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You are here: Index --- Links

Motorcycle Links
~ Hundreds of useful links to spend your time at ~

Riding in the Alberta Badlands. Middle of nowhere -10oC in March. Turned off the engine and I've never heard quiet like this before. Beautiful country.



- Other Recommended Motorcycle Website Links
- Motorcycle Books
- Yamaha Links
- Honda Links
- Suzuki Links
- Piaggio Links
- Manufacturer Websites

- Yamaha Information Websites
- XJ Global Rally Links

- Suzuki Information Websites
- Honda Information Websites
- Parts
- Riding Tips

- Safety Tips
- Motorcycle Multimedia & Games
- Motorcycle On-Line Activities
- Motorcycle On-Line Activities: Build your own bike
- Late Evening Reads
- XJ650 Websites
- Oil Products
- Oil Filters
- Air Filters
- Spark Plugs
- Carburator
- Chain & sprockets
- Batteries
- Fork Braces
- Brakes
- Paint & Surface Protection
- On-Line Motorcycle Magazines
- Motorcycle Riding Schools
- Motorcycle Riding Clubs

- Calgary (and Alberta) Motorcycle Shops


Motorcycle Books..TOP
The Bikers Atlas: If where to go, what to do and how to get there is your question... the Bikers Atlas is your answer.

Yamaha Links..TOP
The Yamaha XJ Electrical Help! Page
XJ Technical Specs and stuff
NGK Spark Plugs
Yuasa Battery (Battery Type: )
Yamaha XJ Owners Website (in German) (Great photos)
GGJaguar's Yamaha 650 Seca Page
The Yamaha XJ Owners Page (English)
YAMAHA XJ-650 Seite (German)
Yamaha Seca 650 & 750 Tire Recommendations
Yamaha XJ650 Page (in German) (100's of bikes and stats) XJ650
Lone Biker (on XJ650 seca) traverses South America
German XJ650 Site
European XJ Gallery
XJ Drivers List (Worldwide)
Top Speed of Yamaha XJ
Alternator Output for Yamaha XJ650
European XJ650 Seca's 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Ronnie's Home Page Index
1980 XJ650 Seca (custom painted too)
XJ650R Seca Modifications
A Mueseum example of a XJ650 Seca
Michael's XJ650 (with drooling red paint job)
R6 YZF, Site 2 - dedicated R6 site
Yamaha Motorcycles Complete Parts list (pictures and part numbers) of (every?) Yamaha Motorcycle made from 1963 - 2003. From Yamaha website.

Honda Links..TOP
Classic Hondas - CB400T & CB250T
A 1980 CB400T
A German 1981 CB400T
A 1978 CB400T Specifications
The Honda Bike Gallery
Honda Motorcycles Canada Website
Honda Motorcycles USA website
Yahoo Honda CB Forum

Suzuki Links ..TOP
Suzuki Motorcycles Canada Website
Suzuki Motorcycles USA website
GS Resources Website - Suzuki Classics: GS/GSX Models Only- 1976-1985
Suzuki Owners Club
Suzuki Owners Club UK
Red GS550 Photos Year? (1979?)
Yahoo Suzuki GS Forum #1
Yahoo Suzuki GS Forum #2
SVContact - Official SV club in The Netherlands and Belgium

Piaggio Links ..TOP
Piaggio Scooters UK
Gilera Scooters UK
Vespa Scooters UK

Manufacturers Websites ..TOP
Honda Motorcycle Global Site
Honda Motorcycle Canada Site
Honda Motorcycle USA Site
Honda Motorcycle EU/UKSite
Honda Motorcycle Japan Site

Kawasaki Motorcycle Global Site
Kawasaki Motorcycle Canada Site
Kawasaki Motorcycle USA Site
Kawasaki Motorcycle UK / Germany Site
Kawasaki Motorcycle Australia Site

Suzuki Motorcycle Global Site
Suzuki Motorcycle Canada Site
Suzuki Motorcycle USA Site
Suzuki Motorcycle UK / Germany Site
Suzuki Motorcycle Australia Site

