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Suzuki GS400 Manufacturer: Suzuki………..TOP
Model: GS400X/XB/T/TX, GS425N/EN/LN
Years Made: 1977 – 1981
Style: Standard Sport / Standard Custom
Engine Type:
398/425cc Parallel Twin
Weight: 300lb HP: 36
Top Speed: 105mph MPG: 60
New Cost: $1,360 (1977) – $ 1,755 (1980)
Average Used Costs:
Low $200 Medium $498 High $860



UMG Says: Classic looking twin with remote ride and engine but flickable, stable chassis. Any engine that vibrates or smokes is on the way out. Camchains snap, valves burn out and pistons seize if servicing neglected. Exhaust and electrics rot. Single gear driven balancer works well and gives little trouble. Anything with more than 40k on the clock’s troublesome. Also nice ’80 GS450; GSX400 weak eight valve head but faster.

UBG Says: GS400 is basically half a GS 750 (same pistons). Better brakes, electrics and cast wheels came with the 425 version. Solid commuter that handles well. Any engine that vibrates or smokes is on the way out, but a tough engine if well maintained and the gear driven balancer works well. Grew into the generally pleasant GS450.
C1 £750, C2 £400, C3 £85