1986 Yamaha XJ750X Maxim

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– 1986 Yamaha XJ750X Maxim


Model Yamaha XJ750X Maxim 1986
Motorcycle Style: Standard


Engine Type:4-cylinder In-line, 4-stroke
Cylinder Inclination:Forward 14°
Engine Cooling:Liquid
Displacement XJ750X:749 cm³ (45.7 cu. in.)
Compression XJ750X:11:1
Bore x Stroke XJ750X:68.0 x 51.6 mm (2.6772 x 2.0315 in)
Combustion Chamber Volume:17.09 cm³ (1.04 cu. in.)
Cam Arrangement:DOHC
Valves – Total:20 total – 5 per cylinder
Valves – Intakes:(3) 21 mm per cylinder
Valves – Exhausts:(2) 23 mm per cylinder
Spark Plug Type 1986:
 NGK D8EA or Nippon Denso X24ES-U
NGK DR8ES-L or Nippon Denso X24ESR-U
Lubrication System:0.6 – 0.7 mm (0.024 – 0.028 in)
(4) Standard side-draft 33 mm Mikuni CV
Wet Sump
Maximum Horsepower XJ750X
67.1 kW (90 hp) @ 9000 rpm (Cycle Canada – Sep ’85)
Maximum Horsepower XJ700X64.1 kW (86 hp) @ 9500 rpm (TotalMotorcycle.com)
55.9 kW (75.01 bhp) @ 10000 rpm
Maximum Torque XJ750X7.40 kg·m (53.5 ft·lb) @ 8000 rpm (Cycle Canada – Sep ’85)
Maximum Torque XJ700X6.90 kg·m (49.9 ft·lb) @ 8000 rpm (TotalMotorcycle.com)
Power/Weight Ratio XJ750X0.379 hp/kg
Power/Weight Ratio XJ700X0.363 hp/kg
Quarter Mile XJ750X11.66 sec at 186.87 km/h (116.15 mph) (Cycle Canada – Sep ’85)
Quarter Mile XJ700X11.79 sec at 181.57 km/h (112.82 mph) (Cycle – Apr ’85)
11.779 sec at 182.87 km/h (113.63 mph) (Cycle Guide – May ’85)
Acceleration 0-60mph XJ750Xless than 3.20 seconds (still looking)
Acceleration 0-60mph XJ700X3.20 seconds (Cycle-Apr ’85)
Redline:10000 rpm
Gas Mileage – Owner Min.:38.2 mpg (Imp) • 31.8 mpg (US) • 13.5 km/L • 7.4 L/100 km
Gas Mileage – Owner Avg.:49.4 mpg (Imp) • 41.2 mpg (US) • 17.5 km/L • 5.7 L/100 km
Gas Mileage – Owner Max.:66.2 mpg (Imp) • 55.1 mpg (US) • 23.5 km/L • 4.3 L/100 km
Dist. to Reserve – Owner Avg.:145 km (90 miles)
Dist. per Tank – Owner Max.:210 km (130 miles)


Fuel Type:Regular Gasoline
Fuel Type – Owner Preferred:Regular Unleaded 89 – 91 octane without Ethanol
Fuel Capacity – Total:13 L (2.86 Imp. gal., 3.43 US gal.)
Reserve Capacity (of Ttl):3 L (0.66 Imp. gal., 0.79 US gal.)
Oil Type:SAE 10W30 (API type SE) or 20W40 (API type SE)
Oil Type – Owner Preferred:10W40 Fully Synthetic w/20% Lucas Oil Stabilizer
Oil Filter – Original:Yamaha 1L9-13441-11 w/O-ring: 602411(93210-87723)
Oil Filter – Owner Replacement:FRAM CH6003 (supplied w/O-rings)
Oil Filter – Alternate Replacements:K&N KN-144 or WIX 24934 or AMSOIL SMF105
Periodic Oil Change (no filter):2.5 L (2.20 Imp. qt., 2.6 US qt.)
Oil Capacity (with new filter):2.8 L (2.46 Imp. qt., 3.0 US qt.)
Total Oil Capacity:3.5 L (3.08 Imp. qt., 3.7 US qt.)
Radiator Capacity (w/all routes):2.4 L (2.11 Imp. qt., 2.5 US qt.)
Stock Air Filter:Yamaha Part# 1AA-14451-00-00
High Flow Air Filters:K&N YA-7080 or UNI Foam NU-2283
Final Gear Oil Type:SAE 80API “GL-4” Hypoid Gear Oil
Final Gear Oil Capacity:0.2 L (0.176 Imp. qt., 0.21 US qt.)
Fork Oil Type:10Wt Fork Oil
Fork Oil Capacity:389cm³ (13.7 Imp. oz., 13.2 US oz.) per stanchion
Tire Pressue (Front):177kPa  /  1.8kg/cm²  /  26psi  [ load below 90kg (198lb) ]
196kPa  /  2.0kg/cm²  /  28psi  [ load 90-238kg (198-525lb) ]
206kPa  /  2.1kg/cm²  /  30psi  [ High Speed Travel ]
Tire Pressue (Rear):196kPa  /  2.0kg/cm²  /  28psi  [ load below 90kg (198lb) ]
275kPa  /  2.8kg/cm²  /  40psi  [ load 90-238kg (198-525lb) ]
226kPa  /  2.3kg/cm²  /  32psi  [ High Speed Travel ]


