The Motorcycle Bikers Dictionary – #

The Motorcycle Bikers Dictionary
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Outlaw Biker Magazine
Outlaw Biker Magazine

0 to 60mph – Time taken to reach 60 mph from a standing start.

0 to 100kph – Time taken to reach 60 mph from a standing start.

1/4 mile – Time taken to reach 1 mile from a standing start.

1% er (One Percenter) Outlaw Biker – A biker who’s beliefs and/or actions are outside (or not accepted by) the common public.

One piece / 1 piece – An ‘all in one’ outfit of protective clothing. Usually refers to leathers.

13 – 13th letter stands for Motorcycles.

Two piece / 2 piece – An outfit consisting of a jacket and trousers. May refer to leathers or textiles.

2 Second Rule – The minimum gap or distance between two vehicles travelling in the same direction. As the vehicle in front of you passes a particular mark on the road or sign along the road, count two seconds and your vehicle should pass the same mark or sign. If road conditions are poor, the gap should be extended to three seconds or more. If you are following less than two seconds, there is not sufficient time to react to emergency evasive manoeuvres to avoid the possibility of hitting the vehicle in front. When riding in staggered formation this means that you would maintain a minimum of 1-second spacing between your motorcycle and the next bike in the group ahead of you. 2-seconds becomes a distance when you measure how far your motorcycle moves in that amount of time. Thus, no matter what speed you are riding at, the minimum following distance automatically ‘adjusts’ by using this concept.

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