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Manufacturer: Suzuki………..TOP
Model: GSF1200S, 1200 Bandit, GSF1200
Years Made: 1996 – Present
Style: Sport Standard
Engine Type:
1156.8cc V-Twin
Seat Height:
790mm / 31″
Weight: 450lb (220kg) HP: 100
Torque: 67
Top Speed: 230kph MPG: 40
New Cost: $11,899 (1996) – $11,999 (1998) – $12,543 (2000) – $12,990 (2002)
Average Used Costs:
Low $5,891 Medium $6,798 High $7,413


The Bandit 1200S is destined for the most wanted list. Styled to make a strong statement with edgy half-fairing, dual projector beam headlights, upswept 4-into-1 exhaust system, triple disc brakes, three spoke cast aluminum wheels and low-profile radial tires, the Bandit 1200S exudes performance. Unlike some would be competitors, the Bandit 1200S lives up to its image

Astonishing midrange power and exhilarating roll-on acceleration is a throttle twist away. Based on the legendary GSX-R engine, the 4-cylinder powerplant features Suzuki’s own Twin Swirl Combustion Chambers (TSCC) design. The proven 1157cc, 4-cylinder, air/oil cooled DOHC 16-valve engine has been tuned for strong low and midrange power. Suzuki Advanced Cooling System (SACS) combines air and oil cooling for maximum cooling efficiency and consistent engine performance, even on the hottest days. A set of 4 Mikuni BSR36 carburetors incorporates a throttle position sensor to provide precise ignition timing control for strong low-rpm response. Engine power is transmitted to the rear wheel via a smooth-shifting 5-speed transmission.

Straight-line performance is one thing; the Bandit 1200S is equally adept when the road turns twisty. The geometry of the specifically designed, color matched, cradle-type frame is designed for both strength and rigidity and delivers confident cruising stability with exceptional cornering agility. A lightweight, box-section aluminum swingarm provides high torsional rigidity. The large 43mm diameter front forks with adjustable preload and link-type suspension have seven preload adjustments, 4-way rebound damping and a moveable gas/oil separator to offer consistent damping performance. The six-piston caliper front brakes bring the big Bandit down from speed with ease.

A wide, comfortable seat with low seat height makes the Bandit 1200S a great motorcycle for those daylong adventures. The large 20-litre fuel tank allows for longer intervals between fill ups. An easy-to-operate centerstand with an improved leverage ratio reduces rider effort. A large, one-piece passenger grab bar and slim tail-section with external tie-down hooks and large storage area beneath the seat complete the package.

Get on a Bandit 1200S and feel the charge of a motorcycle that performs the way it looks.


IGM Says (Best buy): The big Bandit 1200 is much too powerful to be a beginner’s bike, but for an experienced rider, it may be the bet all-around motorcycle you can buy. It’s relatively light; handles great; offers comfort; protects you from the elements with its fairing; and costs less than the latest 600’s. You could commute to work on their bike, then throw on some luggage and take it from coast to coast. It’s probably closer to a do-everything motorcycle than any other built.

MBG Says: Bandit 1200 (Rating 10/10) For the Bandit, Suzuki mixes the same pecipe as it does with the Katanas, using inexpensive components which have been produced for a good number of years. With such a high enjoyment factor at such a low price, we’ll be the last to criticize thier process. The reality is, however, that if the looks aren’t there, the buyers won’t be eihter. If the Bandit 1200 were to recieve the nice new fairing used (it did – 2002) this year on the Bandit 600, it may have a better chance.