Transmission Type:Constant mesh 5-speed
Clutch Type:Wet/multi-disc
Transmission Operation:Left foot shift left [1D-4U]
Primary Reduction System:Spur Gear
Primary Reduction Ratio:97/58 (1.672)
Secondary Reduction System:Shaft Drive
Secondary Reduction Ratio:49/36 x 19/18 x 32/11 (4.179)
Gear Ratio – 1st:35/16 (2.187)
Gear Ratio – 2nd:30/20 (1.500)
Gear Ratio – 3rd:30/26 (1.153)
Gear Ratio – 4th:28/30 (0.933)
Gear Ratio – 5th:26/32 (0.812)
Chasis / Forks / Suspension
Frame Type:Double Cradle
Caster Angle (aka Rake):31.5°
Trail:120 mm (4.7 in)
Suspension Type – Front:Telescopic fork
Shock Absorbers – Front:Air, coil spring, oil damper
Forks – Size:38 mm stanchion tubes
Forks – Air Pressure:10 to 17 psi
Wheel Travel – Front:150 mm (5.9 in)
Suspension Type – Rear:Swing arm
Shock Absorbers – Rear:Coil spring, oil damper
Wheel Travel – Rear:99 mm (3.9 in)
Wheels / Tires / Brakes
Tire Size – Front:100/90-19  57H  ( 90 mm depth) [ nothing taller is appropriate ]
*** Note – Front:110/90-19 ( 99 mm depth) is commonly listed but is too tall & will rub the fender at high speeds
Tire Size – Rear:130/90-16  67H  (117 mm depth) [ nothing wider will fit, so don’t bother ]
Owner Recommended Tires:V-rated Metzeler Lasertecs
Alt. Owner Recommended Tires:V-rated Dunlop GT501s
Alt. Owner Recommended Tires:V-rated Bridgestone Battlax BT45s
Wheel Size – Front:2.15″ cast aluminum 5-spoke
Wheel Size – Rear:16″ cast aluminum hoop
Brakes – Front:Dual discs, right hand lever
Brakes – Rear:Drum, right foot lever
Ignition System:Hitachi TID14-35 TCI
Generator System:Hitachi LD119-19 AC Generator (14V, 26A at 5000rpm  –  364Watt max)
Battery Type/Capacity:Yamaha YB14L/12V  14AmpH
Battery Dimensions (LxWxH):134mm x 89mm x 167mm (5-5/16″ x 3½” x 6-9/16″)
Replacement Battery Option:YUASA YB14L-A2  12V  14AmpH (Serviceable Lead/Acid)
Owner Recommended Battery:Westco 12V14L-B  12V  14AmpH  190 CCA (Sealed AGM)
Display Indicators:Left/Right/Neutral/Oil/High Beam
Starting System:Electric Starter
Coils (stock):(2) Hitachi CM12-25, 12Volt, Dual Output, Wasted Spark
Primary   Winding   Resistance   = 2.7
 ± 10% at 20°C (68°F)
Coils (Owner Replacement):Secomdary Winding Resistance = 12k
 ± 20% at 20°C (68°F)
(2) Dynatek DC1-1, 12Volt, Dual Angled Output, Wasted Spark
Primary   Winding   Resistance   = 3.0
 ± 10% at 20°C (68°F)
Secomdary Winding Resistance = 14k
 ± 20% at 20°C (68°F)


Overall Length:2235 mm (88.0 in)
Overall Width:775 mm (30.5 in)
Overall Height:1160 mm (45.7 in)
Seat Height:760 mm (29.9 in)
Wheel Base:1520 mm (59.8 in)
Min. Ground Clearance:145 mm (5.7 in)
Min. Turning Radius:2800 mm (110.2 in)
Wheel Size – Front:MT2.15″x19″ cast aluminum 5-spoke
Wheel Size – Rear:MT3.00″x16″ cast aluminum hoop
Tire Size – Front:100/90-19  57H  ( 90 mm depth)   [Air pressure in CAPACITIES section below]
Tire Size – Rear:130/90-16  67H  (117 mm depth)  [Air pressure in CAPACITIES section below]
Wheel Travel – Front:150 mm (5.9 in)
Wheel Travel – Rear:99 mm (3.9 in)
Wet Weight: XJ750X:237.6 kg (524 lb) with oil, coolant and full tank (as per Cycle Canada – Sep ’85)
Wet Weight: XJ700X:232 kg (511 lb) with oil and full tank (as per XJ700X Owners’ Manual)
:234.7 kg (517 lb) with full tank (as per Cycle – Apr ’85)
Dry Weight:215 kg (474 lb)
Engine Dry Weight:90 kg (198 lb)

Please note: Total Motorcycle would like to thank Maxim-X  for the above specifications and for Grant J for informing us of this gap in our 1985/86 Yamaha line. We made attempts to contact the webmaster at Maxim-X but all attempts failed. We fear the information at Maxim-X maybe soon lost as their site has not been updated for a long time thus we are trying to save the above information from the internet void. If you are the webmaster for Maxim-X please contact us.


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