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Product: Turtle Wax Chrome Polish And Rust Remover
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Manufacturers Description: Transforms rusty, tarnished chrome to its original gleaming luster. Cleans and shines wheels, bumpers and trim.
Product History: Turtle Wax® Inc. will become the leading worldwide provider of innovative quality automotive products and services.

Turtle Wax® has been the leader in car care products for over 50 years. America has always had a love affair with their cars and Turtle Wax® has been there nearly every mile of the way.

Ben Hirsch, the founder of Turtle Wax® Inc. was a very diverse and creative entrepreneur. He used his experience in the grocery business to invent products such as tasty chocolate covered bananas, dessert toppings and Angel Rinse™ cold wash detergent. While working in the grocery business, Ben met his future wife/partner Marie and together they set out to formulate the world’s first liquid car polish, which came to be known as Plastone.

Using his chemical background, $500.00, and a small storefront on Chicago Avenue, Ben and Marie mixed the Plastone car polish in their bathtub. Marie would then bottle the car polish and Ben would sell it by traveling on the city’s electric street car. Sometimes Ben would hand polish the fender of a parked car and then wait for the owner to return to make a sale! While Ben continued inventing other items, such as Penny® Shoe Shine Polish and even one of the original Shop- At-Home catalogs, Plastone grew into America’s most popular liquid car polish.

While on a 1950’s business trip to Beloit, Wisconsin, Ben came across Turtle Creek. He made the connection between a Turtle’s protective hard shell and his Plastone Polish. From that day on Plastone was renamed Super Hard Shell®, and the company became Turtle Wax® Inc. Since then, Turtle Wax® has continued to grow, with products now distributed worldwide, offering the largest array of car care products offered by a single company.

Ben’s family played an important part in this success. In 1966, Ben’s daughter Sondra began working at Turtle Wax® and by 1972 she was appointed Chairman of the Board. Sondra’s husband, Denis J. Healy, joined the company in 1971 after a successful Research and Development career with Colgate- Palmolive and Mennen, and now serves as President of the company.

Turtle Wax® has grown from a bathtub brew to the world leader in auto appearance technology largely on the strength of its product research and development. Considered the finest in the industry, Turtle Wax® R & D has continually led the way with breakthrough products and concepts.

Today, the success of Turtle Wax® can be seen in its top-selling car care products which include:

Turtle Wax® Super Hard Shell®, the best-selling car polish in America, in addition to being the most widely sold brand in the world.
FORMULA 2001® Super Protectant with Sun-Stop™ Formula, the most advanced protection available for vinyl, plastic, rubber and leather.
Finish 2001™ by Turtle Wax®, the first polish enriched with urethanes to last a full year, is the best selling high-tech car polish in America.
In 1983, Turtle Wax® extended its “shine” technology into non-automotive markets such as shoe care and household cleaners. Innovations in the Turtle Wax® Industrial Division include a line of bulk car care chemicals and the unique Flex Pak® Hyper Concentrate® line of products, both of which have since revolutionized the car wash industry. Additionally, Turtle Wax® now owns and operates 19 full-service, state-of-the-art car washes complete with detailing centers in the Chicagoland and Kansas City areas.

Turtle Wax® Inc.’s headquarters and operations remain in Chicago. The company’s facility in Skelmersdale, England forms its international manufacturing and distribution base. The Turtle Wax® name is synonymous with automotive care leadership, with distribution in over 60 countries. Even in areas as far away as Scandinavia, Turtle Wax® holds a 95% brand awareness. And the lively green turtle, which has been the company’s logo for nearly 50 years, needs no translation.

For over a half-century, Turtle Wax® has been the leader in the automotive car care markets. Thanks to Ben Hirsch and the ongoing, leading-edge product research and development, America and the world’s cars will continue to shine with Turtle Wax® for years to come.

Suggested Uses: Cleans and shines chrome parts, wheels, bumpers and trim.
Our First Hand Review: Turtle Wax is known for its good car care products, and on that basis we wanted to test their Turtle Wax Chrome Polish And Rust Remover.

Almost all motorcycles made will have some kind of chrome on them, so polishing them with a chrome polish makes sense.

It comes in a little plastic white “jar” with a red cap. The contents are a thick white liquid that has an abrasive feel to it.

We found that in most cases applying the product to a soft, clean cotton cloth then using it on the part works best, and here was no exception.

After allowing the product to dry, we buffed it off… To our horror, very tiny light scratches in the chrome were visible upclose, so we tried it again, and we got a little more very tiny light scratches.. Not good. They did come out (with Autosol), but this isn’t the results we were looking for in a polish.

It does work well in removing the rust though from the parts and giving the parts a “luster”, just not a mirror one.

You have to be very careful using a wax on your bike, you really don’t want to get it on vinyl or leather since it can turn it white where you touched it. It is also very hard to remove on vinyl or leather once it is dry…

The big benefit of the Turtle Wax Chrome Polish And Rust Remover is the price, it is very inexpensive. There are many products competing with it on the market but none of them are at this price point.

This product is very easy to find and any automotive store will likely will carry it.

Overall: We were not very happy with this product, it never really preformed as it should. It did clean and remove the rust after some hard work but it did leave minute scratches on my exhausts after cleaning the chrome on them over a dozen times using this product. The scratches were not noticeable 3 feet away, up close you could see them and they didn’t go away.

If you need something to just add a luster or to remove rust on chrome, this should do, but…

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