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2024 Kawasaki Z500 ABS
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Introducing the 2024 Kawasaki Z500 ABS…

All eyes are on you when riding the all-new Z500 ABS supernaked. With distinctive bodywork and a powerful 451cc engine, this aggressively styled streetfighter is for those who are not afraid to be seen.

Kawasaki’s all-new Z500 ABS and Z500 SE ABS motorcycles not only capture attention with their head-turning styling but deliver an exhilarating riding experience. With a focus on blending style and substance, these lightweight Z model redefine the thrill of the open road. Whether navigating city streets or enjoying a leisurely ride, the Z500 ABS and Z500 SE ABS promise a harmonious fusion of striking design and rider-friendly features, making them a standout choice for those seeking both visual appeal and dynamic performance in a motorcycle.

The new Z500 ABS motorcycle is a real eye-catcher with its updated Sugomi-inspired Z motorcycle styling, while its larger displacement engine pumps out power and torque for increased riding excitement whether cruising the open road or navigating the urban landscape.

Introducing the all-new Kawasaki Z500 ABS motorcycle, a dynamic addition to the Z series developed in parallel with the Ninja 500 motorcycle. Boasting super stylish Z aesthetics that demand attention, this lightweight marvel seamlessly incorporates practical features for day-to-day riding enjoyment.

The bodywork of the Z500 ABS draws inspiration from Kawasaki’s renowned Sugomi styling, evident in the aggressive looks that contrast with its highly accommodating and rider-friendly nature. Riders will revel in the attention the Z500 ABS commands on the streets, and upon swinging a leg over the bike, they’ll discover its impressive performance attributes, including an updated engine, a lightweight trellis chassis, and practical features such as a new seat shape for a relaxed riding position, new LED triple headlight design, new high-contrast full LCD instrument panel, and smartphone connectivity.



2024 Kawasaki Z500 ABS Totalmotorcycle.com Key Features

  • NEW powerful & rider-friendly 451cc parallel-twin engine
  • NEW intense supernaked “Z” design w/ new LED triple headlight design
  • NEW high-contrast full LCD instrumentation with smartphone connectivity
  • NEW seat shape for a more relaxed, sporty riding position
  • Assist & Slipper clutch
  • Superb ride comfort and wind protection
  • Confidence-inspiring reach to the ground
  • Lightweight trellis frame
  • Large diameter 310mm front brake disc w/ Anti-lock Brake System (ABS)


Assist & Slipper Clutch
Lightweight trellis frame
Uni-Trak rear suspension
Available with Anti-lock Brake System (ABS)




2024 Kawasaki Z500 ABS Totalmotorcycle.com Features and Benefits

The newly unveiled Kawasaki Z500 ABS motorcycle presents a superior engine, surpassing its smaller counterpart, the Z400 motorcycle, in performance and accelerative capabilities. With an additional 52cc displacement, the Z500 ABS achieves heightened power throughout the entire rev range, ensuring a versatile and confidence-inspiring riding experience for all riders. The engine, boasting a 451cc displacement through a bore and stroke of 70.0mm x 58.6mm, not only delivers ample power within a lightweight package but also contributes to the bike’s narrow profile. This design consideration not only facilitates easy handling but also ensures a comfortable reach to the ground for the rider’s feet.

The engine of the Z500 ABS incorporates a downdraft intake system, providing a direct and efficient path for intake air, resulting in robust cylinder filling and increased power, especially at high RPMs. A spacious 5.8-liter airbox, meticulously designed for maximum clearance for intake funnels, enhances intake efficiency while maintaining a rigid top to eliminate unwanted noise. Various improvements, such as different heights for left and right intake funnels and strategically positioned injectors, contribute to the engine’s smooth response and increased combustion efficiency.

The engine’s lightweight design elements, from ignition coils to spark plugs and a sleeveless aluminum die-cast cylinder, collectively reduce engine weight, ensuring a quick response and direct feel during acceleration. Building on the engine design of the Z400, the Z500 ABS motorcycle incorporates a 6.8mm longer stroke for increased power and a quicker feeling of acceleration. A new crankshaft, connecting rods, and pistons are introduced to suit the larger displacement, while the optimized compression ratio enhances overall engine efficiency. The top ring land of the aluminum pistons now features a hard alumite treatment, contributing to higher combustion pressure and further elevating the engine’s performance.

Innovative features include a newly designed balancer shaft optimized for the larger displacement, a thick-diameter end pipe in the exhaust system for high-RPM performance, and a rider-friendly Assist & Slipper clutch. This clutch offers a light feel at the lever, a wide engagement range, and two-cam functionality for optimal control and reduced back torque during excessive engine braking. The radiator fan cover utilizes Kawasaki technology to direct hot air away from the rider, minimizing discomfort during idle moments. With these advancements, the Z500 ABS stands out as a harmonious blend of power, responsiveness, and rider comfort, reaffirming its status as a standout motorcycle in the Z series.

