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2005 Kawasaski Z1000
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2005 Kawasaki Z1000
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2005 Kawasaki Z1000
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– 2005 Kawasaki Z1000

To publicly suggest that one “ride naked” may seem a little risqué at first – until the listener sees the Kawasaki Z1000 motorcycle. With its emphasis on power, backroad agility and obvious lack of sportbike “clothing,” even the most polite riders just have to look.
The Z1000 backs this aggressive, super naked style with an in-line-four, DOHC 16-valve engine, which produces tractable power for hard acceleration in any rpm range. The lightweight, all-aluminum cylinder block, with chrome composite plated lining for wear resistance and superior heat dispersion are features borrowed from the Kawasaki NINJA® sportbike line.

Digital fuel injection utilizing 38mm throttle bodies and sub-throttle valves promote smooth, responsive engine operation with less fuel consumption. The high-speed 32-bit digital ignition provides precise engine management and enhances the fuel injection system.

Keeping the entire engine cool is a large-area radiator with an electric fan that maintains operating temperatures at the optimum level. Simultaneously, a liquid-cooled oil cooler helps keep the six-speed transmission operating at maximum performance. Part of the Z1000’s allure lies in the four stainless steel mufflers that are heat-treated to an attractive golden color. Enhancing its appeal is the KLEEN® (Kawasaki Low Exhaust Emissions) catalyzer system that helps keep exhaust emissions that flow through the quad mufflers environmentally friendly. In select markets, an additional honeycomb catalyzer system reduces emissions even further.

The Z1000’s engine is mounted in a rigid, yet lightweight diamond frame with thin-walled tubes, which contributes to responsive handling performance. The engine itself is mounted as a stressed member of the frame, adding an unflappable feel to the chassis. Plus, a detachable right front-top engine mount eases maintenance.

At the front of the frame, an inverted fork with 41mm tubes deliver exceptional stability and steering performance. To meet the requirements of different riding conditions, the fork is preload and rebound adjustable. In addition, the fork offset is designed to improve handling and provide a fluid ride.

On the rear, an extruded-aluminum swingarm features a hexagonal structure with ribbing for reduced weight and exceptional rigidity. Attached to the swingarm is Kawasaki’s bottom link UNI-TRAK® system that produces progressive force to the nitrogen gas-charged shock as the suspension is compressed. The shock is equipped with a piggyback reservoir and a rebound damping adjustment.

Contributing to the Z1000’s superb handling characteristics are 17-inch rims and radial tires. The tires offer excellent traction, while the rims look great with a polished finish that contrasts nicely with painted hubs and spokes. Front brakes are dual semi-floating 300mm discs gripped by lightweight four-piston calipers, while the rear brake caliper holder is also designed for low weight and mounts directly to the swingarm.

The seat cowl with LED taillight, swingarm-mounted inner fender and front fender are all designed to give the Z1000 an aggressive, sporty image. The galvanized steel fuel tank is slender and helps create a seating position that is comfortable while allowing the rider to mold to the machine naturally. The bikini cowl with dual, multi-reflector headlights helps to accentuate the bike’s provocative lines.

The bikini-type cowl covers and protects a lightweight, compact instrument cluster featuring a bar-type LCD tachometer and digital LCD speedometer. In addition to a digital temperature gauge, clock, tripmeter and fuel gauge is a comprehensive range of indicator lamps.

Features and Benefits

953cc, DOHC, 16-valve, In-line, Four-cylinder Four-stroke Engine
– Tuned for high torque output in medium rpm ranges

– Compact and lightweight

– Stunning appearance to enhance naked design

Cylinder Head

– Horizontal intake ports improve engine appearance

– Fins cast into head improve external appearance

– Aluminum die casting cylinder head cover is thin-walled and lightweight yet strong

– Designed with large squish area that promotes turbulence to increase flame propagation for superior combustion efficiency

Cylinder Block

– All-aluminum, closed-deck cylinder block with chrome composite plated cylinders is light, long-wearing and offers excellent heat dispersion

Exhaust System

– Quad mufflers of polished stainless steel are heat-treated to an attractive golden color

– KLEEN (Kawasaki Low Exhaust Emissions) catalyzer system helps keep the Z1000 environmentally friendly

