2019 Honda Rebel 500 Guide

2019 Honda Rebel 500

2019 Honda Rebel 500 2019 Honda Rebel 500 2019 Honda Rebel 500


2019 Honda Rebel 500: 

Like the looks of the Honda Rebel 500? You’re not the only one. With its blacked-out styling and great new colors for 2019, this bike will turn heads everywhere you go. And sure, the Rebel is one of our most popular bikes, but it’s also one of our most fun to ride. It has a compact frame and a low-slung seat. You can lean it over in turns due to an impressive tilt angle, and its 471cc parallel-twin engine is specially tuned for power in the middle and upper revs. Plus, it’s begging to be customized, so you can easily make it your own. Express yourself on a Rebel 500 today!

Offering a fresh take on custom cool, the Rebel 500 and Rebel 300 mix old- and new-school style and are engaging and fun to ride, with an outlook geared toward firing the imagination of a younger generation of riders. Development for both models began in the U.S., with the objective of referencing a timeless look while also introducing a forward-thinking, contemporary style all their own. Both feature straightforward, minimalist designs with low, lean bobber silhouettes, and are fun to ride slow and fast—great for day trips, jaunts to the coffee shop, or even sporty sessions on winding roads. Accessible, fun to ride, and easy to live with, the models go their own way but are also blank canvases, ready for whatever their owners’ imaginations have in store.


◦ 2019 Honda Rebel 500, 2019 Honda Rebel 500 ABS: Matte Gray Metallic, Matte Fresco Brown, Candy Orange
◦ 2019 Honda Rebel 300, 2019 Honda Rebel 300 ABS: Matte Gray Metallic, Pearl Gray, Candy Orange


2019 Honda Rebel 500 Totalmotorcycle.com Key Features

Sporty Engine
Twin-cylinder engines are a great choice for a machine like the Rebel 500. Honda twins are famous for their versatility, and the 471cc Rebel 500’s engine is one of our best ever. The parallel-twin engine is narrow, which helps reduce overall bike size. Plus it offers lots of low-rpm torque, but plenty of higher-rpm performance.

Low Price Point
Sure, the Rebel is a knockout in terms of style, but it makes an even bigger impact in terms of value. Wait until you see how much machine you get for so little green!

Cast Wheels
Cast wheels front and rear are light, practical, easy to keep clean, and give the Rebel a look that tells you this is not built like a retro machine.

Optional Accessories
Want to personalize your Rebel a bit? No worries—we have you covered. Some of the most popular accessories include a rear carrier, saddlebags, windscreen, a 12-volt electrical accessory socket, and a passenger seat and footpegs.

New Color Choices
Ready for some awesome color choices for 2019? Check out what you can be riding: in addition to great existing colors, the newest Rebel 500 is available in new Matte Gray Metallic, Matte Fresco Brown, and Candy Orange.

Blacked-Out Style
The Rebel is a blank canvas for your self expression. But unlike the canvas you buy at the art store, this one’s not boring white. As is, its black-out engine pieces, frame, and bodywork elements look great during the day and even better at night.

Steel Rear Fender
Real steel never goes out of style. The Rebel has a steel rear fender that’s either color-matched to the tank or matte black. The paint looks great, and the steel fender helps provide a solid support for the optional/removable passenger seat.

Wide Front Wheel
The Rebel’s wide 130/90-16 front tire not only looks great, but it helps provide superior handling and stopping power.

Glass-Lens Headlight
Another critical item in motorcycle design is the headlight. With the Rebel you get the best of both worlds. The lamp is bright and precise, while the round nacelle shape, aluminum cast headlight mount and glass lens give the Rebel a character that exudes class.

Classic Instrument Shape
Another iconic element combining traditional and new, the Rebel’s instruments take a classic shape and fill it with totally up-to-date digital LCD information.

Black-Out Muffler
Forget about having to polish chrome—the Rebel’s black-on-black exhaust system blends perfectly with the bike’s overall look. And maybe the biggest plus? The awesome sound.

Wide 41mm Fork
It’s what’s up front that counts most in style, and the Rebel knocks it out of the park. Of course the front suspension offers precise steering and a plush ride, but the fat 41mm fork tubes give the bike a substantial presence too.

