modern with a completely different body position on the machine.

Thin diameter ODI grips are a major benefit to young riders as they will enjoy a better grasp while riding which increases their control and drastically reduces fatigue. The bar pad on the handlebar protects the rider in the event of a heavy impact.

Alternative grips, levers, and handlebars are available as Technical Accessories and allow riders to further refine the ergonomics of the TC 65.


Floating brake calipers from Formula, with a 198 mm wave disc up front and 180 mm wave disc at the rear provide exceptional brake feel and consistent pad wear for confident braking in all riding conditions. The brake assembly introduced for 2023 reduces wear and ensures maximum reliability and durability. A new forged rear brake lever improves controllability.

  • Brake calipers, clutch, and brake assemblies from Formula → superior stopping power and improved reliability
  • New forged rear brake lever → improved controllability and quality


Wheels and tires

Mirroring the full-size motocross range, the TC 65 uses lightweight, black anodized, aluminum rims. Together with the redesigned front and rear hubs, a high level of strength and reliability is assured. MAXXIS MX-ST tires deliver outstanding performance on a variety of terrain with the pattern and rubber compound combining to offer exceptional straight-line stability and excellent traction.

  • New MAXXIS MAXXCROSS MX-ST tires – exceptional straight-line stability and excellent traction
  • Lightweight, black anodized, aluminum rims with redesigned hubs (front/rear) à higher level of strength and reliability


Featuring state-of-the-art technology, the TC 65 uses a liquid cooling system to cool the cylinder as well as the crank cases.

The new Pankl radiators are inspired by the full-size TC models, replicating the same design but reduced in size to fit the TC 65. The radiator protector is mounted directly onto the frame and the radiators are mounted onto the frame protectors.

The highlight of the new cooling concept, with the two all-new radiators, is the serial tubing. This way of connecting the two radiators has the significant benefit of raising the efficiency of the complete system. The “Y-fittings used in the past are not in place any longer.

Air box and filter

The new airbox concept features a conventional suction sleeve, connecting the airbox with the carburetor. The base material of the air box itself is polyamide and not rubber as found on the previous generation.

The system supports the height adjustment possibilities of the chassis as the suction sleeve can be fitted in different positions.

The air filter mounting system now features snap locks for easy and intuitive mounting. The filter itself is provided by Twin Air and has a much bigger surface area, allowing more air into the intake which boosts power. It also features “Poka-Yoke” design for failproof mounting.

The air filter is placed under the seat and is accessible without using tools by removing the seat (quick release on seat).


The fuel tank capacity remains largely unchanged despite it being redesigned to work together with the new frame and bodywork, and features the same cap as the full-size models.

Hour meter

The hour meter now is mounted in the same position as found on the full-size models behind front number plate for easier reading and a lower risk of dirt and/or water intrusion.


The all-new bodywork of the TC 65 is the perfect example of Husqvarna Motorcycles’ commitment to minicycles. A carefully balanced, scaled down design of our full-size TC bodywork finds its way onto the TC 65. This not only gives the bike the ultimate look, but it also gives young riders the ultimate feel.

The front number plate features an integrated lower triple clamp protector to prevent damage from roost. The tank spoiler features a bicomponent technology, featuring the Husqvarna specific texture on the upper part. Side number plates are kept as close as possible to the frame and subframe concept for unrestrictive ergonomics.

The general seat line is slightly flatter compared to the old generation and the bodywork is slimmer. The side panels now work much better with young riders’ boots which allows them to grip the machine tighter with their legs when riding stood up. This inspires confidence and allows youngsters to ride with their full focus on the track ahead.

The bodywork including the seat can be raised to a higher position for taller children who outgrow the standard configuration.

Husqvarna Motorcycles side covers/number plates (2in1), smaller plastic part can be removed as on full size models.


Modelled after the full-size motocross bikes, the TC 65 features striking, Swedish-inspired grey and yellow livery. Additionally, the graphics are applied using an in-mold process to ensure the best durability and quality.

Rounded off is this neat looking beauty with many parts featuring as specific Husqvarna brand texture for the ultimate look and grip. (e.g., seat cover and tank spoiler with same texture as on full-size models).


Featuring the latest in 2-stroke technology, the TC 65 is highly competitive in its class and ahead of its competition.

Besides using the lightest and most durable materials, the engine features a pressure-controlled exhaust valve which contributes to delivering top level performance. Additionally, the engine features a manual 6-speed transmission and a hydraulic clutch which allows the rider to have full control of the power delivery.

The new mounting concept of the crankshaft is simplified and much easier in the rare case the engine will need to be opened.

Crankcases & Engine covers

The crankcases have been designed to house the internal components of the engine in the perfect position to achieve the ideal center of gravity at the lowest possible weight. The cases are manufactured using a high-pressure die cast production process, which results in a thin wall thickness while retaining exceptional strength and reliability.

Draining noses for liquids and added service markers on the engine (▲) clearly show where to use washers, making maintenance and servicing easier than in the past. Also, Nm markings clearly show how tight to tighten the corresponding bolts to avoid overtightening. Many of the bolts for the engine cases are the same length for faster assembly.

For the first time, the crankcase is machined in the crankshaft area which leads to a tighter tolerance between the crankcase and crankshaft.

Husqvarna Motorcycles specific clutch covers:

  • Husqvarna brand logo and brand specific finish in a Beige Gray powder coating

The clutch cover is also much stronger to withstand the forces transferred from the clutch slave cylinder in a better way. An oil level check screw has been integrated onto the clutch cover as well for ease of use.