Yamaha Motorcycle Global Site
Yamaha Motrocycle Canada Site - LOVE that intro!
Yamaha Motorcycle USA Site
Yamaha Motorcycle Europe Site
Yamaha Motorcycle Japan Site


Yamaha Information ..TOP
How-To: Changing your Motorcycle's Oil and Oil Fiter yourself
More XJ650 Specs
Kelly's Motorcycle Blue Book (motorcycle values)
Red Book (motorcycle values)
Conversions (HP, Torque, fuel, metric, imperial etc)
Beautiful scanned brochures for the XJ and XS series of bikes - In Polish
Magazine Reviews for the Yamaha XS Crowd (not all in English though)
Yamaha Motorcycle Photo Museum (EPIC Yamaha Motorcycles USA)
Kanetix - Online Insurance Quotes - Can you get your insurance cheaper? Quick check a dozen agents with no obligation

XJ Global Rally ..TOP
XJ Global Relay Rider's Page
XJ World Relay 2000 - European Site
Yamaha XJ Global Rally Mid-West USA / Western Canada info
XJ Global Relay Canada Site
XJ Global Relay Master Rider List (I am listed)
Saskatoon, SK to Calgary, AB (I am on this route)

Honda Information ..TOP '80 CB400 Info Home Page
Japanese Honda Bikes Information Guide - '77 CB400, '78 CB400 In Japanese
Restoring a 1979 CB400T
Vintage Japanese Motorcycle World - Photos, Classifieds, Workshop..
The Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club -
Kanetix - Online Insurance Quotes - Can you get your insurance cheaper? Quick check a dozen agents with no obligation

Suzuki Information ..TOP GS550 Info Home Page
Restoring a Vintage GS550
Road Test 1983 GS550 Katana
Used Bike Guide GS550 Review
Vintage Japanese Motorcycle World - Photos, Classifieds, Workshop..
The Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club -
Kanetix - Online Insurance Quotes - Can you get your insurance cheaper? Quick check a dozen agents with no obligation

Parts ..TOP
Wix Oil Filters (HIGHLY recommended) Motorcycle Application Chart
Progressive Suspension USA Home Page Application Chart
AZ Motorsports CB400T Parts Specifications
Rider Parts.Com - Used Motorcycle Parts Fast! Let our network of dealers find them for you..
Custom Car Parts - Performance auto parts foreign and domestic, motorcycle parts, ATV parts, AV accessories, auto traders.


Riding Tips: ..TOP

TrackDoD Novice Group Orientation - Go Fast. Safely. EXCELLENT READ.
Motorcycle Racing School Riding Tips - Braking, Downshifting, Countersteering, Control, Look Where You’re Going, Don’t PANIC!, Group Riding, Cornering, The Pace..
Personal Tips and Techniques - Braking, Counter-steering, Curves and Cornering, Drag Racing Techniques, Error Margins, First Bike, Hearing Protection, Straightening out, Lean Angles, Metacognition failures in the unskilled, Proper Training, The Pace, Rain, Road Hazards, Tires, Vanishing Point, Visibility Myth, Wheelies, Winter Storage, Miscellaneous
Motorcycle Rider Skills - Rider safety and protection, Carrying a pillion passenger,
Born again bikers, Dealing with Risks, Observation and hazard recognition , Overtaking and dealing with traffic. Motorcycle Control, Learn about positioning,
Improve your cornering, Touring, Group Riding without getting lost, Touring, Riding on motorways, Riding in the rain.
Tips for Traveling Long Distances on a Motorcycle
Tips for Riding in the Mountains
Motorcycle Riding Tips - From Warwick Schuberg Stay Upright Director. Confidence - Having a System, Often Asked, "What To Do" and "How" Questions, Managing Risk. What Is It?, Riding with Pillions, Carrying Loads. Riding Strategies for the Public Street, "Where Did It Go Wrong?" Crash Scenarios.
Riding Tips & Advice - Buying Advice Riding Gear, Riding Techniques, Workshop Tips, Bike Setup.
Iron Butt Association Riding Tips - Know your limits, Forget high speeds, No caffeine, Prepare your bike, Maintenance & Accessories, Electric clothing, Pack wisely, Prepare yourself, Avoid boredom, Towing service, Stop to go Faster, Know when to stop!, Positive mental attitude, Eat healthy foods, Eating times, Separate your stops, Obtain fuel early, Wet weather riding, + more.


