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Tobacco Riveter Riding Shirt Review - Trump Twitter Tough!

We estimate that women make up about 33% of motorcycle riders on the road today. 100% of us women are looking for the perfect riding attire. Tobacco’s products are made by riders for riders with focus on these three categories… Be Safer. Look Better. Made in the USA. Total Motorcycle reviewed The Riveter Riding Shirt for Women and we’re real excited to share our findings.


“Ride Every Day”


The Riveter Riding Shirt by Tobacco Motorwear


Reviewer: Carrie Leaverton
Motorcycle Product was tested on: 2014 Honda CTX 1300
Dates Tested: February 24, 2020 – April 6, 2020
Price Point: $299.00 USD
Color: Black Herringbone


“Inspired by the iconic Rosie Riveter”


Tobacco MotorWear Riveter Riding Shirt
Rosie Approved!



My First Impression

Before I tell you about the Riveter, let me tell you about Tobacco. If you haven’t seen any commercials or advertisements for Tobacco Motorwear Company, you should. The first commercial I saw featured a gal in jeans being pulled behind a motorcycle with a ski cord using her rear like a sled on a concrete canal surface. Picture the races for pink slips in the movie Grease. The brave chick then stands and dusts herself off to reveal shredded jeans with completely intact kevlar lining underneath. She exhibits no signs of injury or road rash and has a huge smile on her face.

First, was my initial shock of how well the lining held up to that amount of abuse. Second,  I was in awe that the initial style of her kevlar lined jeans looked just like many of my own casual pairs for everyday wear.



About Tobacco Motorwear

Tobacco’s got a wonderful thing going. If more riders could find gear that fits, looks and feels more like everyday clothing, like comfy kevlar jeans and the Riveter riding shirt, riders are more likely to wear full coverage safety gear every ride. Thus, It’s no surprise to us that Tobacco’s Motto is ‘Ride Every Day’

Tobacco offers jeans and jackets with removable body armor in an array of both men’s and women’s sizes and one of their newest products is the Riveter Riding Shirt for Women. Inspired by the iconic Rosie Riveter.


Tobacco MotorWear Riveter Riding Shirt

Double stitching, Kevlar Liner, Lined Sleeves

Practical Safety Gear

We made a point to visit the Tobacco Booth while providing media coverage at the Progressive International Motorcycle Show in Dallas, Texas this January. #RidersUnite We met Andrew, the founder of Tobacco. He was proud to show us around his assortment of well made products on display and agreed to let us do some reviews. I of course requested The Riveter as it is beautiful, versatile and unique.

Every rider knows the safety features of their gear is worth more than it’s weight in gold. We depend on our gear doing it’s job in an instance, and it only takes an instant. Total Motorcycle doesn’t test the safety aspects of the gear we review in a lab but we do however test for comfort, fit, function and durability.


“The whole idea behind practical riding gear is that it’s practical anywhere you go”


Tobacco MotorWear Riveter Riding
Modern Western Style



The Riveter Riding Shirt

The Riveter is a stylish western style long sleeve shirt. It has beautiful complimentary lines on a herringbone pattern accented by pearl rivets. The Dupont Kevlar protective liner is sunny yellow with a vintage bandanna pattern Rosie would approve of.  It’s beautiful and modern and would match any style, bike or helmet colors. The Riveter is thicker than a long sleeved shirt and thinner than a riding jacket so it’s perfect for layering and looks great while keeping you safe.

Tobacco MotorWear Riveter Riding Shirt
Modern Western Style


What a Woman Wants


As a lady rider, naturally I have many expectations when it comes to proper gear fitting before I make a purchase. Men all have a basic shape with different features of course, but they’re easier to size than the ladies because they lack curves. Curves make the rockin’ world go ’round but they sure can make getting an accurate fit and size difficult. Especially when you’re considering safety gear that must cover all parts of your body with fabric allowance for body armor or layers underneath for added warmth.

To accommodate my fitting needs, my Riveter riding shirt must:

  1.  Zip all the way up easily every time, even if I have a sweatshirt on underneath and not be too tight when I’m sitting.
  2. Be long enough to cover my belly and back while I’m seated on my motorcycle and still provide coverage even when I’m leaning forward on a sport bike.
  3. Have sleeves long enough to accommodate my outstretched arms while I’m piloting my steed of chrome but not so long that I feel like a child in my mom’s sweater.
  4. When zipped half way up the zipper must stay in place.