The Z500 ABS boasts a lightweight trellis frame designed meticulously to reduce weight while ensuring the expected rigidity and durability associated with Kawasaki frames. This frame not only contributes to the bike’s light overall weight but also forms a slim package, providing precise maneuverability. The thoughtful design considerations extend to the chassis, featuring a supersport-style short-wheelbase/long-swingarm configuration that, along with an optimized trail, delivers a natural and light handling experience.

The chassis further emphasizes its commitment to performance with a short wheelbase of 54.1 inches, facilitating light and easy steering. The optimized swingarm pivot position adds a supersport-derived handling character to the bike, enhancing overall stability. The innovative use of the engine as a stressed member, employing rigid mounts and minimized mounting brackets, contributes to ideal rigidity for enhanced stability during rides. The aluminum diecast swingarm mounting plate that is bolted to the back of the engine allows the swingarm to be directly mounted to the engine, further enhancing stability. This design choice eliminates the need for cross members, contributing to the frame’s light weight. The square-tube-formed swingarm eliminates unnecessary gusseting, adding to the overall low weight. Combined with the lightweight engine, the Z500 ABS achieves a curb mass of only 368.1 lbs, promoting easy handling and facilitating smooth maneuvers both on and off the bike.

The Z500 ABS motorcycle features a robust 41mm telescopic fork in the front, delivering exceptional suspension performance. This design not only imparts a planted feel to the front wheel but also ensures easy direction changes, even when the bike is upright, making it particularly convenient for navigating through traffic. The suspension system as a whole provides a plush riding experience akin to that of larger displacement bikes. The rigid front forks eliminate the need for a fender brace, contributing to weight savings, and the choice of a conventional telescopic fork aids in minimizing weight gain.

In the rear, the Z500 ABS is equipped with a Uni-Trak suspension featuring 5-way preload adjustability. This allows riders to customize the stiffness and ride height to suit their body weight or accommodate a passenger. The shock is easily adjustable using the on-board tool kit, providing a convenient solution for riders who prefer personalized suspension settings. Both front and rear suspension configurations are optimized to complement the new displacement and weight of the Z500 ABS, ensuring optimal performance and responsiveness, especially in managing pitching under braking and acceleration.

The Z500 ABS is equipped with a powerful braking system that enhances rider feel and responsiveness. The front braking system features a large 310mm semi-floating disc, efficiently gripped by a balanced actuation dual-piston caliper. A newly designed, rigid front brake master cylinder contributes to improved controllability by eliminating ineffective idle stroke. In the rear, a substantial 220mm disc is managed by a dual-piston caliper with large 27mm pistons. The careful selection of dimensions and materials for both front and rear brake hoses ensure excellent brake feel, providing riders with confidence in various riding situations.

Adding an extra layer of reassurance, the Z500 ABS motorcycle comes standard with an Anti-lock Brake System (ABS). This feature prevents wheel lock-up during braking, particularly in challenging or low-traction conditions. The Z500 ABS also boasts stylish star-pattern 5-spoke wheels reminiscent of the Z650 motorcycle, not only contributing to the bike’s lightweight design but also optimizing lateral rigidity for improved handling and cornering stability. The radial tires on the Z500 ABS offer a combination of light weight and excellent grip and contribute to both agile handling and riding comfort. Additionally, the 150mm rear tire enhances the bike’s imposing rear-end aesthetics.

The Z500 ABS prioritizes rider comfort and control with its thoughtfully designed ergonomics. The relaxed rider triangle is versatile, catering to a wide range of rider sizes and riding scenarios, embodying the rider-friendly nature of the motorcycle. The relatively upright riding position and wide handlebar placement position the rider optimally for a dynamic and sporty riding experience. The wide handlebar not only enables a dynamic rider to feel but also enhances maneuverability, facilitating easy handling during low-speed maneuvers.

The fuel tank of the Z500 ABS is intelligently designed to be slim between the rider’s legs, promoting excellent contact with the bike. With a 3.7-gallon fuel capacity, the tank contributes to weight reduction while ensuring a sufficient cruising range for both daily commuting and touring adventures. The black inner cover between the fuel tank and shroud adds a stylish color design element, enhancing the visual appeal of the bodywork floating over the machine. The seat cushioning, crafted from low-rebound urethane, provides superb ride comfort, especially in the front portion with ample padding. With a comfortable 30.9-inch seat height, riders can confidently reach the ground, while sporty aluminum footpegs contribute to direct feel and good controllability during sport riding, ensuring a comfortable riding position.

