2010 Aprilia Sportcity 300

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2010 Aprilia Sportcity 300
2010 Aprilia Sportcity 300

2010 Aprilia Sportcity 300
2010 Aprilia Sportcity 300

2010 Aprilia Sportcity 300
2010 Aprilia Sportcity 300

– 2010 Aprilia Sportcity 300

2010 Aprilia Sportcity 300


With its totally original constructional approach, the Aprilia Sportcity revolutionised the way high wheeled scooters are perceived the moment it hit the market. With 15″ wheels, generous tyres, powerful engines and an extremely stiff chassis, Sportcity immediately set itself apart as scooter that perfectly combines the comfort of a high wheeled scooter with the dynamism of a sports machine, offering a new concept of urban mobility that is more active and exciting than ever before. These features are what have earned the Sportcity its remarkable commercial success, making it one of the best selling Aprilia models of all time. The new Sportcity retains the engineering solutions that made its forebears so successful, while taking their characteristic versatility and elegance to new heights. Boasting more generous proportions, even more prestigious trim and the 300 cc engine, the Sportcity offers unbeatable value for money in terms of content.

Aprilia Sportcity Cube caters for all the needs of modern urban mobility. This latest iteration features even better build quality than before, a design that inspires dynamism and class leading technology. Sportcity Cube is Aprilia’s answer to users who demand a comfortable, safe and fast means of transport that can move nimbly through city traffic in total comfort and is extremely affordable to own. The new 300 cc engine gives the Sportcity Cube medium range commuting capability, making it the perfect all-round mobility solution. A scooter that also offers the urban user the unmistakable sporty image and dynamic riding characteristics typical of every Aprilia product.

Style has always been one of the greatest strengths of the Sportcity, and the new CUBE is now offered with even more character in the shape of the “Black Line” limited edition, with its completely revised image. The large, comfortable saddle, which is ideal for two-up use, is ergonomically shaped to optimise comfort for both the rider and the passenger. The special fabric used to upholster the saddle increases grip, minimising slippage under braking and increasing both comfort and safety.

A wide footrest platformis a must for any scooter of this category, and Sportcity Cube delivers in this area, too, offering remarkably generous foot space. The footrest of the Sportcity Cube offers total comfort and load carrying capacity: The platform narrows where the rider puts his or her legs down, to allow riders of all statures to comfortably and safely reach the ground with both feet at all times.

The generous leg shield offers excellent protection against the elements. The two vents at the sides of the shield serve two purposes: they extract hot air from the radiator and also heat the rider’s legs in the winter, if used in conjunction with the leg cover. The luggage rack incorporates the passenger grab handles and features an integrated mounting for the Aprilia top box, to further expand the load carrying capacity. Thanks to its optimised design and the meticulous attention paid to make full use of every possible space, Sportcity is small outside but big inside. The compact dimensions and high wheels have not compromised the amount of usable space, and the scooter boasts a helmet compartment large enough to accommodate jet helmet with visor plus a few other small objects. This carrying capacity has been achieved without sacrificing ergonomics or ease of use, as the saddle is just 815 mm from the ground. Optimised space usage has made it possible to include a lockable glove compartment behind the leg shield, which also features a practical power outlet for recharging your mobile phone.

La The comprehensive mixed analogue-digital instrument panel includes a rev counter and a multifunctional display, just like a modern premium motorcycle. The functions of the display are accessible directly from the handlebar for total safety.

CHASSIS: effectiveness and safety

The chassis of the Sportcity has always set the benchmark for precision, comfort and effectiveness. Sportcity Cube retains the proven layout of the previous generations, which, right from the very first model, has made the Sportcity the benchmark in its sector for safety and rideability. Particular care went into the design of the frame to achieve optimum stiffness even without a bulky central spar. The frame is made from tubular high strength steel and has been developed to ensure outstanding torsional stiffness and strength in spite of the flat footrest platform. This extremely efficient frame gives the Sportcity superior feel and the distinctive sporty character you expect from any Aprilia product.