Does The Riveter meet all of my expectations? Yes Ma’am…


Tobacco MotorWear Riveter Riding Shirt
A Perfect Length



My comfort needs:

  1. I want to be completely covered and not worry about adjusting my clothing while I’m riding.
  2. I need coverage from the elements, UV, wind and rain.
  3. I’d like to be able to manipulate my zipper, pockets and snaps with my riding gloves on because I’m forgetful. I’ll get half way up a freeway ramp before I remember the pocket with my cash needs to be snapped shut after a gas stop, and my jacket zipper could go up another inch or 2.

Because The Riveter fits me well, it’s comfortable.  I can focus on the road and enjoy my ride with confidence that my back and belly isn’t exposed to the elements and onlookers.


Tobacco MotorWear Riveter Riding Shirt
The Riveter compliments a woman’s curves while making sure her lower back is covered while in riding position.


The fabric seems rugged yet soft and really keeps the wind out. It keeps me warm riding on a chilly day with just a tank top underneath and it’s wonderful for layering. When water is applied to The Riveter, the water drops bead up and fall off like rain on a freshly waxed automobile. Check out our You-tube video here for a demonstration. Tobacco is a distributor of Otter Wax, a heavy duty beeswax/plant based blend of fabric wax, but their website doesn’t mention if the Riveter has been treated with it. The beading effect may just be a natural property of the fabric. 

(*Note: Waxed Cotton products do not perform any differently in abrasion tests for motorcycle gear than normal cotton so it can be hard to recommend from a safety perspective. – Editor)

The YKK zipper has a good sized fob that slides smooth and stays in place. The zipper and snaps (rivets) both are very easy to manipulate with gloves on.

Does The Riveter meet all of my expectations? You Betchya!



Tobacco MotorWear Riveter Riding Shirt
A heavy duty zipper and snaps.


‘Riders are more likely to wear full coverage safety gear every ride”



I work hard for my money, and I was raised with the saying ‘You Get What You Pay For’. That said, I don’t mind saving up a little to invest in some quality gear because as stated above: ‘Gear that keeps you safe is worth it’s weight in gold’. So at this price point of $299.00 I expect high quality fabric, even coloring, clever pattern matching where the pockets and collar are attached, immaculate double stitching for durability, quality accents, zipper and name brand quality Kevlar.

Because of the way the water just falls right off of the fabric, I assumed The Riveter needed to be hand washed but I was wrong. The care instructions on the tag reads as follows: Machine Wash Cold, Gentle with like colors, Hand Dry, Do Not Bleach. This is excellent. Meanwhile, if you arrive at your destination without laundry receptacles after a long day of riding with heavy bugs in season, I’ve no doubt a damp washcloth and a quick wipe-down would take care of the problem. It makes sense that the water repellent material would sorta bug proof your Riveter right? We’re just coming out of winter here in Northern Utah so I haven’t had the pleasure of trying my Riveter amidst the swarms yet.



Tobacco MotorWear Riveter Riding Shirt
Double stitching, Kevlar Liner, Lined Sleeves


The picture here shows the gorgeous yellow bandanna style lining, which is 100% Kevlar. The Riveter has big pockets inside where you could fit a lot of stuff if you wanted to, even a tablet or a concealed handgun, although, on a sunny day you could clearly see the outline of my little .38 Featherlite if you were paying attention. Also, you’ll find a separately sewn long skinny pocket on both sides of the lining, perfect for discreet stowage for a pen, stylus or tampon. The sleeves are lined with shiny black satin smooth 100% Polyester with pockets to accommodate D30 LP1 Elbow armor, sold separately for $25.00 a pair on Tobacco’s site. The Riveter’s shell is 100 % Cotton.

Does The Riveter meet all of my expectations? Sir Yes Sir.



Unnecessary Necessities

I gotta have a couple pockets so I can secure my key, ID and a couple bucks while I’m attending crowded events. It also has a pocket on each side for your hands and they are of good size. I love riding gear that I can wear anywhere comfortably and not stick out of a crowd if I don’t want to. The Riveter doesn’t weigh much and it looks fashionable slung over your shoulder or chair. This shirt rolls up nice to fit in saddlebags and because of it’s rigidity, it doesn’t wrinkle very easily.

The Riveter is dressy enough to wear to an office job with a pair of black slacks or jeans. (Tobacco makes jet black jeans too!) Or with a nice camisole underneath and a light skirt if you need to dress for dinner. (I’ve been known to pack a trusty skirt and a pair of dress shoes in my saddlebags. Thus, I can change quick into office attire when I need to attend meetings etc.)

Does The Riveter meet all of my expectations? Mmm hmmm.



