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The 2010 Harley-Davidson CVO Fat Bob

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So photogenic it makes you want to cry, in a Harley-Davidson kind of way.

Photogenic? Hell ya.
The new 2010 CVO Fat Bob in it’s element.

After visiting Maligne Lake it was time to hit the highway and get some mileage under the tires. The new 2010 CVO Fat Bob is Harley-Davidson’s attempt to optimize the Fat Bob. Custom paint, custom parts and a powerful 110 cubic inch engine with Screamin’ Eagle power, what more could you ask for?

A word about the CVO program from Harley-Davidson: The Harley-Davidson Custom Vehicle Operations has been fulfilling dreams since 1999. Since the CVO program was created in 1999 custom motorcycles haven’t been the same. Each CVO model features unique paint schemes and accessories, creating demand that far exceeds limited production. It’s a whole new level of customization, nearly impossible to duplicate on a standard bike, boasting accessories that can’t be purchased anywhere else. Exclusive. Eye-catching. Cutting-edge style. Custom accessories. Screamin’ Eagle power.

Such a photo hog.
CVO Fat Bob in Jasper, Alberta, Canada.

I have to admit this Harley-Davidson motorcycle is a real beauty, it is very naturally photogenic and begs to have it’s picture taken. It drew attention to itself no matter where it was parked. People not only heard it going through town but also turned to look at it as well, which always gives a nice feeling. I’m not a huge fan of lots of chrome on a motorcycle but the chrome on the CVO Fat Bob just worked and looked great, even in the rain. When the sun came out, it shined and quickly found a place in my heart.

Like the 2010 Dyna Wide Glide I found that the CVO Fat Bob loves to be ridden harder in the upper RPM range at a lower gear and to be honest it’s even more fun to ride at higher RPMs. As the CVO Fat Bob came standard with a tachometer it was easier to keep track of where the red line RPM limiter was (5,600 rpm) and I was around that range all the time. The 110 engine was brilliant – smooth and powerful – everything you want in a V-Twin, when you opened up the throttle, it was a rocket and it really went, something I loved most about this CVO. With 113 ft. lbs. @ 3500 rpm (153.21 Nm @ 3500 rpm) torque on tap and a 6-speed Cruise Drive it’s eager to please from blasting around town to relaxed highway cruising. I found myself regularly wanting to feel the power and hear the acceleration notes out of the 2-1-2 Tommy Gun exhaust (same exhaust as the Dyna Wide Glide) by twisting the throttle at every occasion, and I did many times.

Bad to the Bone.
Eat Crow. The CVO Fat Bob asks a huge crow, who’s badder?

The bike turns very well into corners and tight turns, to be honest it’s something I didn’t expect from the size of the front tire. I felt riding it that you could easily “hang” with any regular sport bike out there. With the comfortable leather seat I had no issues with numb butt riding the bike for hours and with it’s decent long range fuel mileage and large gas take it would make a good tourer. Speaking of the Fat Bob as a long distance ride; as with the Dyna Wide Glide, the suspension’s travel just wasn’t that good. I found that the suspension would bottom out more so than the Wide Glide and I would hit some really hard highway jolts along the way. Again, aftermarket shocks would be the first thing I would fix on this bike, but at $25,299 USD/$30,059 CDN retail, I would have liked to see H-D put better shocks on it.

The second issue I have is with the cost. The 2010 Dyna Fat Bob normal version is $14,999 USD/$17,819 CDN and the CVO version: $25,299 USD/$30,059 CDN, a 59% premium over the price of a normal Fat Bob. Is it worth it? Well if the Dyna Wide Glide is “The Raw Harley” then the CVO Fat Bob is “The Mid-life Crisis Bike”. A name that, in my opinion, means you want the very best Harley-Davidson Fat Bob. You want the best luxury, best custom parts, best custom paint job and therefore you have the money to buy it and not worry about the price, period. After all you have earned it, right?

Would I buy it? Yes, I would, in fact*, the 2010 Harley-Davidson CVO Fat Bob was my favourite H-D motorcycle of the three bikes I reviewed. I looks amazing and has wonderful lines, is a comfortable ride, powerful engine and it really is an amazing motorcycle overall. I felt great riding it and would be proud to ride it.

*The extra $11,000 in price would have me look at a Fat Bob (non-CVO) first though if the CVO’s price was just a little too high for me to justify.

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