Safety Tips: ..TOP
Welcome to Riding 101 - Discover Today's Motorcycling, Analyze Your Desire to Ride, Choose a Motorcycle Style, Get Certified Rider Training, Find Protective Riding Gear, Join the AMA.
Bikesafe UK - Bikesafe 2000, Riding in Groups, Defensive riding tips.
Kanetix - Online Insurance Quotes - Can you get your insurance cheaper? Quick check a dozen agents with no obligation
Sport Bikes - Beginners Guide


General Website Links: ..TOP

Vélhjólafélag Shepherd Boy - Icelandic motorcycle site about touring and adventure.

RSS Includes - Enrich your website with fresh RSS feed content. With you can publish news feeds on your website quickly and easily!

Bike Trader- Motorbikes, Motorcycle and Motor Bike Search from BikeTrader UK. The UK's widest choice of bikes.
Cycle Torque - Australia's only monthly motorcycle newspaper & internet site for motorcyclists in Australia.
OpenRoadJourney - Ride. Share. Discover. Motorcycle roads, trips, and articles for motorcyclists around the world
The Flat Track Page was created in 1996 and has been the leading web site for flat track enthusiasts.
Ausie Biker Tours and Rentals - Australias leading motorcycle rental company
AutoGeek - Ultimate motoring community
Mavicanet - Multiligual search catalog
Astrosearch - Australian search engine
Bike Trade - online motorcycling publishing portal in the UK
The Motorcycle - Selecting the right Motorcycle to suit your needs, lifestyle and expectations.
The Motorcycle - motorbike tyres ( tires - USA )
Discover Today's Motorcycling
. - Discover Today’s Motorcycling (DTM), the communications and media service bureau of the Motorcycle Industry Council, provides information about the world of motorcycling to the media and the general public.
Throughout the Journey to Adventure - 10 Step Guide to Motorcycling, you will find steps to help you through the process of buying a motorcycle, preparing to ride, and even a section covering just a few of the fun things to do once you begin to ride. 20 Pages, really nice read!
Used Motorcycle Evaluation Guide - last updated 5/6/02 -- now 26 pages (125k) of quasi-nutritious moto-info!
Future Collectables You Should Buy Right Now! - Kawasaki GPz750, 650 Yamaha Special, '82 Yamaha XJ 650 Seca, '82 Yamaha XS650 Heritage Special, Kawasaki 1100 LTD, '82 Suzuki 650, Kawasaki 550 GPz, Honda VF750S/M, Suzuki GS 1000S, '83 Honda CB1100F, Honda CX 500/650 Turbos, Suzuki Katana, '82 Yamaha IT465J, Any Honda CBX, Any Kawasaki KZ 900/1000, Any Kawasaki GPz Series
BMW K75C Fan Page - Great BMW bike fan site.
Practical Living Magazine - Motorcycle Resources (hey, we are featured!)
Motorcycle City - Lots of motorcycle stuff, and I mean lots!
Riding Across America -Information that will cheer up your life, or add some more experiences to your riding hobby.
The Accessory Store UK - Four-stroke dirt bikes on the Web!
Portal 5 - A directory of the better sites and best content on the internet.
BBD's Motorcycle Links
Belt Buckle Knives
RMD motorcycle homepage - Unofficial site, lots of good stuff.
Sportbike shop
Motorcycle Links - Lots of them too.
Biker Sites - New Site. Motorcycle links from around the world
MotoGuide - Motorcycle Directory, Motorcycle Search Engine, Motorcycle Banner Exchange
KZ400 fansite - Thought you knew everything about the KZ400...
Michel & Marcia's Motorcycle Trips - Pictures,Links,Maps,and a Video (Music) of each trip we made