Low Seat Height
When it comes to seat heights, almost everyone likes them lower. At just 27.2 inches, the Rebel has one of the lowest seats in anyone’s lineup. It’s comfortable when you ride, and it makes it easier to flat-foot it at stoplights or in parking lots.

Single Seat with Optional Passenger Seat
Travelling light and on your own? Want to take a friend along? Like the clean look of a solo seat? Like the versatility of a passenger seat? With the Rebel you can easily have it both ways, since the optional passenger seat, passenger footpegs and footpeg hangers all bolt up or remove in minutes.

Light Weight
Weighing just 408 pounds with a full tank of fuel, the Rebel 500 is a lot more fun and friendly to ride than some bigger machines—perfect if you’re just getting started, or if you’re looking for a nimble bike. The light overall weight helps performance, too.

Super-narrow, especially at the critical tank/seat junction, the Rebel makes it easier to get on and off the bike, and to put your feet down at stops. Plus, the Rebel fits a wide variety of riders.

Roomy Rider Triangle
A rider makes contact with the bike at three points: the seat, the handlebar, and the footpegs. The Rebel’s rider triangle strikes the perfect balance between laid-back cruiser and more active sport riding. You ride with a commanding presence, and the minute you sit on a Rebel in your dealership, you’ll know it.

Superior Handling
A lot of today’s motorcycles look great standing still, but disappoint once the road gets twisty. At Honda, we set high standards for the way all our bikes handle and feel, and the Rebel is a perfect example—we’ve paid just as much attention to the way this bike corners and handles as we have its knockout styling.

2.9-Gallon Fuel Tank
One of the key items in motorcycle design is the fuel tank. Holding 2.9 gallons, the Rebel’s iconic fuel-tank shape is timeless, but functionally it also teams up with the bike’s great fuel efficiency to give you plenty of range.

Die-Cast Aluminum Rear Subframe
Here’s a chance for Honda’s designers to take a functional part of the motorcycle and make it look extra cool. The aluminum subframe/fender mounts are strong, subtle, light, and provide a solid foundation for the optional/removable passenger seat.

Wide Rear Tire
The Rebel’s low, fat 16-inch rear tire gives you plenty of grip, and helps lower the bike’s overall seat height and stance. And it looks tough, too.

Rebel 500 & Rebel 300
There’s just something about cruisers that make you want to personalize them. These two Rebels are no exception. They’re absolutely beautiful bikes as is with their low-slung seats, great lean angle and blacked-out styling with matte touches—but you’ll still probably think of a few things to tweak. Just pick your engine size and you’re ready to make your Rebel your own.



2019 Honda Rebel 500 Totalmotorcycle.com Features and Benefits

•Both models’ riding positions are relaxed and neutral, with arms gently outstretched and feet dropping straight down to the mid-mounted pegs.
•Good ground clearances allow surprisingly sporty lean angles.
•To support the Rebel’s low-slung look, its attractive tubular-steel frame holds the engine in three places and is designed to be as narrow as possible around the rider’s inseam. Trail is set at 110mm with 28° rake.
•The 41mm fork stanchions are set wide at 230mm apart for handling rigidity, comfort and style, and the lower legs are blacked-out.
•Fork angle is 30°, wheelbase is 58.7 in. wheelbase and seat height is 27.2 in., resulting in balanced, neutral steering.
•Frame body has a narrow shape and includes an innovative rear loop that separates the seat from the stamped-metal rear fender.
•Dunlop tires (size 130/90-16 front, 150/80-16 rear) are mounted to 16 inch cast-aluminum wheels.
•Both the Rebel 500 and Rebel 300 are available in standard and ABS versions.
•Iconic peanut-shaped fuel tanks, aggressively raked front ends and fat tires on large-diameter wheels result in stripped forms that express offbeat individuality from every angle.
•Blacked-out 45mm tubular swingarm with twin conventional, side-mounted shocks that feature two-step preload adjusters.
•Evocative round headlight sits up high in a die-cast aluminum mount.
•Speedometer is a compact dial with negative LCD display and blue backlight.
•Ignition is housed below the left side of the fuel tank.

