2014 Yamaha Stratoliner Deluxe

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2014 Yamaha Stratoliner Deluxe
2014 Yamaha Stratoliner Deluxe

2014 Yamaha Stratoliner Deluxe
2014 Yamaha Stratoliner Deluxe

2014 Yamaha Stratoliner Deluxe
2014 Yamaha Stratoliner Deluxe

2014 Yamaha Stratoliner Deluxe
2014 Yamaha Stratoliner Deluxe

2014 Yamaha Stratoliner Deluxe
2014 Yamaha Stratoliner Deluxe

2014 Yamaha Stratoliner Deluxe Review

2014 Yamaha Stratoliner Deluxe

Not All baggers Are Created Equal.

The new 2014 Stratoliner Deluxe is one of the most powerful and stylish baggers in its class. It’s packed with great features including; a Garmin Zumo 665 GPS with flip down design loaded with features. It’s easy to see why the 2014 Stratoliner Deluxe is in a class all it’s own.

Comfort, convenience and style are the best adjectives to describe the Stratoliner Deluxe casual full dress tourer. From its authentic air cooled V-Twin engine with EFI to the sleek “Neo-classic” styling lines of the fairing, the “Bagger Deluxe” is ready for some serious road time.


2014 Yamaha Stratoliner Deluxe Total Motorcycle Key Features

1. Motorcycle-friendly Garmin® Zumo® 665 GPS with a flip down design is loaded with features, including: navigation, Bluetooth®, Sirius®/XM® satellite radio† capability, real-time weather and traffic, road condition warnings, and much more!

2. The Stratoliner Deluxe comes standard with a fairing that includes integrated speakers and connectors for iPod® /iPhone® players, plus a convenient, handlebar-mounted audio control system.

3. A pair of large, color-matched, locking hard sidebags make the Stratoliner Deluxe excellent for long hauls and short trips.

4. Powerful and beautiful 113-cubic-inch (1854cc) air-cooled, pushrod V-twin produces great thrust at any speed.

5. Twin-bore downdraft electronic fuel injection provides optimum engine efficiency and throttle response in the widest possible range of conditions.

6. Neo-streamline design gives the Stratoliner Deluxe a completely distinctive look and the fairing offers excellent weather protection.

7. Long and low aluminum frame provides great looks and light handling unlike any other full-size cruiser.

8. A sculpted seat makes the Stratoliner Deluxe an excellent place to sit on long rides.

9. The Star® Accessories Catalog is packed full of high-quality parts that invite Star owners to fully express their individuality.