The Z500 ABS motorcycle commands attention with its unmistakable supernaked style and street presence. The machine’s all-new front-end design revolves around a striking triple LED headlight configuration, showcasing intense and high-class styling. Embracing Sugomi design elements characteristic of the Z Series, such as a crouching stance, low-positioned head, and upswept tail, the Z500 ABS boasts a silhouette that is instantly recognizable as a Kawasaki Supernaked. The impeccable fit and finish, coupled with an overall high-quality design, offer owners a source of pride.

The front of the Z500 ABS features a distinctive triple LED headlight design, with the two upper headlights serving as low beams and the single lower headlight as the high beam. The intentional focus on the two low-beam headlights enhances both the visual appeal and lighting performance. The design philosophy allows the bodywork to float above the engine, highlighting the functional beauty of the engine, elegantly curved exhaust header pipes, and trellis frame. The incorporation of painted parts and surfaces enhances the dynamic and high-quality aesthetic of the motorcycle.

The newly designed mirror stays with a truss structure not only accentuate the machine’s intense style but also effectively controls vibration for clearer rearward viewing. The compact fuel tank, forward-slanted design, and sculpted details contribute to its dynamic and high-class appearance, making it a standout in the supernaked category. The inclusion of a shorter front fender, compact shrouds, side covers, and a sharp, upswept tail cowl further reinforce the distinct and aggressive image of the Z500 ABS, culminating in an all-new LED taillight design that adds a modern touch to the rear aesthetics.

The Z500 ABS motorcycle boasts a high-grade cockpit featuring an all-new high-contrast full LCD instrument panel. This sophisticated instrument design showcases a well-thought-out display, incorporating a bar-style tachometer that extends over the speedometer and other pertinent data. The comprehensive set of display functions includes an odometer, gear position indicator, fuel gauge, dual trip meters, remaining range, current and average fuel consumption, coolant temperature, clock, connected device notifications (Bluetooth, mail, telephone), service indicator, and an economical riding indicator.

One standout feature of the instrument panel of the Z500 ABS is the economical riding indicator, a valuable tool for riders seeking optimal fuel efficiency. This indicator, constantly active, appears on the LCD screen to highlight favorable fuel consumption conditions. Riders can use this information to make informed decisions and enhance their fuel efficiency. The legibility of the display is further augmented by the use of original Kawasaki fonts, ensuring riders can easily access and interpret crucial information while on the move.

Harnessing the power of Bluetooth technology, the Z500 ABS offers riders seamless wireless connectivity to their motorcycle. Leveraging the dedicated smartphone application RIDEOLOGY THE APP*, this innovative feature unlocks a myriad of functions, enhancing the overall motorcycle experience. Whether it’s monitoring performance metrics, receiving notifications or customizing settings, Bluetooth connectivity allows riders to stay connected to their bike in a modern and intuitive way.

Functions include:
• Vehicle info: battery voltage can be viewed via the smartphone
• Riding log: GPS route information as well as vehicle running information can be logged and viewed via the smartphone
• Telephone notices: when a call or mail is received by the smartphone, this is indicated on the instrument display
• Communication sharing: rider profile, location and riding logs can be shared with other RIDOLOGY THE APP users, allowing riders to interact with other like-minded riders
• Maintenance log: maintenance history like refuelling, lubrication, oil changes, consumable parts replacement, and periodic inspections can be managed





2024 Kawasaki Z500 ABS – Totalmotorcycle.com USA Specifications/Technical Details
US MSRP Price: $5,599 USD
Canada MSRP Price: $6,999 CDN
Europe/UK MSRP Price: £ See Dealer GBP (On The Road inc 20% Vat)

Engine Type 4-Stroke, Liquid-Cooled, DOHC, 4 Valve Cylinder Head, Parallel Twin
Displacement 451cc
Bore & Stroke 70.0 x 51.6 mm
Maximum Torque 31.7 lb-ft @ 7,500 rpm
Compression Ratio 11.3:1
Fuel System DFI w/ 32 mm Throttle Bodies (2)
Ignition TCBI with Digital Advance
Transmission 6-Speed with Positive Neutral Finder
Final Drive Sealed Chain
Rake/Trail 24.5° / 3.6 in.
Front Wheel Travel 4.7 in.
Rear Wheel Travel 5.1 in.
Front Tire Size 110/70-17
Rear Tire Size 150/60-17
Wheelbase 54.1 in.
Front Suspension 41mm Hydraulic Telescopic Fork
Rear Suspension Bottom Link Uni-Trak Gas-charged Shock with Adjustable Preload
Front Brake Type Single 310mm Petal Disc with 2-Piston Balanced Actuation Caliper
Rear Brake Type Single 220mm Petal Disc with 2-Piston Caliper
Fuel Tank Capacity 3.7 gal.
Seat Height 30.9 in.
Curb Weight 366.09 (ABS)/370.4 (SE ABS) lb.
Warranty 12 Month Limited
Kawasaki Protection Plus 12, 24, 36 or 48 months
(Specifications subject to change without notice.)
Includes all necessary materials and fluids to operate correctly, full tank of fuel (more than 90% of capacity) and tool kit (if supplied).
When equipped, 50-state models with evaporative emissions equipment adds approximately 2.2 pounds.
(KP) = See Kaw-Pedia section for more details.
* = Changes from previous model year.
** = Also available as a 50-state model with the last character ending in “L




