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XJ650, CB400, GS550

Mike’s Motorcycles:

1980 Honda Hawk CB400T

1980 CBM400T (the project that never was finished)

1978 Suzuki GS550 (full restoration project finished)

1982 Yamaha Seca XJ650RJ

Andrea’s Motorcycles:

1981 Honda Hawk CB400T


Mike’s Motorcycle History

1980 Honda Hawk CB400T 1980 CBM400T 1978 Suzuki GS550 1982 Yamaha Seca J650RJ

First photo of me on a motorcycle! Seems like ages ago...
First photo of me on a motorcycle! Seems like ages ago…

The 1980 Honda Hawk CB400T is a wonderful bike and I’d highly recommend it to anyone! After almost a full season on the 400cc Hawk I felt the need to move on to a bigger bike. Not that there was anything wrong with the Hawk, its a very fun bike that is perfect for in town riding, 5.5 hour rides and gets excellent gas mileage, so why the decision to move on? My 1980 Honda CB400T Hawk "Jazmine"Well I joined the Southern Cruisers Riding Club and they tour (a lot). I found traveling at up to a constant 80mph (120km/h) on the 400cc wasn’t really that fun. At 120km/h its at 7,000 rpm and you can you can feel the buzz in your hands, the longer you ride at that speed the longer it stays. So I really just wanted a bike that didn’t buzz in the handlebars as much as the Hawk. The Hawk is happiest at 100km/h and that’s about 6,000 rpm and it also gets it best gas mileage (up to 57mpg) at that speed to, I just wish we did that speed all the time! The roads here are 100km/h for secondary highways and 110km/h for main highways and the club has a policy of doing 10km/h over so we aren’t passed as much as its “safer”.

The 1980 Honda Hawk CB400T

The 1980 Reference photo of a 1980 CM400THonda CB400T Hawk was pretty damaged so I purchased a $150 1980 Honda CM400T parts
bike and will be
using as much as I can from the CB (such as the complete engine) and fit it into the CM400T. The CM400T is the “cruiser” looking version of the Hawk. Thus, CBM400T. The above picture is not my bike, just an example. Update: Unfortunately this project never really worked out as fast as I wanted it to so I purchased a GS550 and sold ($500) the CM400T and the CB400T to buy it. Update

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