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2005 BMW R 1200 GS
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2005 BMW R 1200 GS

Where you’re going, there are no zip codes.

If off-road riding courses through your veins, the R 1200 GS may just make your blood boil. Boasting a 15% increase in both power output and torque, this lean (496lbs.) and mean (1200cc, 100bhp) machine features BMW’s newly updated boxer engine and a host of features that make it the ultimate answer to the call of the wild.

For those who dream of riding every curve to the edge of civilization, the R 1200 GS’s extra-stiff running gear offers superior riding safety, outstanding handling, and unprecedented accuracy on mountain switchbacks and rugged riverbed bends.

Back on paved ground the R 1200 GS rides smooth owing to an all-new six-speed gear box and newly optimized lightweight Paralever and Telelver suspension. Fuel consumption has been reduced by 8% – a definite benefit in remote parts of the world. And once again BMW has set a new standard in environmental compatibility.

With increased agility and amplified output the new R 1200 GS is BMW’s latest evolution in Enduro touring… a category it invented 25 years ago.

The new R1200GS with outstanding performance, superior comfort even on the longest tour with equally superior handling and agility for maximum riding. With 98 horsepower and 1170 cc, the R1200GS will get the rider wherever he wants to go.



High Windshield: Redesigned for improved wind and weather protection, the new windshield design features five tilt-angle positions to accommodate various sizes.

New Headlight: The front headlight assembly of the R 1200 GS is completely redesigned. The low (dipped) beam unit and the high (main) beam (with oval free-form reflector and large light-emission area)provide effective illumination while contributing to the motorcycle’s aggressive styling.

The R 1200 GS has a completely new instrument cluster using digital technology. Additionally, the now-standard Info Flat Screen displays distance, oil temperature, fuel level, gear selection and distance before required refueling. The entire cluster is powered by a photo cell and illuminates after dark.

The Paralever suspension system prevents the motorcycle from rising as a result of torque transmission from the drive shaft to the rear wheel. The rear-wheel drive and torque reaction strut have been redesigned especially for the R 1200 GS and the entire assembly is both lighter (contributing to the bikes uniquely low 496lb weight) and more rigid.

Newly designed center and side stands allow you to keep the bike stable wherever you park it.

Designed to accommodate grueling terrain requirements, the front and rear spring struts provide long suspension travel (190mm and 200mm respectively). The gas-filled front strut features 9 mechanically adjusted spring preload settings while the rear provides progressive damping directly linked to spring travel.

Lighter weight and featuring 5 double spokes each, the new wheels on the R 1200 GS make it more agile and easier to handle without restricting off-road capabilities. For heightened hard-terrain riding, optional cross-spoke wheels are available.

Next Generation Switches: Completely redesigned handle bar and switch assemblies are easier to operate and designed for greater clarity. The R 1200 GS also features ergonomically optimized clutch and brake levers and a reduced grip diameter that makes the motorcycle easier to control.

Using an ‘inner leg curve’ measurement standard, the height of the two-section dual-seat can now be measured in absolute terms (inner leg curve). This provides the rider with a more precise fit among a range of seat heights from 820mm-900mm (1,800mm to 1,900mm inner leg curve).

Continuing BMW’s tradition of offering exceptional add-ons to meet any riding need, the R 1200 GS has a large menu of available accessories including high and low rider’s seats, the BMW Motorrad Navigational System, pannier cases, an anti-theft alarm, small and large cylinder guards, hand protection, a power socket and more.

Completely redesigned, the luggage rack system provides ample surface for additional gear which can be easily secured via the integral lugs.

BMW’s travel tested EVO braking system allows for maximum deceleration with reduced lever effort and accurate control of braking power. Optional integral ABS, which can be switched-off for off-road riding, is also available. Like the suspension components and engine, the braking system has been weight optimized.

With 15% more power and torque but 10% less weight, the new boxer engine has an increased maximum engine speed but with minimized vibration. The new balance shaft also gives the R 1200 GS and optimally smooth ride.

Combining a conventional telescoping front fork with a leading link, the Telelever system divides and optimally handles wheel location and suspension tasks. This newly designed light-weight version is partially responsible for the 66lb overall weight reduction compared to the previous R-series enduro model.



Type Air-cooled/oil-cooled flat twin four-stroke
Bore x stroke 101.0 mm x 73.0 mm
Displacement 1170 cc
Horsepower 100 bhp @ 7,000 rpm
Torque 85 lb-ft @ 5,500 rpm
Compression ratio 11.0:1
Valve gear DOHC
Valves 2 x 36 mm intake / 2 x 31 mm exhaust
Valves / cylinder Four
Engine oil capacity 4.0 quarts
Management BMS-K
Fuel requirements Premium unleaded
Fuel capacity 5.2 U.S. gallons
Charging system 600 Watts @ 12 Volts
Battery 12 Volts 14 Amps/hour
Cooling system Air and thermostatically controlled oil cooling

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