The telescopic hydraulic front fork with 35 mm diameter stanchions ensures maximum steering precision and, with an impressive 100 mm of wheel travel, an excellent capacity for absorbing bumps, acting as a highly effective filter for tackling cobbled roads, potholes and manhole covers with total confidence.

The engine and transmission assembly also serves duty as the swingarm, linked to two hydraulic shock absorbers with adjustable spring preload. The ability to adapt the suspension setup to suit individual needs in relation to load and road conditions ensures maximum safety in all conditions. An impressive wheel travel of 80 mm ensures excellent comfort.

Sportcity boasts 15 inch wheels shod with wide, high profile tubeless tyres (120/70 at the front and 130/80 at the rear). The result is a tread diameter equal to that of a 16 inch diameter tyre coupled with a markedly superior capacity for soaking up bumps, for significant benefits in terms of comfort. Together with the frame, this solution lends the vehicle outstanding stability and makes it incredibly intuitive to ride, making it accessible to riders of all skill levels.

Powerful brakes are another of the strengths of the Sportcity, especially in the range-topping 300 i.e. version, with a triple disc brake system minimising stopping distances and significantly increasing safety, meaning that even less experienced riders can bring the scooter to a halt rapidly and in complete confidence. The 300 i.e. boasts two 260 mm front discs, with floating callipers with dual, parallel pistons, while at the rear is a 220 mm disc with a single piston calliper.

ENGINES: the state of the art

The state of the art engine is yet another jewel in the crown of the Sportcity 300; the electronically injected four valve powerplant represents the current state of the art in scooter engine technology. Powerful, tractable, extremely clean and frugal, the new single cylinder engine is totally coherent with the philosophy of the Sportcity. Increased capacity allows this engine to deliver even more performance, especially in terms of torque, the most important attribute for a city vehicle which spends much of its life in stop-start traffic conditions. With an impressive power output of 22.5 HP at 8,000 rpm and 22 Nm of torque at 6,500 rpm, this single cylinder engine offers class beating performance. The engine emphasises the dynamic character of the SPORTCITY, making it not just the ideal solution for city traffic but also for tackling fast extraurban roads





2010 Aprilia Sportcity 300 – Canada Specifications
Canada MSRP: $5,995 CDN

Engine: 4-valve single cylinder 4-stroke

Fuel: Unleaded petrol

Bore x Stroke: 75 mm x 63 mm (300 cc)

Total displacement: 278,3 cc

Compression ratio: 11:1 (300 cc)

Maximum power at the crank: 16,5 kw (22.5 HP) a 8,000 rpm (300 cc)

Maximum torque at the crank: 22 Nm at 6,500 rpm (300 cc)

Fuel system: Electronic fuel injection (300 cc)

Ignition: Electronic inductive ignition with variable dvance

Starting: Electric

Generator: 300 W

Lubrification: Wet sump forced lubrication system with echanical pump

Gear box: Automatic CVT

Clutch: Automatic centrifugal dry clutch

Primary drive: V belt

Final drive: Gears

Frame: Front single beam with rear overlapped double cradle, in tubular steel with high yield point

Front suspension: Telescopic hydraulically damped fork with 100 mm wheel travel

Rear suspension: Engine serving as swingarm with two shock absorbers with adjustable preload and 80 mm wheel travel

Brakes: Combined Front-Rear D 260 mm hydraulically operated disc brake D 220 mm hydraulically operated disc brake

Wheels: Light alloy Front 2.75 x 15” Rear 3.00 x 15”

Tyres: Tubeless Front 120/70 15” Rear 130/80 15”

Dimensions: Length 1,985 mm Width 890 mm Wheelbase distance 1360 mm Saddle height 815 mm

Fuel tank capacity: 9 lt (1.5 litre reserve)

Emissions: Euro 3

Alternator: 380 W (300 cc)

Other: Accessories: 35 litre City Top Box, 32 litre New Concept Top Box with textured finish, large full Windshield, Sports full Windshield, Cover for 35 litre City Top Box, Backrest for 35 litre City Top Box, Backrest for 32 litre New Concept Top Box, Electronic alarm system – Helmet compartment: Large enough for an Aprilia jet helmet

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