•Rebel 500 is powered by a 471cc, eight-valve, liquid-cooled parallel twin with strong bottom-end torque and a smooth, linear power delivery.
•Rebel 500 cylinder head uses roller rocker arms; shim-type valve adjustment allows them to be light, for lower valve-spring load and reduced friction.
•Rebel 500 has a silent (SV Chain) cam chain, with the surface of its pins treated with Vanadium to reduce friction through its increased protection against dust. Inlet-valve diameter is 26.0mm with exhaust-valve diameter of 21.5mm.
•Rebel 500 has reduced friction through the addition of striations on the piston skirt (a finish that increases surface area, introducing gaps in which oil can flow for better lubrication). An AB 1 salt bath process, used after isonite nitriding, forms a protective oxidization membrane.
•Rebel 500 crankshaft pins are phased at 180°, and a primary couple-balancer sits behind the cylinders, close to the bike’s center of gravity. The primary and balancer gears use scissor gears, reducing noise. The crank counterweight is specifically shaped for couple-balance and its light weight allows the engine to spin freely, with reduced inertia.
•Rebel 500 crankcases use centrifugally cast thin-walled sleeves. Their internal design reduces the “pumping” losses that can occur with a 180° phased firing order. A deep oil sump holds 3.2 liters.
•Rebel 300 is powered by a peppy 286cc single cylinder engine.
•Six-speed gearbox is designed to offer effortless changes.
•Blacked-out mechanical components for a tough, minimalist look.
•Specially designed muffler looks good and emits a pulsating exhaust note.

Honda Accessories
A full range of official Honda Accessories are available for this model, including Passenger Seat and Foot Pegs Kit, Rear Carrier, Synthetic Leather Saddlebags, Cycle Cover, Accessory Socket, Meter Visor, and more.

WARRANTY: Because we are so confident in the quality of each of our Honda Accessories, we are pleased to offer one of the best warranties in the industry. One-year warranty begins on the day accessories are purchased by the customer.
•Meets current EPA and CARB standards
•California version differs slightly due to emissions equipment





2019 Honda Rebel 500 – Totalmotorcycle.com USA Specifications/Technical Details
US MSRP Price: $6199 – $6499 
Canada MSRP Price: $ CDN
Europe/UK MSRP Price: £ GBP (On The Road inc 20% Vat)
Australia MSRP Price: See Dealer for Pricing in AUS
Model2019 Honda Rebel 500 ABS2019 Honda Rebel 5002019 Honda Rebel 300 ABS2019 Honda Rebel 300
Type471cc liquid-cooled parallel-twin four-stroke286cc liquid-cooled single-cyilnder four-stroke
Valve TrainDOHC; four valves per cylinder
Bore x Stroke67.0mm x 66.8mm76.0mm x 63.0mm
Compression Ratio10.7:1
InductionPGM-FI; 34mm throttle bodiesPGM-FI; 38mm throttle bodies
IgnitionComputer-controlled digital transistorized w/ electronic advance
ClutchMultiplate wet
Final DriveChain; 15T/40TChain; 14T/36T
Front41mm telescopic fork; 4.77 in. travel
RearTwin shock; 3.77 in. travel
FrontSingle 296mm disc w/ hydraulic calipers; ABSSingle 296mm disc w/ hydraulic calipersSingle 296mm disc w/ hydraulic calipers; ABSSingle 296mm disc w/ hydraulic calipers
RearSingle 240mm disc w/ hydraulic calipers; ABSSingle 240mm disc w/ hydraulic calipersSingle 240mm disc w/ hydraulic calipers; ABSSingle 240mm disc w/ hydraulic calipers
Rake (Caster Angle)28º
Trail 110mm (4.3 in)
Length86.2 in.
Width32.3 in.
Height42.9 in.
Seat Height27.2 in.
Ground Clearance 5.4 in.5.9 in.
Wheelbase58.7 in.
Fuel Capacity3 gal.
ColorMatte Gray Metallic, Matte Fresco Brown, Candy OrangeMatte Gray Metallic, Pearl Gray, Candy Orange
Curb Weight*414 lbs.408 lbs.370 lbs.364 lbs.



2019 Honda Rebel 500 – Totalmotorcycle.com Canada Specifications/Technical Details




2019 Honda Rebel 500 – Totalmotorcycle.com European Specifications/Technical Details




2019 Honda Rebel 500 – Totalmotorcycle.com Australian Specifications/Technical Details



Manufacturer Specifications and appearance are subject to change without prior notice on Total Motorcycle (TMW).

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