2014 Yamaha Stratoliner Deluxe Total Motorcycle Features and Benefits


• 1854cc, air-cooled, long-stroke, OHV, 4 valves per cylinder, 48°, V-twin powerplant produces massive torque and class leading acceleration.
• Traditional pushrod valve actuation keeps engine height down for a lower centre of gravity and ensures more uniform heat dissipation due to absence of a cam chain case. A lower centre of gravity helps to ensure light, easy handling.
• Four-valve cylinder heads provide optimal breathing efficiency for great power delivery at all rpms. The two spark plugs per cylinder means faster, more complete combustion for maximum power output.
• Cylinder head utilizes a pent roof combustion chamber design and features an oil passage near the exhaust valve seats to improve cooling and durability. The heads also feature engine mounting points on each side of the head for increased chassis rigidity for exceptional handling.
• Large size valves increase engine horsepower and torque. The intake valves are 36mm in diameter while the exhaust valves are 31mm.
• Specially designed valve train includes short design intake and exhaust rocker arms that reduce inertia during higher rpm use.
• Twin, crankcase-mounted, high-lift cams ensure strong torque and class leading acceleration while also lowering the centre of gravity.
• Hydraulic valve lifters driven by the twin camshafts deliver exceptional performance and significantly reduce maintenance and tune-up requirements.
• 100mm diameter pistons are both durable and lightweight. Yamaha’s exclusive “controlled forged construction” keeps the pistons light for faster response and reduced vibration and reciprocating mass. The pistons feature an Alumite coating to reduce friction.
• The dry sump oil lubrication system has been optimized to ensure maximum lubrication and cooling. Special oil nozzles direct oil at the underside of the pistons to cool and lubricate them.
• Special “dual chamber” crankcase design. The front section is for the crank assembly while the rear is for the transmission. Two, 3-rotor high capacity oil pumps optimizes oil flow in each of the two main sections of the engine.
• Ceramic composite-plated cylinders provide uniform heat dissipation, reduce weight and reduce friction.
• Cooling fin thickness and depth is optimized for maximum heat dissipation, thereby eliminating the need for liquid cooling, while maintaining that traditional, stylish air-cooled engine appearance.
• Optimized “damper-less” crankshaft allows the rider to feel the directness of the engine’s power. For each rotation of the rear wheel, in 5th gear, the crank spins 3.14 times providing an outstanding rear wheel driving force feeling to the rider.
• Compact design dual engine counter balancers reduce vibration for exceptional rider and passenger comfort.
• “Tri-axis” crankcase layout means the crankshaft, main axle and drive axle are specially arranged to minimize the size of the engine cases and centralize mass.
• Mikuni 43mm, twin-bore, downdraft throttle body fuel injection (FI) with throttle position sensor (TPS) ensures great throttle response and maximum power throughout the rev range. This system is a “closed loop” system since it utilizes an oxygen sensor in the exhaust to monitor spent exhaust gases and adjust the FI system if necessary. The benefits of fuel injection include chokeless operation, increased fuel economy, instant throttle response and reduced emissions.
• The 12-hole, 2-directional Mikuni fuel injectors produce a wide spray pattern for complete cylinder filling. This special spray pattern combined with the dual spark plug heads ensure complete combustion for maximum power. An Idle Speed Control (ISC) has been adopted to ensure stable idling performance.
• High capacity electronic fuel pump is located in the sub fuel tank under the seat.
• Maintenance-free transistor controlled ignition (T.C.I.) provides a hot spark for sure starts and strong engine performance.
• State-of-the-art Electronic Control Unit (ECU) ensures precisely metered fuel delivery and optimal ignition spark control using 3D transistorized coil ignition (T.C.I.) mapping for each cylinder.
• 3.5 litre dual inlet air filter box is located under the tank. There are intake ducts at the front and rear of the air box for maximum breathing efficiency. This design not only maximizes air flow but also reduces weight. A viscous paper type air filter is used.
• Air Induction System (AIS) injects fresh oxygen at the exhaust port to insure complete combustion thereby reducing harmful exhaust emissions (HC & CO) while a special air cut valve reduces backfiring when decelerating or coasting off throttle.
• High-performance, 2-into-1-exhaust system features large diameter header pipes for maximum flow. The single muffler contains a 3-way honey comb matrix catalyzer to reduce harmful exhaust emissions. The stylish muffler helps to boost torque and horsepower while producing a throaty, V-twin growl.
• The exhaust system also features a lightweight titanium EXUP exhaust power valve most commonly found on high performance sport bikes. The EXUP system not only provides crisp throttle response and eliminates “flat spots” but also improves acceleration and reduces fuel consumption and harmful emissions.
• Dry sump lubrication system means a more compact engine design since the oil tank is not part of the engine, which lowers the centre of gravity for great handling and a light feel. A handy, spin-on oil filter means fast, easy oil changes.
• Frame mounted oil cooler is a first on a Yamaha cruiser. The cooler maintains consistent oil temperatures for optimum cooling and lubrication of this massive V-twin powerplant.
• Smooth-shifting, 5-speed transmission features optimized gear ratios for strong acceleration and relaxed cruising at highway speeds.
• 2-piece heel-and-toe shifter adds versatility and enhances the overall cruising experience. The 2-piece design allows the rider to individually adjust front and rear portions to suit foot size or remove the rear section if not desired.
• “Assist and slipper clutch” features a heavy duty 10 plate hydraulically operated wet clutch that reduces clutch lever pull / effort at the handlebar by 20%, for reduced hand fatigue and improved rider comfort. This clutch also features a back torque limiter function (also known as a slipper clutch). The slipper function helps to reduce the sharp effects of engine braking when downshifting. The end result is an easier to use clutch and smoother down shifting for an enhanced cruising / touring experience. This clutch is operated by hydraulic master cylinder instead of a cable. The hydraulic clutch design is low maintenance, self-adjusting and very stylish.
• Low-maintenance belt drive system not only significantly reduces maintenance but is also clean and quiet. A belt drive system uses less power than a shaft drive and reduces unsprung weight for great rear suspension performance.