Motorcycle Multimedia & Games: Links O' Fun ..TOP
Challenging Trials game. Bike and driver move according to real-life physics models. Not as easy as you might think.
Yamaha Gamers World - Lots of Motorcycle games here like BIKE CONVEYOR, go! go! Vino, Bronco time attack plus 8 others as well!
Motorcrossed - Motorcross Racing Action!
Race3D - Ok, not a motorcycle racing game, but you can race a Mini-Van!
Racing Online Games - Links to more racing games online
Daredevils - The Evil Kanevil Game
Police Bike Challenge 2- Ok, not what you "really" think. Try it!
3D Driver - Test your riding skills - take an MZ250 through the TT circuit without smashing the front screen.
Driving Games - 10 More exciting games!
Note: Please don't write me and complain that you can't get the games to work on your computer, I don't write them, just provide the links for your enjoyment. :)
Cybersportbike - Lots of sound clips to enjoy, plus bike reviews and a few videos.

Motorcycle Activities: Crafts Muscle Builders ..TOP

Yamaha PaperCraft - This is very cool! Yamaha's popular models are realistically recaptured into paper craft models. The challenge level and your satisfaction guaranteed! Build your own XJR1300, Cruiser (DSC11), YZF-R1, VMAX

Motorcycle Activities:
Build your own Motorcycle

Yamaha Build-your-own-bike - This is very cool! We are extremely proud to offer this exciting new section that will allow you to build your own Road Star Warrior, Road Star, V Star 1100 Classic and V Star 650 Classic, achieving the look and functionality that you want from your motorcycle.

Late Evening Reads ..TOP
Yamaha XJ650 SECA Magazine Reviews
Cycle Magazine November 1981
Cycle Guide September 1982
Motorcyclist March 1982
Saving old Standards
Motorcycle Best Buy
Yamaha Seca 650 Specs and Info
GGJaguar's Yamaha 650 Seca Page
Amulree Publications and FoTTofinders website - Lots of Bike Links, Good site.
Motorcycle oil filters exposed!
Engine Oil Filter Study
Oil Filter Alternatives - Honda Motorcycles
Winter Maintenance Series-Part One: Winter Preparation
Buying a Used motorcycle (Tips, what to look for etc) - Great read
Electric and Hybrid Motorcycles - The wave of the future
NGK Tech Info (Sparkplugs)
K&N Air Filter Facts
K&N Frequently Asked Questions
Motorcycle Web Index
Acme Licence Plate Maker
R.T.'s Blank Plates
Biker Net Web Ring
XS-XJ Yamaha Webring
Motorcycle WebRing
Russian Motorcycle Websites (this one is listed!) - In Russian
Russian/North American Motorcycle Websites (see above) - In English
Shaft Drivers (Japan Shaft Motorcycle Riders Club) - In Japanese
-Lots of Seca's, and shaft bikes in the galleries.
Motorcycle High Mileage Survey (users post make/model/mileage)
Torque vs. Horsepower (excellent article)
Sportbike Rider Photo Site - See more photos of bikes
Canadian Bikers and Bikes - Hey, another Canadian Bike site, eh :)
HMS Museum - Some Classic Bike Pics (inc. Yellow/Black Seca)
Ron's Motorcycle Museum - Don't look if you don't want to drool!
Practical Living Magazine - Motorcycle Resources (hey, we are featured!)
Wesley Rasko - Really nice custom glass sculptures.


