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2005 Yamaha R1
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2005 Yamaha R1
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2005 Yamaha R1

2005 Yamaha R1


– 2005 Yamaha R1

The R1 was a totally new machine in 2004, and its impact was immediately felt in the super sport world. The 2004 – R1 dominated Superbike racing in Canada by winning 6 out of 8 eight races and once again powered Pascal Picotte to the Canadian Superbike championship. Not only was the R1 dominate on the racetrack, but it also was a huge sales success as well. For 2005 the R1 has received some minor ”tweaking” to insure that it maintains it position as the dominate open class super sport machine in Canada. And speaking of insurance, the new 2005 R1 features a new immobilizer ignition system that will reduce the possibility of theft and at the same time addresses some of the insurance cost and availability concerns that sport bike riders are currently facing.

Obviously, with its 998cc, 180-horsepower ram-air fuel-injected engine, the YZF-R1 is intended for riders who like their performance straight up.

Not so obvious is that years of Yamaha liter-bike evolution have produced a machine that offers unsurpassed refinement, control, and confidence.

Optimum weight distribution, along with advanced chassis design and power management software, produce a bike that puts the horsepower into harness and then reins it into control with the latest in braking hardware.

Add to that the sculpted fuel tank and narrow frame and you have an organic machine that nearly disappears beneath you at speed.

The result is the winner of Roadracing World and Motorcyclist magazines’ Open-class comparison tests.

Take a look at the Features & Benefits that make the R1 the ultimate motorcycling expression on the planet.

Features & Benefits

· Ultra-lightweight, compact, 998cc, DOHC, 20-valve, liquid-cooled, in-line four-cylinder engine produces an incredible 180 horsepower (ram air) 172 horsepower (no ram air) at an amazing 12,500rpm.

· cylinder head design utilizes new valves, valve angles, re-designed squish area, and new intake and exhaust ports for increased performance.

· Steep valve angles (intake 1 = 8.75 degrees / intake 2 = 15.75 and exhaust = 11 degrees) produce a more compact combustion chamber.

· Squish area has been optimized for maximum engine performance. The compression ratio is 12.4:1.

· Special lightweight, high lift, high performance intake and exhaust cams. Bore and stroke dimension are 77 x 53.6mm.

· Revised short skirt, lightweight piston design features special ribs in the piston pin area for great rigidity.

· Connecting rods are carburized and use a nutless design. The lower end ”cap” of the rod is made from the same piece of material as the upper portion, this design is known as ”fracture splitting” and the upper rod and lower cap must remain as a set. This design aids establishing true big end roundness.

· Closed deck cylinder design allows the cylinders to spaced more closely together, allowing a narrower engine package. The cylinder block is a stand-alone piece. The benefit if this design is improved sealing, and to improve serviceability.

· Ceramic composite cylinder bores ensure great heat dissipation for consistent power delivery and reduced friction.

· Lightweight crankshaft means super quick engine response.

· The ACM or alternator is located on the backside of the cylinder block to reduce crankcase width thereby maintaining the ability for very aggressive lean angles and a low center of gravity. The compact ACM uses rare earth magnets and spins at 1.24 times the engine rpm to produce ample electrical current to power the bikes electrical requirements.

· Narrow design crankcases allow for maximum lean angles.

· Specially designed starter motor rotates the crank via a gear on the ACM rotor.

· Denso fuel injection system uses 45mm throttle bodies fitted with T.P.S. (Throttle Position Sensor). This fuel injection system, which was introduced in 2004 uses dual valve throttle bodies with motor driven sub or secondary throttle valves for optimum throttle response.

· The actual injectors are Denso ”long nose” type injectors with a high dynamic range and 4-spray holes for improved power and response across the entire rev range. The long nose design locates the injectors closer to the throttle body.

· The fuel injection’s lightweight Electronic Control Unit (ECU) utilizes a powerful 32-bit processor for faster control of the injection process. The compact design reduces weight.

· For 2005 the ECU settings have been revised for better engine feel at high rpms. The new settings also accommodate the new immbolizer ignition.

· Twin electrode NGK CR9EK spark plugs maintain the proper clearance between the plug tip and the top of the piston.

· ”Stacked” 3-axis gearbox / clutch design stacks input/output shafts to create a low center of gravity and keeps overall engine size shorter front to back. As a result, the stacked design gives the engineers the freedom to place the engine in the frame for optimum front to rear weight balance and thereby maximizing handling.

· Compact close-ratio 6-speed transmission features optimized gear ratios for maximum performance.

· Compact, large-capacity clutch ensures consistent, positive engagement.

· A multi plate clutch is used, This design uses coil springs (5) and paper based fiber plates (9) to reduce weight.

· ”Ram Air” system ”force feeds” cool air via dual ducts located below the headlights into the intake system. As speed increases the air velocity in the system increases and pressurizes the air box. This ”force fed” air helps the engine develop maximum high rpm power.

· Specially designed 5.9-liter air box maximizes performance. A viscous type air filter is utilized.

· 4 into 2 into 1 into 2 titanium exhaust system maximizes power output, reduces weight and improves aerodynamics. The dual under seat mufflers provides an aggressive sound and a great styling touch. The system contains a 3-way catalytic converter located in a special section of the exhaust pipe (made of stainless steel) just ahead of the actual muffler. The catalytic converter reduces harmful HC exhaust emissions.

· EXUP System (Exhaust Ultimate Power Valve) utilizes a single axis titanium butterfly valve. This design reduces weight and maximizes cornering clearance.