Tobacco MotoWear Riveter Riding Shirt
Big inner pockets to transport useful items.

Lets Talk About Price

At first glance, the price is big for a shirt. Spare no expense for safety I know. But, I had to wrap my head around that a little before considering if it’s gonna give you all that bang for your buck. It didn’t take me very long to realize the value of a riding shirt vs a riding jacket. Lightweight, easy to transport, more comfortable, less bulky and I could keep going but you get what I’m saying. So I stopped thinking in terms that I wouldn’t blink an eye to spend $300 on a riding jacket but until now I was hesitant about spending that much on a shirt.

The Riveter competes closely at this price point with most Kevlar lined riding jackets with or without armor. Among riding shirts though, The Riveter is definitely at the top end of the price point. Kevlar, armor, neither or both vary in this segment. I hate it when I see new riders out with a new registration tag  and one piece of shiny new gear while the rest of their gear maybe sourced from grandpa’s horse barn. The idea of buying one piece of gear per paycheck until you have everything you want works as long as you’re wearing safety gear.

Options For Your Budget

You need to see this though… Tobacco’s website lists a payment option through a popular third party vendor called Afterpay. You can purchase your own Riveter for 4 equal payments of $74.75. If you pay every 2 weeks on time the price is the same as the original price point of $299.00. This option magically makes the Riveter obtainable even to those on a tight budget.

This is the last time I’m gonna ask. Promise. Does The Riveter meet all of my expectations? Yeah Boyeeee!


Award Time!

We at Total Motorcycle are proud to award Tobacco Motorwear Company the esteemed 5 star Editor’s Choice Award for the amazing Women’s Riveter Riding Shirt. We want to say thank you to Andrew and all the folks at Tobacco Motorwear for extending us this opportunity. The Riveter impressed us.

‘You Get What You Pay For’


Tobacco MotorWear Riveter Riding Shirt
The Riveter kept me warm on a cool day in the Porsche too! Bonus, no sunburn!



Practical Matters

There are many different styles of riding gear and it’s all pretty awesome in the right setting. I remember being on road trips as a child. Craning my neck out the window to gape at a group of leather clad biker dudes all in black staggered in formation on the freeway. Like synchronized swimmers. Nowadays, the black leather and bandanna look is still in style as much as ever.


I know and love a wonderful group of local lady riders that meet at nice restaurants once a month atop their own shiny cruisers. The Belle’s proceed to eat a fancy dinner together and or attend events clad in their leather and these lovely ladies ROCK this look!


A server once offered my husband and I a to-go pizza box for our leftovers while we were crammed into a booth with our helmets, gauntlet gloves, and armored Kevlar gear. Obviously no way to get that box home, and no forethought from the server.


I remember being a contestant in a USRA Desert race near a casino town. I’ve been one of many in the King Crab buffet in my filthy motocross boots, kevlar, long sleeved jerseys and pounds of desert dust after a race.

Tobacco = Casual

Anyway, it’s not always practical to wear your gear that screams ‘Yep, that bike out there is mine.’ The whole idea behind practical riding gear is that it’s practical anywhere you go. Stopping in at work real fast to grab your laptop? Running to the bank to sign some loan documents? Checking into a hotel (The struggle is real! My husband and I are a responsible couple right? A hotel clerk once asked us to pay an extra cash deposit after seeing we were on motorcycles.) Using running to the store for that one grocery item you forgot as an excuse to ride. Whatever you’re doing, Ride Every Day, and do it in Stylish Comfy Safety Gear.


Belle's, Northern Utah, USA
The Belle’s, Northern Utah, USA

Community Support and Social Distancing

We at total Motorcycle want to extend our love and support to everyone during these difficult times. Many are ill or have tragically lost loved ones. Many are out of work, without necessary supplies and in quarantine. We can pull through this together. In area’s that permit it, it is of our opinion that motorcycling is a great hobby for social distancing.  If quarantined or playing it safe at home, please take some time to review and subscribe to Total Motorcycle’s prior reviews and videos on YouTube, visit our member forums and chat, or review all of our content on Total Motorcycle.



A Shout Out to 64 Degree Racing

Special thanks to 64 Degree racing for providing the stylish logo T-shirt in this video review.  I love the acid wash material and edgy logos on the t-shirts.  The black and red color scheme matches all my riding gear without overpowering my look.  For those of you wondering what the 64 Degree logo signifies, it’s the maximum lean angle for a moto-gp bike.  64 Degree racing sponsors racing teams with a goal to win!


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