• Aluminium, die cast, double-cradle frame reduces weight, while balancing strength and rigidity. The critical head pipe area features box type construction for additional strength. The frame not provides excellent handling characteristics but also compliments the beautiful flowing lines of the rest of the chassis and bodywork. The engine is stressed member for added rigidity.
• Lightweight C.F. die cast aluminium swingarm offers superb rigidity and ensures excellent stability and handling. The C.F. die casting process allows for beautiful shapes that are both strong and light. This swingarm is a fashion statement in aluminium and compliments the rest of the Stratoliner’s eye catching styling.
• Rigid 46mm front fork offers 130mm (5.1″) of wheel travel for exceptionally stable handling and great ride comfort. The fork features “slash cut” large diameter fork shrouds to enhance the “neo-streamliner” styling.
• Beefy, cast aluminium, top and bottom triple clamps help increase fork rigidity and reduce weight.
• Link rear suspension features a spring preload adjustable single rear shock delivering outstanding ride comfort and precise handling. The shock is horizontally positioned under the engine for a lower center of gravity and is hidden to provide that classic “hardtail” look. Rear wheel travel is 110mm (4.3″).
• Powerful dual 298mm floating front discs are squeezed by ultra rigid, 4-piston, monoblock calipers providing sport-bike spec stopping power. These brakes also provide great lever feel and feedback.
• Huge 320mm rear disc is squeezed by a single piston caliper mounted below the swingarm for a lower center of gravity and that customized “hidden look”.
• Lightweight polished 12 spoke cast aluminium mag wheels reduce weight and enhance handling and styling. The front wheel is MT 4.00×18 while the rear wheel is a MT 5.50×17. Both are fitted with tubeless radial tires that provide excellent traction and reduced rolling resistance.
• Two-piece seat design features a wide, flat profile for excellent rider comfort. The passenger seat features a small lip at the rear of the seat providing a secure feeling for the passenger.
• Teardrop shaped rider floorboards with floating rubber inserts reduce vibration.
• 51w /55w high efficiency Irradiation headlight. This is a 2 bulb design, one for low beam and one for high beam. The unique headlight body compliments the “neo-streamline” styling.
• Steel fenders front and rear can be easily customized or painted to suit personal preferences.
• Flangeless teardrop style fuel tank. There are no welds visible, providing that custom look. The total fuel capacity is 17 litres thanks to a 3 litre sub tank located low in the frame below the seat. A high pressure electric fuel pump with quick connect fittings provides fuel to the FI system.
• 3-D fuel tank emblems.
• Large 1.25″ diameter handlebars. All electrical wires are hidden inside the handlebars for that clean custom look. Selected meter functions can be controlled by buttons on the back of RHS handlebar switch gear.
• Fuel tank mounted instrument panel. The speedo has the classic “clock” styling motif. Just below the large analogue speedo is an analogue tach and fuel gauge. Other functions include digital odometer, dual tripmeters, fuel reserve trip counter and clock. Background illumination can be adjusted to suit personal preferences.
• Stylish fork mounted faring offers a dynamic look as well as good weather protection. It also features dual speakers providing excellent sound quality. A mini windshield adds some serious style. The Garmin Zumo 665 navigation system is neatly integrated into the centre of the fairing cockpit. It can be easily removed if desired.
• The Stratoliner Deluxe is equipped with a Garmin Zumo 665 GPS / navigation system. The Garmin Zumo series are specifically designed for motorcycle use and feature a rugged, waterproof design. For complete details for the Zumo 665 please go to: https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do?pID=65203
• iPod / iPhone ready audio system features dual fairing mounted speakers and convenient handlebar mounted audio controller. Just plug in your iPod / iPhone into the special connector in the saddlebag and sit back, relax and enjoy your favorite tunes.
• Beautifully styled, colour matched hard saddlebags provide ample storage for causal weekend tours.


