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NOTE: The VF500 Interceptor is the more reliable of the two

Honda 1986 VF500 Interceptor
Manufacturer: Honda………..TOP
Model: VF500 Magna V30, VF500 Interceptor
Years Made: 1984 – 1986
Style: Cruiser (magna), Sport (Interceptor)
Engine Type:
498cc V-Four
mm/ “
Weight: 400lb HP: 73
Top Speed: 135mph MPG: 45
New Cost: $3,699 (1984) – $4,499 (1986)
Average Used Costs:
Low $1,065 Medium $1,214 High $1,800


While both these engines are nearly identical, it is important to note the Interceptor version is superior to the two because of its modified cam oiling passage ways. The Magna version does not have these and can easily suffer from lack of oil to the cams (top of the enigine) reducing reliability. Kits are available to fix this problem for the Magna. If you buy a Magna (any size, 1984-1986), check to see if it has the kit installed, if not, try to find, buy and install one.

MR says: The VF500F Interceptor was introduced a year after the 750 Interceptor. When it arrived, it could have been largely ignored by the press, in favor of its bigger siblings, but instead it was welcomed enthusiastically. It was the general conclusion that this was the most balanced sport bike available on the market, and the most fun to ride. The 500 was based on the Japanese/European market VF400F. With a dry weight of 408lb’s, it was 100lb’s less than the 750!. The claimed horsepower was 68bhp, it had the best power to weight ratio in the business, at 136 horses per liter. The liquid cooled VF500F has a hydraulic clutch, 11:1 compression ratio, and a redline of 12,500rpm. The close ratio 6 speed gearbox allows the rider to easily keep in the exceedingly broad powerband. The agility of the VF500F was legendary, and many of the bikes it was compared to were of much larger capacity. It could certainly run quite successfully in such company.

UMG Says: Complex vee-four motor carried by adequate chassis makes for plenty of good times. Alas, as little as 20k caused clutch, camchain, valve and camshaft problems – high cost servicing is the VF’s biggest vice and neglect turns out even more expensive, as ultimately the main bearings start knocking. Chassis and brake rot not unknown. Some did 40k.

UBG Says: Spiffy 80s sportster, unfairly suffered by association with the 750’s ills. Good performance for cost but spares and info hard to find, will need TLC to keep trim. £350 to £1150

IGM Says: Both of these bikes use different versions of the same engine. The Magna surrounds the engine with one of history’s most elegant little cruisers, while the Interceptor is the finest-handling motorcycle built in the mid-1980’s.