2024 Kawasaki Z500 ABS – Totalmotorcycle.com  Canadian Specifications/Technical Details

Engine 451cc, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC 8-valve parallel twin
Bore x Stroke 70.0 x 58.6 mm
Compression Ratio 11.3:1
Fuel System Fuel injection: ø32 mm x 2
Ignition Digital
Starting Electric
Lubrication Forced lubrication, wet sump
Transmission 6-speed, return
Clutch Wet multi-disc, manual
Final Drive Chain

Frame Trellis, high-tensile steel
Front Suspension / Wheel Travel ø41 mm telescopic fork / 120 mm (4.7 in)
Rear Suspension / Wheel Travel Bottom-link Uni Trak, gas-charged shock with adjustable spring preload / 130 mm (5.1 in)
Rake / Trail 24.3° / 92 mm
Steering Angle (L/R) 35° / 35°
Front Tire 110/70R17M/C 54H
Rear Tire 150/60R17M/C 66H
Front Brakes Semi-floating ø310 mm disc with balanced actuation dual-piston caliper
Rear Brake ø220 mm disc with dual-piston caliper

Dimensions (L x W x H) 1,995 x 800 x 1,055 mm (78.5 x 31.5 x 41.5 in)
Wheelbase 1,375 mm (54.1 in)
Road Clearance 145 mm (5.7 in)
Seat Height 785 mm (30.9 in)
Curb Mass** 166 kg (366 lb)
Fuel Capacity 14 litres
Instrumentation High-contrast full LCD instrumentation with odometer, bar-style tachometer, gear position indicator, fuel gauge, dual trip meters, remaining range, current and average fuel consumption, coolant temperature, clock, connected device notifications (Bluetooth, mail, telephone), service indicator, and Economical Riding Indicator
Warranty 12 months
Kawasaki Protection Plus 12 / 24 / 36 / 48 months




2024 Kawasaki Z500 ABS – Totalmotorcycle.com European Specifications/Technical Details


Engine type

Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke Parallel Twin


451 cm³

Bore x stroke

70 x 58.6 mm

Compression ratio


Valve system

DOHC, 8 valves

Fuel system

Fuel injection: Ø 32 mm x 2

Starting System



Forced lubrication, wet sump


Performance & Transmission

Maximum power

33.4 kW {45.4 PS} / 9,000 rpm

CO2 emission

89 g/km

Maximum torque

42.6 N•m {4.3 kgf•m} /



Final drive

Sealed chain

Primary Reduction Ratio

2.029 (69/34)

Gear Ratios 1st

2.929 (41/14)

Gear Ratios 2nd

2.056 (37/18)

Gear Ratios 3rd

1.619 (34/21)

Gear Ratios 4th

1.333 (32/24)

Gear Ratios 5th

1.154 (30/26)

Gear Ratios 6th

1.037 (28/27)

Final reduction ratio

3.071 (43/14)


Wet multi-disc


Brakes & Suspension

Brakes, front

Single semi-floating 310 mm single disc. Caliper: balanced actuation dual-piston.

Brakes, rear

Single 220 mm disc, Caliper: dual piston.

Suspension, front

ø41 mm telescopic fork

Suspension, rear

Bottom-Link Uni-Trak, gas-charged shock with adjustable preload


Frame & Dimensions

Frame type

Trellis, high-tensile steel


92 mm

Wheel travel front

120 mm

Wheel travel rear

130 mm

Tyre, front

110/70R17M/C 54H

Tyre, rear

150/60R17M/C 66H

L x W x H

1,995 x 800 x 1,055 mm


1,375 mm

Ground clearance

145 mm

Fuel capacity

14 litres

Seat height

785 mm

Curb mass






Manufacturer Specifications and appearance are subject to change without prior notice on Total Motorcycle (TMW).

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