• Industry-leading, Star family fit and finish creates a machine as stunning as it is powerful.
• Extra wide, brake and clutch levers provide that quality feel and look.
• Highly visible, clear look LED taillight
• Self-canceling turn signals (15 seconds or 150 meters) with stylish clear lenses.
• Low-fuel warning light
• Low maintenance sealed battery
• Fork lock integrated into main ignition switch for extra convenience
• Numerous blacked out components including: forks, handlebar switches, selected engine covers




2014 Yamaha Stratoliner Deluxe – Total Motorcycle USA Specifications/Technical Details
US MSRP Price: MSRP $17,240 (Crimson Red) Available from June 2013

Type 113-cubic-inch (1854cc) air-cooled 48° V-twin; pushrod OHV, 4 valves/cylinder
Bore x Stroke 100mm x 118mm
Compression Ratio 9.5:1
Fuel Delivery Twin-Bore electronic fuel injection; throttle position sensor
Ignition TCI: Transistor Controlled Ignition
Transmission 5-speed; multiplate wet clutch
Final Drive Belt

Frame Aluminum
Suspension / Front 46mm telescopic fork; 5.1-in travel
Suspension / Rear Single shock; 4.3-in travel
Brakes / Front Dual hydraulic disc, 298mm
Brakes / Rear Hydraulic disc, 320mm
Tires / Front 130/70-18
Tires / Rear 190/60-17
Wheels 12-spoke cast

Length 101.6 in
Width 41.5 in
Height 59.6 in
Seat Height 27.8 in
Wheelbase 67.5 in
Ground Clearance 6.1 in
Fuel Capacity 4.5 gal
Fuel Economy** N/A
Wet Weight*** 813 lb

Warranty 1 Year (Limited Factory Warranty)




2014 Yamaha Stratoliner Deluxe – Total Motorcycle Canadian Specifications/Technical Details
Canada MSRP Price: 19,999.00 CDN

Air-cooled, OHV, 8-valves, 48°, V-twin w/EFI
100 x 118 mm
17 kg-m (123 ft-lbs.) @ 2,250rpm
Mikuni Dual 43mm cross bore throttle body F.I.
16.5kpl / 46mpg (Imp)
Dry sump
TCI/ Electric

46 mm fork
Adj. link Monocross
Dual 298 mm discs / 4-piston
320 mm disc / single piston

2,580 mm (101.6″)
1,100 mm (43.3″)
1,260 mm (49.6″)
1,715 mm (67.5″)
705 mm (27.8″)
17 litres (3.7 Imp. gal.)
369kg (813 lb)
Cocktail Red



2014 Yamaha Stratoliner Deluxe – Total Motorcycle UK/Europe Specifications/Technical Details
UK/European MSRP Price: £NA.

Details to follow shortly.


2014 Yamaha Stratoliner Deluxe – Total Motorcycle Australian Specifications/Technical Details
AU MSRP Price: See dealer for pricing AUD

Details to follow shortly.


Specifications, features and prices to change by manufacturer without notice. All information correct as of posted date.


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