XJ650 websites on the 'net ..TOP
Blue XJ650 with luggage rack
XJ owners of the world list
XJ-IG Picturegalery
Another Michael's XJ650 website
YAMAHA XJ-650 Seite
XJ650 Discussion board (english and german)
XJ650/750 tire recommendations + more on tires
Bike base XJ650
XJ No fair! They get XJ1200 and XJ1300 versions!
Another XJ site
International XJ site and bike listings
French XJ650 Site
Yamaha XJ Picture Galleries

Oil Products ..TOP
Motorcycle Oil Versus Automotive Oil (site: 2 3)(excellent)
Motorcycle Oik Vs. Auto Oil (good)
Filter and Auto oil for Motorcycle Oil Picks (Shell Rotella T 15W40, Castol GTX)

Oil Filters ..TOP

Wix Oil Filters (HIGHLY recommended) Motorcycle Application Chart
Oil filter study *by brand name
Other Reviews: FRAM (2), Purolator, AC Delco, STP,
Oil filter Alternatives (Use a Auto oil filter)

Air Filter ..TOP
K&N Car Airfilters
K&N Motorcycle Airfilters
Application Charts 1, 2, 3

Spark Plugs ..TOP
NGK Spark Plug Tips (Worn plug chart) (reading the numbers chart)

Carburator ..TOP
If you are having carb problems . . .

Chain & sprockets ..TOP
RK Chains
DID Chains

Batteries ..TOP
Yuasa Batteries
Yuasa Batteries Monthly Maintenance and Storage Tips
Yuasa Battery Literature (good)

Fork Braces ..TOP
Fork Brace Measurement Worksheet
Tkat's fork brace assembly

Brakes ..TOP
EBC Brakes (Motorcycle Application List)
Vesrah Company
SBS Brakes
Changing to Steel Braided Brake Lines on the XJ bikes

Paint and Surface Protection ..TOP
Turtle Wax
3M Scotch-Brite
Custom Painted Bike Pictures
Review of Some Motorcycle Cleaners, Waxes and Polishes

Online Motorcycle Magazines ..TOP
AME Magazine - Covers rider stories and events from Northern, Central, and Southern Alberta. An indispensable resource for bike club information, races, and weekly rides.
Motorcycle Mojo Magazine - "To explore the natural and creative side of motorcycle enthusiasts with informative and interesting articles which will appeal to riders of any age, skill level and type of bike they ride." - Geared toward motorcyclists and those passionate about motorsports
Canadian Motorcycle Guide On-Line Magazine
Canadian Biker Magazine
2WF Motorcycle Magazine
Motorcycle and Sportbike Reviews
Motorcycle Daily
MotorcycleWorld UK
Dragbike Magazine


Riding Schools: ..TOP
Calgary Safety Council: Novice, advanced motorcycle and scooter training - Calgary
Too Cool Motorcycle School - Calgary's Premiere Training Center! New motorcycles ( ZX250 Ninja, Suzuki GS500E, Honda Rebel, Suzuki Marauder) to learn on. Even better are the instrustors who care about giving your the BEST MSF training possible. Check them out today! -Highly Recommended
Motorcycle Training Academy, LLC - Motorcycle/scooter training site in Colorado Springs, Colorado
ABC Riding School -


Riding Clubs: ..TOP
Wild West Vixens - We are an independent group of girls who just like to ride and socialise in the Calgary, Alberta area.
Southern Cruisers of Canada (SCC) - A Friendly, no hassle, no dues, riding club.
Southern Cruisers of America (SCC) - A Friendly, no hassle, no dues, riding club.
Canadian Motorcycle Riders (CMR) - A province wide site for all riders and all makes/models. An easy way to find riders, make new friends, get help when on out of province rides; also has links to US rider listing sights.
Calgary Ground Pilots (CGP) -A very active Calgary riding group - There are no fees or dues for membership and there is nothing to sign. There are no meetings to attend and there is no calling to cancel. We're just here to offer a place for YOU to meet other Calgary riders, and TAKE BACK OUR STREETS!!!!
Hartrijders (Belgium) -Belgium riding club.

Calgary Motorcycle Websites : ..TOP

Bow Cycle
Walt Healy Motorcycles
Pro-Am Motorsports





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