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Manufacturer: Honda………..TOP
Model: VT500 Shadow
Years Made: 1982 – 1986
Style: Cruiser
Engine Type:
491cc Parallel Twin
mm/ “
Weight: 404lb HP: 50
Top Speed: 110mph MPG: 45
New Cost: $ 3,129 (1982) – $3,099 (1984)
Average Used Costs:
Low $965 Medium $1,113 High $1,300


The Shadow cruiser line (VT500/VT600/VT700/VT750/VT800) contains some of the most reliable motorcycles manufactured in the past couple of decades. IGM especially recommeds the 1986-87 VT700 Shadows, which combine striking looks and genuine comfort with the low maintenance of shaft drive and hydraulically-adjusted valves. In IGM’s opinion, this model makes a better all-around motorcycle than any of the new mid-sized cruisers. The 1988 VT800 looks much the same as the VT700, but it only comes with a four-speed transmission, detracting from its versatility. – IGM

UMG Says: Popular bike with DR’s – abused and neglected, the engine kept going for 50k when the lack of oil changes ruined the crank and top end. Milder use gives as much as 75k but look at clutch, camchain, brakes and oil level (can burn lubricant rapidly) Top heavy, poor steering lock and sluggish at speed – but can be forced into action without biting back. Expect all the chassis bearings to need replacing every 25k.

UBG Says: Followed the CX with better looks and less obesity. Liked by couriers. Suffers from occasional duff clutches and hassles with the enclosed disc front brake.
£250 to £1000