The also new black ignition cover comes with an optimized labyrinth sealing concept against water ingress.


The high-performance cylinder is made from lightweight and durable aluminum and incorporates a Pressure-Controlled Exhaust Valve (PCEV) which provides unrivalled performance. A new supplier has been chosen for this part and the cylinder head will stay the same.


A new digital ignition finds its way onto the TC 65 for 2024.

The new CDI box from Hidria brings more processing power, a new ignition curve, and the potential to work in future with a so-called double spark ignition.

Spark Plugs

The TC 65 features a new spark plug from BRISK which is easier to remove and re-install during routine maintenance. Each machine also includes a spare spark plug. BRISK will be the new supplier for all Mini spark plugs. The part number is printed on the spark plugs for easy reading, even when the spark plug connector is mounted on.


The well-known and proven Mikuni type TM 24 carburetor is unchanged when compared to the previous generation. Inside, an updated setting was needed to make the new engine, exhaust, and air intake concept work in perfect harmony and to deliver the best performance.

Alternative jets in the by-pack are no longer needed for the TC 65 to run the way it should.



A completely new exhaust system, manufacturing using the same process as the full-size motocross machines improves the quality and performance. Thanks to the removal of welding seams on the inside of the exhaust pipe the flow is optimized which results in massive improvements when it comes to thermodynamics and ultimately, performance.

The silencer has been updated and now comes with a black anodized finish. On top of this visual change, a performance improvement comes from a much better sealing of the silencer end cap.

A new rubber connector between the header pipe and silencer improves sealing to maintain performance.


The reliable and light hydraulic clutch system guarantees even wear, near maintenance-free operation, and perfect action in every condition. This means that free play is constantly compensated so that the pressure point and function of the clutch remains identical in cold or hot conditions, as well as over time.

A new clutch basket made from steel allows a better disengagement of the clutch over its life span. The old aluminum clutch basket wore out much faster which led to inconsistent performance.

The old clutch system also tended to be quite rough and sometimes hard to use. Thanks to the new Diaphragm Spring clutch (DS) this will be a matter of the past. The system, originally introduced on the full-size TC line up, allows for much better controllability, even after many hours of riding. The springs compensate for worn out clutch plates and keep the performance of the system on the same level for a much longer time.

The new Diaphragm Spring clutch (DS) together with the modern clutch plates supplied by Miba offer a much improved and more durable package.

Cooling circuit

The cooling circuit has been significantly optimized. The water pump features a new diecast cover and an updated impeller taken from the full-size models. Both parts are carefully designed to work perfectly with the updated cylinder and new radiators. All the seals offer the tightest tolerances possible for maximum efficiency.


The complete transmission has undergone a careful investigation with intense calculations.

The general durability and quality of the transmission has been significantly improved while keeping the same performance and feel. This was achieved by using new materials together with an adapted production process.



Shift lever

The new forged shift lever offers an improved shifting and features a full-size inspired design. The tip is foldable and designed to prevent mud from building up.

Sprocket (front)

The front sprocket is now installed using a bolt like on the full-size models. The old lock ring is no longer required and the new solution is much more durable.

The new sprocket cover features an opening to access the shift lever mounting bolt for easier adjustment of the shift lever. Also, access to the oil drain plug has been considered in the design of the cover.


A new, more ergonomic kickstart leads to easier starting for all riders.






2024 Husqvarna TC65 – Totalmotorcycle.com Specifications/Technical Details
US MSRP Price: $ See Dealer for Pricing in USD
Canada MSRP Price: $ See Dealer for Pricing in CDN
Europe/UK MSRP Price: £ See Dealer for Pricing in GBP (On The Road inc 20% Vat)

Engine type Single cylinder, 2-stroke
Displacement 64.9cc
Bore/stroke 45/40.8 mm
Starter Kickstarter
Carburetor Mikuni VM 24
Control Slide valve, exhaust gas pressure dependent
Lubrication Mixture lubrication 1:60
Transmission oil Motorex Topspeed 4T 15W50
Transmission 6 gears
Gear ratios 13:37  16:34  18:31  21:30  23:28  24:26
Primary ratio 23:75
Final drive 14:48
Cooling Liquid cooling
Clutch Wet multi-disc clutch, Formula hydraulics
Ignition HIDRIA digital
Frame Central double-cradle-type frame
Subframe Steel / Polyamide glass fiber
Handlebar  Tapered aluminum Ø 28/22/18 mm
Front suspension XACT 35 WP Upside-Down fork, Ø 35 mm
Rear suspension XACT WP monoshock
Suspension travel front/rear 215/253.5 mm
Front brake Disc brake Ø 198 mm
Rear brake Disc brake Ø 180 mm
Front/rear rims 1.60 x 14″; 1.60 x 12″ Alu
Front/rear tires 60/100 x 14″; 80/100 x 12″
Chain 420, Non-sealed
Silencer Aluminum
Steering head angle 25.5°
Triple clamp offset 22 mm
Wheel base 1,142 mm ± 10 mm / 44.9 ± 0.4 in
Ground clearance 259 mm / 10.1 in
Seat height 721.5 mm / 28.4 in
Tank capacity 3.5 l / 0.9 gal
Weight, without fuel 53.5 kg / 117.9 lb





Manufacturer Specifications and appearance are subject to change without prior notice on Total Motorcycle (TMW).

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