· High-efficiency curved radiator features dual ring-type fans for maximum cooling efficiency. This rad and fan design produces more airflow than conventional designs to maintain optimum engine temperatures for consistent performance.

· Large liquid-cooled oil cooler maintains stable lubricant temperatures for extended engine life. Convenient cartridge style spin-off oil filter.

· Convenient clutch cover sightglass ensures easy oil level inspection.

· Direct ignition coils (ignition coil is built into the spark plug cap) reduce weight while iridium spark plugs and high-output magneto deliver a hot strong spark for reliable firing.


· Aluminum Deltabox frame has been designed to offer great rigidity and maximize handling performance. Finished in black, this frame boasts lightweight and a 600cc spec 1395mm (54.9”) wheelbase. The engine is a fully stressed member and the angle of the engine mounting is 40 degrees.

· Solid-mounted engine centralizes rider/machine mass for quick cornering transitions.

· Fully detachable aluminum subframe means easier rear shock access.

· Extra-long 576mm (22.7”) C.F. (controlled filling) die cast truss type swingarm features great torsional rigidity for class leading handling and maneuverability.

· This Deltabox chassis offers an incredible 56 degree lean angle. The seating position offers a very sporty yet comfortable riding position.

· Upper triple clamp uses a 30mm off set for incredible handling. The rack is 24 degrees while the trail is 97mm.

· Fully adjustable 43mm Kayaba inverted fork features 120mm (4.7”) of wheel travel. The adjustable design allows the rider to tailor suspension settings to match rider weight and road /track conditions to maximize handling and suspension performance. There are 8 steps of spring preload adjustability plus 25-way compression damping and 26 way rebound damping adjustability.

· Link Monocross rear suspension utilizes a fully adjustable piggyback style rear shock. Adjustments include 9 steps of spring preload adjustability, 20 way compression damping and 20 way rebound damping adjustability. The reserve sub tank is mounted horizontally to accommodate the under seat exhaust. The adjustable design allows the rider to tailor suspension settings to match rider weight and road /track conditions to maximize handling and suspension performance.

· Steering damper is located under the upper triple clamp. Its special design is sensitive to the speed of the damper shaft, the faster the movement the more damping and the slower the movement the less damping.

· Radial mount 4-piston calipers squeeze large size 320mm dual front disc brakes. The result is incredible braking performance with excellent control and lever feedback.

· Brembo radial pump master cylinder with 16mm piston is a direct GP race innovation. The lever is adjustable for various hand sizes.

· Single piston (aluminum) slide type Nissin rear caliper squeezes a lightweight 220mm rotor.

· Rugged yet lightweight 5-spoke mag wheels front and rear. The wheels utilize hollow spokes to reduce weight, front rim size is a MT3.50 x 17 while the rear is MT6.00 x17.

· Fuel tank design provides excellent knee grip and great rider maneuverability. The capacity is 18 liters with a 3.4 liter reserve.

Additional Features:

· All new immobolizer ignition system is designed to reduce the possibility of theft. This new system must recognize the ”coded ignition key” in order for the unit to start. If the immobolizer ignition does not recognize the key (or a theft’s screwdriver or other type of ”jimmy tool” the bike will not start even if the ignition is turned or forced into the on position. If the system does not recognize the actual ignition key, it will not allow the unit to start.

· Sleek bodywork features a slant nose front profile for aerodynamic streamlining, with engine revealing side cut outs and an ultra-sleek tailsection.

· Race inspired lightweight instrumentation includes a digital speedo, analog tachometer, dual tripmeters, clock, and fuel reserve tripmeter. The console also features adjustable LCD illumination, a trick adjustable shift light and a low fuel warning light. Other key features include an integrated stop watch with split time mode and an air intake temperature display.

· Dual 55-watt projector (low beam) and multi-reflector (high beam) headlights feature a sleek, cat-eye profile for superb aerodynamics, unique styling and excellent visibility. Both headlights light on low beam and all four headlights light on high beam.

· LED taillight reduces weight and power consumption while providing a brilliant eye catching light. The lens is white while the LEDs are red.

· New more rigid front master cylinder mounting bracket

· Premium Dunlop D218 radial tires provide incredible grip.

· Lightweight forged footpegs.

· Extensive use of hollow bolts and lightweight fasteners help trim overall weight.

· Durable 530 O-ring-sealed drive chain.

· Low maintenance sealed battery is 25% lighter than last year.

· Convenient fold out under seat bungee cord hooks.

· Under seat dual helmet holders


$10,999 (Blue; Red)
$11,099 (Raven) All available from November 2004


998cc, liquid-cooled, 20-valve, DOHC, in-line four-cylinder

Bore x Stroke
77 x 53.6mm

Compression Ratio

Fuel injection, dual-valve throttle bodies with motor-driven secondary valves

Digital TCI

6-speed w/multi-plate clutch

Final Drive
#530 O-ring chain


43mm inverted telescopic fork w/adjustable preload, compression and rebound damping; 4.7″ travel

Single shock w/piggyback reservoir and adjustable preload, compression and rebound damping; 5.1″ travel

Dual 320mm discs; radial-mount forged 4-piston calipers

220mm disc w/single-piston pin-slide caliper







Seat Height


Rake (Caster Angle)


Fuel Capacity
4.85 gallons

Dry Weight
379 lbs.

Primary Reduction Ratio
65/43 (1.512)

Secondary Reduction Ratio
45/17 (2.647)

Team Yamaha Blue/White; Shift Red; Raven

1 Year (Limited Factory Warranty)

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