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Manufacturer: kawasaki…….TOP
Model: KLR600, KLR650, KLR650 Tengai
Years Made: 1984 – 1990 KLR600, 1987 – Present, KLR650
Style: Dual-Sport
Engine Type:
600/650cc Single
Seat: 890mm
Weight: 345lb HP: 50
Torque: 111
Top Speed: 100mph MPG: 50
New Cost: $ 3,100 (1984) – $3,950(600)/$4699(650) (1987) – $5,700 (1990) – $6,199 (1993) – $7,499 (1997) – $7,290 (2000) – $7,990 (2002)
Average Used Costs:
Low $990 Medium $2,541 High $4,143

Off-road or on, Kawasaki’s KLR650 motorcycle provides the ultimate in adventure at a superb value. It’s no wonder that so many riders have chosen this dual-purpose bike for lengthy transcontinental rides.

Designed with both street and dirt riding in mind, the large-displacement KLR more than meets adventure-touring requirements, thanks to an engine that cruises comfortably at highway speeds, an ample and comfortably padded seat for extended saddle time, a large 6.1-gallon fuel tank, handguards, and a mini fairing to help block the wind.

The KLR’s get-up-and-go comes courtesy of a strong, dual overhead cam, four-valve liquid-cooled 651cc engine. The motor provides a wide range of power equally suitable for negotiating low-speed trails and cruising at a more brisk highway pace. An engine crankshaft counterbalancer and electric starter provide additional rider comfort and convenience.

The KLR650’s frame is made of round-section high-tensile steel, the same strong yet lightweight material used to support Kawasaki’s world-class KX motocross machines. A detachable rear sub-frame subframe simplifies maintenance by providing easier access to the airbox, carburetor and rear shock. Adjustable, long-travel suspension ensures a plush ride both on pavement and trails.

A U.S. Forestry Service-approved spark arrestor provides access to any Forest Service road open to licensed vehicles, while a sturdy engine guard protects the cases from loose rocks and gravel. With an optional Kawasaki tank bag and soft luggage on the large standard rear rack, KLR650 owners can tote enough gear for an extended trip to any remote location.

– Single-cylinder 4-stroke DOHC engine features a set of twin counter-rotating engine balancers for a smoother ride.
– Four smaller valves instead of two larger valves mean more valve area for improved engine breathing and strong low speed engine torque.
– Advanced liquid-cooling system with electric cooling fan makes the KLR650 a great long-distance adventure touring mount.
– Reliable electric starter, handlebar mounted choke lever and Kawasaki Automatic Compression Release (KACR) system make the KLR650 easy to start, hot or cold.
– Capacitor Discharge Ignition with electric advance delivers a hot spark and worry-free operation.
– Massive 5-gallon fuel tank gives the KLR650 an extended touring range for more adventures on or off the pavement.
– 5-speed transmission takes advantage of the engine’s broad torque curve.
– For added long-distance touring comfort, there’s a frame-mounted fairing. Handguards help deflect the elements. An extra-tall windshield is an available accessory item for even greater protection.
– A semi-double cradle high-tensile steel frame with detachable rear sub-frame for easier access to the rear shock and airbox.
– With a 21-inch front and 17-inch rear wheel, there’s a wide selection of tires for you to choose from, from more dirt to more street orientations.
– Long-travel front fork delivers over 9 inches of plush wheel travel.
– Adjustable Bottom-Link UNI-TRAK® system offers progressive rear suspension action and helps lower center of gravity. 5-way spring preload and 4-way rebound damping adjustment for fine tuning the ride.
– Comprehensive instrumentation includes a large speedometer, tachometer and temperature gauge. Warning lamps are conveniently located under the speedometer.
– Powerful single-piston rear disc brake features a drilled rotor for consistent braking performance.
– Plush seat is complemented by roomy ergonomics, rubber-covered footpegs and wide handlebars.
– Large aluminum rear carry rack with broad flat surface makes for extra versatility.
– Kawasaki offers a broad range of available accessory luggage. From saddlebags and tank bag with clear map pocket to a custom-fitted rear touring bag.

Whether it’s cruising the city streets, the open highway or rugged unpaved outback, the Kawasaki KLR650 does it all. Designed for both street and off-road riding, the KLR650 adds adventure touring to its repertoire with a large-displacement engine that comfortably cruises at highway speeds, a specially-padded wide seat for extended saddle time, a large 6.1-gallon fuel tank, handguards, and a mini fairing to help block the rider from the wind. And when you add the available accessory soft luggage, the KLR is ready for some real adventure.
– Kawasaki


MBG Says: KLR650 (Rating 8/10) Browse through a showroom and you will see that for approximately $6,000cdn you can’t buy much of anything close to a real motorcycle. But you can buy a big KLR which, besides being a dual-purpose, is a versatile streetbike, competent and reasonably comfortable. If is often, expecially because of its good value that buyers choose to buy it not because they particularly like the style. And why not?

UMG Says: Early models had troublesome engines but later ones okay. Restrained styling for this kind of thing. Off-road use hard going due to the mass. Heavy on chains, pads and exhaust. Look for rear suspension wear, top end rattles and disintegrating clutch or gearbox. Poor seat for touring.

IGM Says (Best buy, Best first bike): This bike is the best streetbike of all the big thumper dual sports. You might not want to take it up a horse trail through the Rocky Mountains, but it works quite well on unpaved roads and even logging trails and fire roads. Plus, it costs less than Honda’s XR650.

IGM Says (KLR600, KLR650, KL650-B2 Tengai/KLX650): Not much has changed in the KLR line since the 600 first appeared in 1984, which is a good thing, since it’s such a good basic motorcycle. The Tengai is a funky rally-style version, and the KLX is a more off-road-worthy machine. All make fine first bikes.