– Honeycomb catalyzer system reduces emissions


– Profiles designed for more low- and mid-range power

– Lightweight hollow inlet and exhaust cams each ride in five ball bearings to reduce friction loss

– Front cam-chain guide is light, easy to mount and gives more accurate valve timing

Six-speed Transmission

– Crowning added to gears improves durability

Digital Fuel Injection

– Provides excellent engine response and power with less fuel consumption

– Compact electronic control unit processes information faster for better engine response

– In-tank, electric fuel pump delivers a constant supply of fuel in all riding conditions

– 38mm throttle bodies with sub throttle valves promote smooth engine operation

Digital Ignition

– Plug-mounted ignition coils are fitted to suit the new injection system

– Compact 32-bit ignition CPU delivers highly accurate information for the DFI® (Digital Fuel Injection) system

Liquid Cooling

– Large-area radiator with electric fan maintains operating temperatures at the proper level

– Liquid-cooled oil cooler keeps oil temperatures under control

Diamond Frame

– Rigid yet lightweight diamond frame of large-diameter thin-walled tubes contributes to responsive handling performance

– Engine is mounted as a stressed member for high chassis rigidity

– Detachable right front-top engine mount eases maintenance

– Steering head uses caged ball bearings for light steering qualities

41mm, Fully Adjustable, Inverted Fork

– Inverted fork with 41mm tubes delivers awesome steering performance

– Fork is spring preload and rebound damping adjustable

Fully Adjustable Rear Shock

– Rear shock settings match the rigid chassis

– UNI-TRAK® bottom link rear suspensions features a nitrogen gas-charged shock

– Shock equipped with piggyback reservoir, spring preload and rebound damping adjustments

Lightweight Disc Brakes

– Dual front, semi-floating 300mm discs are gripped by lightweight 4-piston calipers providing impressive braking performance

– Rear brake caliper holder designed for low weight and mounts directly to swingarm

Wheels and Tires

– Polished rims contrast nicely with painted hubs and spokes

– 17-inch radial tires deliver excellent traction

– Large diameter front and rear axles are hollow, for high rigidity and low weight

Defining Bodywork and Ergonomics

– Seat cowl with LED taillight and swingarm-mounted inner fender give an aggressive, sporty image

– Bikini cowl accentuates the bike’s provocative lines

– Sleek fuel tank constructed of galvanized steel to resist corrosion

– Seating position is very comfortable and allows the rider to mold to the machine

– Dual, multi-deflector headlights enhance front-end appearance

High-tech Instrument Panel

– Lightweight, compact instrument cluster features a bar-type LCD tachometer and digital LCD speedometer

– Cluster includes digital temp gauge, clock, tripmeter, fuel gauge and a comprehensive range of indicator lamps


– Tamper-resistant ignition switch

– Rubber mounted aluminum handlebar dampens engine vibration

– Forged side stand is strong and tucks nicely out of the way for ample cornering clearance

– Seat utilizes special low-slip surface material for high comfort

– Aerodynamic passenger seat cover comes standard



Engine: Four-stroke, DOHC, inline four, 16 valves
Displacement: 953cc

Bore x stroke: 77.2 x 50.9mm

Compression ratio: 11.2:1

Cooling : Liquid

Induction: Digital fuel injection with four 38mm throttle bodies

Ignition: Digital

Transmission: Six-speed

Frame: Diamond, high-tensile steel

Rake / trail: 24° / 4.0 in.

Suspension, front: 41mm cartridge fork, rebound/spring preload adjustability

Suspension, rear: UNI-TRAK®, rebound/spring preload adjustability

Wheel travel, front: 4.7 in.

Wheel travel, rear: 5.4 in.

Tire, front: 120/70 x R17

Tire, rear: 190/50 x R17

Brakes, front / rear: Dual hydraulic discs / Disc

Overall length: 81.9 in.

Overall width: 30.3 in.

Overall height: 41.5 in.

Wheelbase: 55.9 in.

Ground clearance: 5.7 in.

Seat height: 32.3 in.

Dry weight: 437 lbs.

Fuel capacity: 4.8 gal.

Colors: Metallic Raw Titanium

* Price and specifications subject to change

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